June 7, 2000
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. and the following members
were present:
Betty Hubbard       Gary Girard
Laura Aibel            Rob Lambert
Dennis Webster         Sue Barker
Michael Schnack

Also present:
Jane Weidman - AICP, Planning Consultant
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary
Crystal Fonseca - Planning Intern
Philip Willis
Norma Willis
David Swain - Owner - Ocean State Scuba
Bill Munger - Owner - Conanicut Marine Services
John Murphy - Attorney

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from May 17, 2000

A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to accept the minutes as written.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Laura Aibel - Aye            Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye         Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
                       Motion passes by a vote of 7-0

II.  Correspondence

1.  CRMC - Assent - Don E. & Katherine Wineberg, 354 Beavertail Rd,
Jamestown, RI 02835: Perform buffer zone management: maintain 40-45' wide
view corridor by pruning brush to a height of 4-5 feet.
      Also maintain 6' wide shoreline access path within view corridor:
located at plat 12, lot 52:  354 Beavertail Rd., Jamestown, RI.  Received
& Acknowledged.

2.  CRMC - Assent - Vanessa Wurman, 450 East Shore Rd.,Jamestown, RI.
02835: Construct "as built" drainage by installing a 12" RCP drain under
the existing driveway entrance, install gravel and grade the existing
gravel parking area, loam a potion of the existing lawn and remove
approximately 90 feet of roof (direct discharge) drainage pipe from the
freshwater wetland and install a roof drain with shallow (18") galleys;
located at plat 4, lot 15: 450 East Shore Rd., Jamestown, RI.  Received &

3.  CRMC - Residential Assent - Vanessa Wurman, 450 East Shore Rd.,
Jamestown, R.I 02835: Construct a 14' x 22' roof over an existing deck,
replace existing roof and siding with shingles and install a fence;
located at plat 4, lot 15; 450 East Shore Rd, Jamestown, R.I.  Received &

4.  CRMC - Revised Notice - Assent -Edward F. Burke, 10 Reservoir Rd,
Wayland, MA.
     01778 - to construct and maintain a residential boating facility to
consist of a 4' x 180' +/- fixed timber pier, a 3'x24' ramp and a 10'x15'
(150 sq. ft.) float.  A lift system is proposed to elevate the float to
11.2- feet above mean low water.  The terminus of the dock will extend to
131 - feet beyond mean low water requiring variances to the CRMP, Section
300.4 located at Plat 2, Lot 94, 30 Collins Terrace, Jamestown, R.I. 
Received & Acknowledged.

5.  CRMC - Certificate of Maintenance - Roseanne M. & Carl Pucci III, 52
Monument Ave., Charlestown, MA. To construct maintenance repairs to a
septic system pursuant to DEM-ISDS approved plan #9915 -1751, dated
2/24/00, located at 504 Seaside Dr., Jamestown, R.I., Plat 3, Lot 16. 
Received & Acknowledged.

6.  CMRC - Finding of No Significant Impact -Peter Moseley, 280 Golden
Hill Dr., Portola, Ca. - Install a new Individual sewage disposal system
as per the approved plans - located at 14 Dewey Lane, Jamestown, RI., Plat
7, Lot 44.  Received & Acknowledged.

7.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Town of Jamestown, 43
Conanicus Ave., Jamestown, RI. - Repair/Replace Electric Service to door -
Plat 11, Lot 8.  Received & Acknowledged.

8.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Richard A. Maker, 8
Washington Ave., Lake Hiawatha, NJ- Replace existing roof shingles on
dwelling located at 487 Seaside Dr. Jamestown, R.I., Plat 3A, Lot 191 3. 
Received & Acknowledged.

9.  CRMC - Finding of No Significant Impact - Aram Dermanouelian, 556 East
Shore Rd., Jamestown, R.I. - Conduct maintenance repairs to an existing
Fish Pond by installing Trap Rock along the bank located Plat 4 Lot 103.
      Received & Acknowledged.

10.  FYI - Invitation to meeting entitled COASTAL SPILLS IN RHODE ISLAND. 
Received & Acknowledged.

11.  FYI - Letter to Jamestown Zoning Board - CMS Expansion - Off Site
Seasonal Marina Parking.  Received & Acknowledged.

12.  FYI - Letter to Betty Hubbard from A Lauriston Parks - Proposed
Zoning Amendment - Commissioner Hubbard informed the board of a letter she
received on June 5,2000 from the Town Solicitor A. Lauriston Parks
regarding the Proposed Zoning Amendment and asked the board to discuss
this at the end of the meeting.  All in Favor.

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item

Bill Munger questioned item 11 under Correspondence stating that he had
withdrawn the application for CMS expansion.
      He was informed that this was a copy of the letter in the Jamestown
Press from Andrew Yates.

IV.  Reports

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report - nothing at this time
b.  Town Committees - nothing at this time
c.  Sub Committees - nothing at this time

V.  Old Business

1.  Highland Meadow - Bond Reduction
A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to release $59,815.00 of the bond.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Laura Aibel - Aye            Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye         Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
                       Motion passes by a vote of 7-0

Commissioner Hubbard suggested that a time limit of half an hour be given
to those items on the agenda.

