May 17, 2000
7:30 PM
Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. and the following members
were present:
Betty Hubbard    Gary Girard
Victor Calabretta      Laura Aibel
Mary Brennan     Rob Lambert
Dennis Webster      Sue Barker
Michael Schnack

Also present:
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary
Crystal Fonseca - Intern
Bill Munger - Owner, Conanicut Marine Services
Tim Baker - Owner, Bakers Pharmacy

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from May 3, 2000

A motion was made by Commissioner Calabretta and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to accept the minutes with the following amendments:
Page 2, V. Old Business 1,1. That we were reaching Buildout of Waterfront.
Page 3, V. Old Business 1, after sustainability of  strike the bay for the
demands  add those qualities.
     Second sentence add after that the perception of the Community Survey
indicates that  adding additional municipal parking would solve the
seasonal parking problem in the village.  So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Victor Calabretta - Aye         Laura Aibel - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye        Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye         Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
                       Motion passes by a vote of 9-0

II.  Correspondence

1.  CRMC - Cease and Desist Order - Mr. John Peter Newbauer, 1 Apthorp
Ave, Newport, RI 02840; Clear cutting of a coastal wetland and the area
within 200 feet of a coastal feature from property located at Plat 9, Lot
26, 1-8 Southwest Ave, Jamestown, RI; without benefit of a CRMC assent or
in violation of a Council order. Received & Acknowledged

2.  FYI - Notice of Public Hearing - Zoning Board of Review Agenda for May
23rd,2000 Received & Acknowledged

3.  FYI - Letter to Town Council  from Matthew F. Clarke Re: Zoning
Ordinance Amendment relating to: Businesses that use marina slips, dock
space and/or moorings including ferries and related parking requirements.
     Received & Acknowledged

  4.  FYI - Letter to Planning Commission Chair from Bruce McIntyre Re:
Drafting Town Ordinances.

Commissioner Girard suggested we look at 4. FYI - Letter to Planning
Commission Chair from Bruce McIntyre - All in Favor 
A discussion ensued, Commissioner Girard suggested that they respond
heavily to the letter.
      Commissioner Calabretta stated that he feels no response is
appropriate since this did not come from the Town Council but from a
member of the Council.
      Commissioners Brennan and Webster agreed.  The majority of the
Planning Commission members were in favor of not responding to this

5.  FYI - Memo to Planning Commission from Affordable Housing Committee
Re: Proposed RI House Bill, 2000-H 6993

Commissioner Hubbard suggested we move 5. FYI -  Memo to Planning
Commission from Affordable Housing Committee to New Business 1.  All in

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item

Bill Munger asked for 5 minutes of the boards time when we discuss the
Economic Development portion of the Comprehensive Plan.

IV.  Reports

Crystal Fonseca - Planning Intern, asked the board for assistance and
input regarding the parking study.
a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report
b.  Town Committees
c.  Sub Committee
Commissioner Barker reported on the Waste Water Management Committee
meeting with Fred Brown.
      They discussed the Growth in the Shores area and the various ways to
try and handle it with technology.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated that David Swain stated that we should
go forward with the Inspection Requirements for Septic Systems, and
emphasize mandatory pumping.
      Fred Brown,  Town Building Inspector stated that there is no way to
stop development.

V.  Old Business

1.  Comprehensive Plan - Update - Economic Development-Revised,
Visions-Summary, Revised Action Plan for Natural Resources, Buildout
A discussion ensued with several Commissioners giving their input and
changes, along with Bill Munger and Tim Baker, all of the changes will be
given to Crystal to input and review.

VI. New Business

1. FYI - Memo to Planning Commission from Affordable Housing Committee Re:
Proposed RI House Bill, 2000-H 6993 

The board discussed endorsing this bill and that the intentions of the
bill are good although not everybody would do what is intended by this
      The board decided to discuss this at another time since the hour was
so late.

A motion was made by Commissioner Aibel and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to adjourn at 10:36.  All in Favor.   
Cinthia Reppe