February 16, 1999

A workshop of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order in the
conference room of the Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road, at
8:45 PM by Council President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members
were present:
David E. Dolce, Vice President
William H. Murphy
Ellicott Wright

Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator
Denise Jennings, Deputy Town Clerk
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
J. Christopher Powell, Conservation Commission Chair
Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission Chair
Arthur Milot, Planning Commission member
Sam Patterson, Harbor master

Fort Wetherill Committee members present were:
Gerald B. Bay
John Fantoli
Duncan Laurie
Walter K. Schroder
David Swain

Absent were:  
Fred F. Pease, Council Member
        Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor
Joe Ducas, Fort Wetherill Committee Member
G. M. Bruce Livingston, Fort Wetherill Committee Member
J. Peter McGuirl, Fort Wetherill Committee Member

Fort Wetherill

Council President Amerigian: RIDEM has plan to present.
      Council wants to address concerns as stated in letter dated 09/17/98
to Andrew H. McLeod, Director of RI DEM and the Fort Wetherill Committee
would like to express their concerns.

Council President Amerigian then introduced Robert W. Sutton, Jr., Chief
of Planning and Development, RIDEM., Chris Placco, Vice-President of
Robinson Green Baretta Corp.
     (architectural and engineering firm) and other representatives from

Mr. Sutton:  We want to address all concerns.  Mr. Sutton then turn the
floor over to Mr. Placco.  Mr. Placco:  We have been meeting with those
(Fish & Wildlife) who will be using this new site.
      We are trying to preserve everything at Fort Wetherill and to
improve the facility.
      We want to plan the most unintrusive plan for that site.
      We intend to meet all approvals regarding all regulations.
      The first building will be a wet building.
      The second building will be wide open upstairs and will have a wet
tank on the lower floor.
      The third building will exhibition space, public restrooms and a
ranger station.
      The smallest building will be taken down and replicated.  It is not
in good shape.
        Mr. Placco then pointed out the plans as displayed on the meeting
      Mr. Placco: We want to preserve all artifacts of the buildings. 
Council President Amerigian: What kind of material will be used on the
outside of the buildings?   Mr. Placco: Concrete stucco over the wood
frame and paint.
      Mr. Sutton: The buildings will mimic what is there.  Mr. Placco:  We
will also clean up the area to the rear of the three buildings.
      Councilor Wright: Will you be using the same material for all three
roofs?  Mr. Sutton: Yes. 

Mr. Sutton: The forts in that area will be under the jurisdiction of
RIDEM, Parks and Recreation.
      We will clean everything up, but how and when I do not know .
      Our main focus is the Fish and Wildlife program.  

Richard Hutchinson, 4 Fort Wetherill Road: Are the poles that are not part
of the utility function  coming down?  Mr. Sutton: We will clean up as
much as we can.
      We can look at that.
       National Parks Services require that all utilities come in

Lawrence Mouradjian, Director RIDEM Parks & Recreation: We would like to
keep in pace with the rest of the park. 

John Parsons, 25 Ledge Road: Have you determined if there are any
pollution issues?  Mr. Goslee: One of the fuel tanks was filled with
concrete a few years ago.
      Mr. Sutton: I think that we will make determinations.  That area
will be safe for those who will work there.
      No particular hazards; we will do what is necessary.  

Arthur Milot, 60 Walnut Street: Any presence after dark?  Mr. Sutton: When
we are done this will be completely open to public and would hope that the
Jamestown Police Department would monitor.
      We do have our own enforcement that drive through.
      We do not have many enforcement officers throughout the state.
      Council President Amerigian: No watchman?   Mr. Mouradjian: Only our
park ranger program which is seasonable.
      Mr. Sutton: All buildings will have alarms.  

Mr. Hutchinson: Will it have same signage as the current park, which is
sunrise to sunset?  Mr. Sutton: Yes, will have same rules as existing
      Mr. Mouradjian: Fishing is allowable outside those hours.  Mr.
Sutton: We don't anticipate a lot of lighting.  Only around the buildings.