IV.  New Business

1.  Willis- Minor Subdivision - Preliminary Plan
Commissioner Hubbard explained to the board that a memo from Jane Weidman
was distributed to the board before the meeting and a fax was sent to the
Willis's regarding the fact that the Technical Review Committee did not
meet prior to this meeting so therefore a final decision on the
preliminary plan would have to be postponed until the Technical Committee
had a chance to review it.
      The Willis's stated that they had not received the memo so they were
presented with a copy of the memo.
      Commissioner Hubbard asked them to step forward and make their
Commissioner Brennan arrives at 8:07 p.m.
The Willis's would like to be informed in writing the things that need to
be done.
Commissioner Hubbard explained that the Willis's might want to do the
preliminary and final approval at the same time if they prefer.
      Mrs. Willis questioned the way the Fee in Lieu of Land Dedication is
applied and wants in writing the criteria that is used for comparison
      Jane Weidman said they can submit more comparable properties if they
      The issue of the filing fee will be discussed when they come back
before the board.
Phyllis Bedard arrives at 8:15 p.m.

2.  Ocean State Scuba - Development Plan Review

Mr. David Swain presented the board with his plans for review.  Mr. Swain
is proposing to enclose the existing in ground pool at his place of
      Mr. Swain was told that the Town Engineer Warren Hall would need to
review the plan and that his engineers report should be forwarded to Mr.
Hall too.
      The board asked that Mr. Swain bring in the materials that will be
used for them to view.
      Commissioner Lambert asked if the wood was panels or shingles and
Mr. Swain said it would be shingled wood on either end of the greenhouse
and solid wood panels to accent and enhance the structure.
      Regarding the drainage issue, Commissioner Aibel explained that a TR
55 calculation is needed.  Commissioner Aibel was also concerned with the
additional increase of roof area with the new structure creating more run
off, and relate this volume to the capacity of the proposed holding tanks.
      Delineate the parking spaces on the plan, utilizing the correct
dimensions of 9 ft. by 18 ft. and show the location of one handicapped
space; Account for the workshop building in the parking calculations (5
additional spaces) and use the more conservative number of 4 persons per
space for the pool.
     Commissioner Lambert questioned the setbacks on the plan and the
setbacks from the west and the south property boundaries should be noted
on the plan.
      Also the question of the workshop qualifying as an accessory
building or as an addition to the main structure.
      Indicate the location of any additional exterior building lights.
      Commissioner Girard stated that there should be screening across the
front of the lot and along the side of the property.
      Mr. Swain stated that a stockade fence runs along the south property
     To screen the parking from North Main Road with not less than 5 feet
of vegetation, but the board wants at least 3 feet to start with.
      The solar panels that will be used to heat the pool will be in the
      If Mr. Swain is ready for the next meeting on June 21, 2000 the
board will look at everything at that time.

3.  Trattoria Simpatico - Development Plan Review

John Murphy representing Phyllis Bedard asked the board for permission to
leave the awnings up from Memorial Day through Columbus Day.
      The reason that they were put up in the first place was because of
the droppings from the birds that nest in the trees.
      The board was also shown a picture of a trellis and fence that is
being planned to create more privacy for the patrons and also take the
focus away from the awnings.
      If there is to be a change of materials used for the awnings, the
board asked that they be shown beforehand.
     Commissioner Hubbard asked about the parking arrangements with
Jamestown Distributors since it has been sold, and Mr. Eanarino has not
entered into a parking agreement with Ms. Bedard yet.  The current
agreement is valid through the fall of 2000, at which time if no agreement
is made Ms. Bedard will have to find 6 additional parking sites.
A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Schnack to accept the plan for the canopies (awnings) as they exist now
and with the condition that No sides be added to the canopies (awnings),
and it is understood that if there are any changes to the canopies
(material, color or size) that the Planning Commission will review and
approve it.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Laura Aibel - Aye            Mary Brennan - Aye
Rob Lambert - Aye         Dennis Webster - Aye
Sue Barker - Aye          Michael Schnack - Aye
                       Motion passes by a vote of 8-0

4.  Election of Officers

Commissioner Barker nominated Commissioner Hubbard for Chair, Commissioner
Girard for Vice Chair, and Commissioner Brennan for Secretary.
     All in Favor.

II. Correspondence

12.  FYI - Letter to Betty Hubbard from A Lauriston Parks - Proposed
Zoning Amendment
Commissioner Hubbard asked the board what they want to do regarding the
letter from Mr. Parks on the Zoning Amendment.  Commissioner Girard said
it should be discussed at the next meeting.
      Commissioner Webster stated it should be sent back to the council
before summer so it can be enforced.  It was asked if section 1203 applies
to commercial businesses.
      Most of the Commissioners are in favor of putting it into the Town
Solicitors hands and have him go forward with it as he sees needed.  Mr.
David Swain questioned why this was being discussed since it was not on
the agenda and therefore stated it should not be discussed, at which time
Commissioner Hubbard stated that she had spoken to Mr. Parks that
afternoon and he said legally it could be discussed.  Mr. Swain stated
that he felt it was not a " friendly" thing to be doing since the public
was not aware that it would be discussed.  A motion was made by
Commissioner Schnack and seconded by Commissioner Aibel to adjourn the
meeting at 10:17 p.m. All in Favor.


Cinthia Reppe