Wednesday, 12 April 2006

7:00 PM

Jamestown Library, North Main Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island



1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2.      Approval of Meeting Minutes

A.     JHC Meeting of 8 February 2006

B.     JHC Meeting of 8 March 2006

3.      Consent Agenda

A.     Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes for Review:

                                                       i.      2/14/06 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 3/15/06

                                                     ii.      12/21/05 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 3/15/06

4. Executive Session Announcement

5. Open Forum

A.     Barbara Paterson Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

B. Non-Agenda Requests to Address

6. Executive Director Tighe Report

7. Marine Development Fund (MDF) Budget

A.     2005/2006 MDF YTD Budget

B.     Approval of 2006/2007 MDF Budget

C.     Approval of 5 Year Long Range Infrastructure Plan - Town

D.     Approval of 5 Year Long Range Infrastructure Plan - Harbor

8. Harbor Clerk Report - P. Swistak

9.      Harbormaster Report - S. Paterson

10. Liaison Reports

A.     Planning Commission -

B.      Town Council J. DiGiando

C.     Conservation Commission - T. Johnson

11. Committee Reports

A.     Budget Committee C. Brown

B.     Facilities Committee B. Bowen

C.     Mooring Implementation Committee - R. Anderson

D.     Ft. Getty Master Plan Committee M. de Angeli

12. Old Business

A.     No-Discharge Program Status Report

B.     1000 Line

C.     Wood Pile Pier

13. New Business

A.     Request for Mooring Permit Transfer Karen Davidson

B.     Request for Mooring Permit Transfer Henry Wood

14. Correspondence

A. E-Mail from Karen Davidson dated 4/4/06 regarding Mooring Permit Transfer

B.     Ltr from Barbara Paterson, DHBY, dated 4/4/06, re: Outhaul and Dinghy Dock Fee Increase, Dinghy

Storage, Pumpout Upgrade and Bulkhead Falling/Washing Away

15. Open Forum - Continued (if necessary)

16.  Adjournment