Wednesday, 14 March 2007

7:00 PM

Jamestown Library, North Main Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island




1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2.       Approval of Meeting Minutes

A.      10 January 2007 JHC Meeting

B.      28 February 2007 JHC Special Meeting

3.       Consent Agenda

A.      Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes for Review:

                                                       i.      9/29/2006 Mooring Implementation Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 1/3/07

                                                     ii.      12/19/2006 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 1/24/07

                                                    iii.      12/19/2006 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 1/30/07

                                                    iv.      1/3/2007 Technology Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 1/31/07

                                                      v.      1/3/2007 Mooring Implementation Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 1/31/07

4.       Executive Session Announcement

5. Open Forum

A.      Scheduled Requests to Address

B. Non-Agenda Requests to Address

6. Executive Director Tighe Report

7.       Marine Development Fund (MDF) Budget

A.   2006/2007 MDF YTD Budget

8.       Harbor Clerk Report - P. Swistak

9.       Liaison Reports

A.      Planning Commission - R. Ventrone

B.      Town Council J. DiGiando

C.      Conservation Commission - T. Johnson

10.   Committee Reports

A.      Budget Committee C. Brown

B.      Facilities Committee B. Bowen

C.      Mooring Implementation Committee - R. Anderson

D.  Ft. Getty Master Plan Committee M. de Angeli

E.  Traffic Committee Bob Bowen

F.  Technology Committee A. Kallfelz

G. HMO/CHMP Revision Committee M. de Angeli

11.   Old Business

12.   New Business

A.      JHC Sub-Committee Appointments

B.      Reimbursement to Volpe Family ($1,320.57) for Construction of Ft. Getty Boat Ramp

C.      Approval of Fee for Ft. Getty Boat Rack

13.   Correspondence

A.      Ltr from Maurice LaFlamme, East Passage Lot Owners Association, dated 1/8/07, re: Cranston Cove

B.      Ltr from Peter Cummings dated 1/15/07, re: Usage of Mooring

C.      Ltr from Bruce Wigton, dated 1/8/07, re: Relocation of Mooring

D.      Ltr from Chairman de Angeli to Town Council dated 2/1/07, re: Wood Pile Pier

E.      Ltr from Chairman de Angeli to Town Council dated 3/2/07, re: Increase in Harbor Fees

F.      Ltr from Conservation Commission dated 3/8/07, re: New Ft. Getty Boat Rack

G.     March Calendar from CRMC

H.      CRMC Change to Management Plans, Policies, Procedures and Regulations Regarding Planning and Management of the Coastal Resources dated 3/5/07


14.   Open Forum - Continued (if necessary)

15.   adjournment