John Fantoli, 64 Lawn Avenue:  Will any of the buildings have sprinklers? 
Mr. Sutton: I will have to check with the building code requirements.  The
medium and large buildings may have, but I'm not sure about the small
      We will have to do perc tests.
      Mr. Placco: All of the buildings are in the flood zone.  We will
comply with the building code or get a variance.
      Mr. Parsons: What kind of maintenance will be conducted at that
site?  Mr. Sutton:  Boat maintenance and small outboard maintenance. John
O'Brien, RIDEM representative: Most of our work is routine work and a
majority of the work is sent out.
      We do  a small amount of welding.
      Mr. Sutton: No 50 foot boats will be up on blocks.  Mr. Parsons: 
I'm concerned about noise.
      Town Planner: Explain main access.
      What is the relationship between the two.
      Mr. Sutton: Most will be foot traffic (from workers).  They will use
side entrance/exits to get to the other buildings.  

Mr. Sutton: We realize that we will probably will have to talk to the Town
for the water.  
Mr. O'Brien: We will not be using fresh water for the flow through.  Mr.
Sutton:  Water usage will be less water usage than in a single family
      Mr. O'Brien: Divers (from RIDEM) may use the showers and maybe a
maintenance worker.
      Not much use.
      Mr. Bay: If Town applies restrictions will RIDEM abide?  Mr. Sutton:

Howard Harding, 85 Walcott Avenue: How many permanent employees will be at
that site?  How many transients?  How can we keep you from expanding.
      Mr. Sutton: Twelve full time employees, 3 boat maintenance and
rangers.  We can not accommodate a large number of people.  
Council President Amerigian: Would like to discuss points (copy attached
hereto) as stated in our letter addressed to Andrew H. McLeod, Director,
RIDEM dated 09/17/98.
  Item # 1 Copy of National Park Service guidelines: Mr. Sutton: We will
make formal application to amend as exactly presented tonight.
      Mr. Laurie: This should become a legal agreement between the Town
and RIDEM.  Administrator: Agreement in the process of being drawn up.  
  Item # 3 RIDEM to confirm in writing: Mr. Sutton: We have been very
straight forward with our intentions.
      We can draft an agreement or the Town can draw it up.
  Item # 4 Long term intentions: Council President Amerigian: We can put
in the agreement that the scope will not increase.
      Mr. Sutton: No other plans.  We don't expect to build any other
      There will be 15 office spaces.
     We do use college interns during the summer.
      Mr. Laurie: Maybe we could state that this is fisheries only?  
Item # 5 Educational programs: Mr. Sutton: We are not going to have a
major classroom.
      Item #6a Egress to the area: Mr. Sutton: Would be the same as it is
  Item #6b Utilities: Mr. Sutton: Underground utilities.  One heating
system for the two largest buildings.
      Mr. Parsons: Would there be fuel for boats?  Mr. Sutton: No.  Mr.
Parsons: Could that be part of the agreement?  Mr. Sutton: Sure.
  Item #6e Emergency response: Mr. Sutton: We would rely on the Town and
we have own seasonally.
      We can work with local police and volunteer fire department.
  Item #6f Delineation of riparian rights: Mr. Laurie: We need water use
Mr. Hutchinson: Jamestown boat owners have establish an existence in that
      Mr. Sutton pointed out the area need by RI DEM for dock space.  We
are willing to enter into an agreement with the Town, that the Town has
the responsibility for the marina.
      Discussion ensued regarding commercial use verses recreation use. 
  Item #6h Payment in lieu of taxes: Council President Amerigian: We want
to leave this  issue open.
      We need to get feed back from our Town police and fire departments.
      Mr. Sutton:  We need a legislative act to do this.  
  Item #8b Antenna tower: Mr. Sutton: There will be no antenna towers.
Council President Amerigian: The Town will enter into an agreement with
      Mr. Sutton:  We will start construction this fall and would like the
agreement by spring.  

There being no further business before Council, the workshop was
informally adjourned at 11:00 PM.


Denise Jennings
Deputy Town Clerk