(continued from 11/23/98)
FEBRUARY 1, 1999

A hearing on the for the Proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments to the
Zoning Ordinance re: Open Space of the Jamestown Town Council was called
to order at the Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road at 7:41 PM by
Council President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members were present:
David E. DolceWilliam H. Murphy
Fred F. Pease
Ellicott Wright
Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Administrator/Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
Lisa Bryer, Town Planner
J. Christopher Powell, Conservation Commission Chair

The continuation of this hearing was called by unanimous consent of the
Councilors during the duly advertised hearing for the Proposed Zoning
Ordinance amendments to the Zoning Ordinance re: Open Space held on
November 23, 1998.


Council President Craig A. Amerigian stated that on November 23, 1998, it
was the consensus of the Council that this proposed Zoning Ordinance
amendment be sent back to the Planning Commission for some changes brought
about at the hearing.
      This done, Councilor Amerigian requested that it now be reviewed by
the Conservation Commission and returned to the Town Solicitor for review
before it is presented for the continuation of this hearing.
       It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Murphy
to continue the Open Space Zoning Amendment hearing to Wednesday, March
10, 1999 at 7:30 PM at the Jamestown Philomenian Library.
      So unanimously voted.  

There being no further discussion, it was moved by Councilor Pease,
seconded by Councilor Murphy to adjourn the hearing at 7:50 PM.
      So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk