Wednesday, 12 July 2006

7:00 PM

Jamestown Community Center, 41 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, Rhode Island



1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2.      Approval of Meeting Minutes

A.     JHC Meeting of 14 June 2006

3.      Consent Agenda - None

4. Executive Session Announcement

5. Open Forum

A.     Scheduled Requests to Address - None

B. Non-Agenda Requests to Address

6. Executive Director Tighe Report

7. Marine Development Fund (MDF) Budget

A.     2005/2006 MDF YTD Budget

8. Harbor Clerk Report - P. Swistak

9.      Harbormaster Report - S. Paterson

10. Liaison Reports

A.     Planning Commission - R. Ventrone

B.      Town Council J. DiGiando

C.     Conservation Commission - T. Johnson

11. Committee Reports

A.     Budget Committee C. Brown

B.     Facilities Committee B. Bowen

C.     Mooring Implementation Committee - R. Anderson

D.     Ft. Getty Master Plan Committee M. de Angeli

12. Old Business

13.     New Business

A.     Mooring Permit Transfers:

                                                       i.      Julie Kallfelz to husband Andrew Kallfelz Zone D

                                                     ii.      Pia Peterson to husband Eric Senior Zone D

                                                    iii.      Sarah Stokes to son David Stokes Zone D

                                                   iv.      Kimberly Harpool to husband Harry Harpool Jr. Zone C

                                                     v.      Curtis Weigold to daughter Kimberly Harpool Zone D

                                                   vi.      Joseph S.L. Wharton, deceased to wife Phoebe Wharton- Zone D

B.     Wait List Transfer:

                                                       i.      Stephen Ryba to wife Kristine Trocki Zone D







C.     Purchase of Additional ArcView Software License

D.     Management Plan for Wood Pile Pier and Floats

14. Correspondence

A. Memo dated 5/20/06 from CRMC re: Management Procedures for Siting Mooring Areas

15. Open Forum - Continued (if necessary)

16. Adjournment











































Posted: 7/10/06

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