February 2, 2000
7:30 PM
 Jamestown Town Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. and the following members
were present:

Betty Hubbard       Gary Girard
Arthur Milot        Michael Smith
Mary Brennan        Rob Lambert
Dennis Webster         Michael Schnack

Also present:

Lisa Bryer,AICP - Town Planner
Cinthia Reppe - Recording Secretary
John Murphy - Attorney
James Donnelly - Attorney
Skyler Mills - Engineer, NE & C
Joe Manning
Bud Head

I.  Reading and Approval of Minutes from January 19, 2000
Sue Barker arrives at 7:34 p.m.
A motion was made by Commissioner Girard and seconded by Commissioner
Smith to accept the minutes as amended the following changes are located
on; page 3 VI.
     New Business, 2. After So voted: delete Michael Smith - Aye.. 3. Add
to the first sentence after forward, a Parking Sub Committee report to
CRMC. So voted:

Betty Hubbard - Aye    Gary Girard - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye     Michael Smith - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye     Rob Lambert -  Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye      Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion carries by a vote of 9-0

II.  Correspondence

1.  Statewide Planning Program - Invitation to televised town meeting.
Received and Acknowledged

2.  Memorandum - Recommendation for Adoption of the Tree Preservation and
Protection Ordinance. Received and Acknowledged

3.  Memorandum - Newport Bridge Lighting.  Received and Acknowledged

4.  Memorandum - Transportation Improvement Program - Greenways- Received
and Acknowledged

5.  Memorandum - Request to purchase Town Property from Paul Greenberg. 
Received and Acknowledged

III.  Citizen's Non Agenda Item

John Murphy - Attorney, requested that the Madden subdivision be addressed
at the next Planning Commission meeting on February 16,2000, the board

IV.  Reports

a.  Town Planner's Submitted Report

Lisa Bryer - Town Planner, let the Planning Commission know that they are
invited along with the Conservation Commission to attend the TIP meeting
on February 10th 2000, at the Library at 7:00 p.m.

b.  Town Committees

Commissioner Hubbard asked that the board hear New Business 1. After Old
Business 1 and add Downtown Improvement Project to #4 Old Business.
      The board agreed.
Commissioner Hubbard also let the board know that the Town Administrator
asked that Commissioner Hubbard be sure of the rate of $50.00 an hour for
a tree arborist which she did.

c.  Sub Committees

V.  Old Business

1.  Fox Run Subdivision - Amendment to Preliminary Plan Approval
A motion was made by Commissioner Hubbard and seconded by Commissioner
Girard to grant Preliminary Plan approval as amended by the Town Planner.

So voted:
Betty Hubbard - Aye       Gary Girard - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye        Michael Smith - Aye
Mary Brennan - Aye        Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye         Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
Motion carries by a vote of 9-0

VI.  New Business

1.  Manning Subdivision - Pre-Application

John Murphy - Attorney representing Joe and Patricia Manning introduced
the Engineer, Skyler Mills from NE & C who then made the presentation of
the 12 lot subdivision to the board.
He stated that 56% of the land would be left as required for Open Space.
      An 18' wide gravel road would be used to preserve the "rural"
character of the land, and most of the trees would be left also.
      Commissioner Hubbard asked for any comments at which time Lisa
Bryer, the Town Planner stated that she had received a phone call from an
abutter that voiced his concern over the water shed boundry and how the
density is calculated. There was a question regarding if Cedar Lane is a
Town or State owned road and there has never been an answer to that
question according to  Mr. Bud Head who also voiced his concern over
drainage in that area.
      Mr. Mills stated that a level spreader would be used to alleviate
that problem.
      The board discussed the usefulness of the area to be dedicated to
the Town or should we accept the fee.
      The board agreed that the Manning Subdivision could go on to the
next stage.

V.  Old Business (Con't.)

2.   Comprehensive Plan - Conservation and Open Space & Recreation
Commissioner Barker presented her review of the Recreation Element of the
Comprehensive Plan and made comment of a few points that need to be
addressed, one of which is activities for Senior Citizens, and another
issue was regarding toilet facilities at Taylor Point and at the Community
     Regarding the Open Space section of the Comprehensive Plan,
Commissioner Barker would like it to include how much land has been
preserved for open space.
      It also needs to be updated with recent land dedications to the Land
Trust.  All additional comments will be forwarded to the Town Planner.
Commissioner Michael Smith presented his idea to update the Build-Out
Analysis which will familiarize the members of the board with the
neighborhoods of Jamestown.
      The board was very enthusiastic about this proposal and were divided
into three groups that will meet and conduct the survey and report the
results at our next regular meeting.
      Commissioner Girard recommended that we end our regular meeting
tonight by 10:00 p.m. so that the groups can meet for a few minutes to
organize their plans.

2.  Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Continued Discussion  - Water
Related Businesses
      The board discussed water related businesses that would be allowed
and prohibited and decided to have the Town Planner add comments to the
draft of the Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment and she will
simultaneously forward to the Town Solicitor and the Planning

VI.  New Business (con't)

1.  Request to Purchase Town Property from John Somyk - AP 5, Lot 193

      A motion was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded by
Commissioner Girard to have the Town Planner send a memo to the Town
Council that states that the lot in question not be sold to Mr. Somyk for
the reasons listed by the Conservation Committee in their memo to the Town
      Commissioner Smith stated that he felt the town should sell it
because it is contiguous to Mr. Somyks property and not buildable.  The
motion was voted on:

Betty Hubbard - Aye          Gary Girard - Aye
Arthur Milot - Aye           Michael Smith - Nay
Mary Brennan - Aye           Rob Lambert - Aye
Dennis Webster - Aye            Sue Barker - Aye
Michael Schnack - Aye
  Motion carries by a vote of 8-1

IV.  Reports (con't.)

      Commissioner Hubbard recommended giving the public examples of what
a Greenway is and also that we need to ask DOT what the requirements are
for materials used and width of Greenway.
      Lisa Bryer, Town Planner reported on her last meeting with DOT
regarding the Downtown Improvement Project and told the board that DOT
does not want anything to do with the underground utilities in light of
the situation with Southwest Ave and the potential for archeological
features being found.
Commissioner Lambert stated that he feels there is something that we can
do about this situation.
      The Town Planner stated that she felt that we need to be careful
about pressing this issue and that if we push to hard we may never get
Phase II funded. This issue will be tabled until the next meeting.

A motion to adjourn at 10:32 was made by Commissioner Webster and seconded
by Commissioner Girard.  All in Favor.

Cinthia Reppe