Wednesday, 11 May 2005

7:00 PM

Jamestown Library, North Main Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island



1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Approval of Meeting Minutes 13 April 2005

3.       Consent Agenda

A.      Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                       i.      1/5/05 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 3/22/05

                                                     ii.      3/23/05 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 4/6/05

                                                    iii.      1/5/05 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 3/22/05

                                                    iv.      3/15/05 Budget Committee Meeting Minutes; approved 3/22/05

4. Executive Session Announcement

5. Open Forum

A.      Requests to Address

B. Non-Agenda Requests to Address

6. Executive Director Tighe Report

7. Marine Development Fund (MDF) Budget

A.      2004/2005 MDF YTD Budget

8. Harbor Clerk Report - P. Swistak

9. Harbormaster Report - S. Paterson

10. Liaison Reports

A. Planning Commission - A. Kallfelz

B.      Town Council - J. DiGiando

C. Conservation Commission - T. Johnson

11. Committee Reports

A.      Budget Committee - J. Archibald

B. Facilities Committee M. deAngeli

C.      Mooring Implementation Committee - R. Anderson

D.      Ft. Getty Master Plan Committee J. Archibald



12. Old Business

A.      Wood Pile Pier; recommended usage of space

13. New Business

A.      Mooring Permit Transfer Peterson

B.      Temporary Exemption Application

14. Correspondence

A.      Ltr dtd 5 May 2005 from Richard Condon, re: One Year Grace Period

B.      Ltr rcvd 12 April 2005 from Bill Sheehan, re: Ft. Getty

15. Open Forum - Continued (if necessary)

16. Adjournment