September 14, 1998
(as amended September 28, 1998)

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road at 8:15 PM by Council
President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members were present:
David E. Dolce, Vice President
William H. Murphy
Ellicott Wright
Absent: Councilor Fred F. Pease

Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator/Interim Finance Director
Susan P. Brayman, Tax Assessor
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
J. Christopher Powell, Conservation Commission
Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission
Arthur J. Christman, Chief Jamestown Fire Department
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor


As the first order of business, Councilor Amerigian administered the Oath
of Office to Richard E. Walker as a new member of the School Committee. 
Mr. Walker, being the next highest vote getter from the election held in
1997, fills the position vacated by the passing of William H. Reynolds,
Jr.   The term ending for this position is May of 1999.


1)      Application of Save the Bay (not for profit organization) for a
Class F (19 hour; beer and wine only) Alcoholic Beverage License
* Request waiver of license fee
Councilor Wright recused himself from this issue.
Councilor Murphy moved to approve the Class F, one day license, for Save
the Bay for use on September 26, 1998, with the fee being waived, as
requested. Councilor Amerigian seconded the motion.  So voted. 


Items removed from the Consent Agenda were item #1c and item #5.
      Motion by Councilor Dolce, seconded by Councilor  Murphy to approve
the consent agenda as amended. So unanimously voted. The amended consent
agenda consisted of:

1)   Adoption of Council minutes:
     a) 08/11/98 (regular meeting as amended)
     b) 08/24/98 (work shop re: East Ferry parking permits)
  2) Bills and Payroll
  3) Copies of minutes of Boards and Committees
     a) Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee (08/03/98)
     b) Harbor Management Commission (07/08/98 and 07/22/98)
        i) Attendance record
     c) Board of Canvassers (08/27/98)
     d) Highway Barn Committee (07/30/98, 08/06/98, 08/13/98 and 08/20/98)
  4) RICRMC notices
     a) Meeting (09/08/98)
     b) Public hearing continuation (10/01/98)
     c) Application for assent: James D. Bishop, Sr., Trustee to construct
and maintain a fixed timber pier (Plat 8, Lot 268; 50 Bay View Drive)
     d) Finding of no significant impact: David & Dianne Piccoli to
construct and maintain wooden arbor (Plat 7, Lot 74; 38 East Shore Road)
     e) Assents:
        i) Anne A. Ewing to maintain the existing residential boating
facility (Plat 9, Lot 330; 90 Racquet Road)
        ii)   Neil & Doris E. Sullivan to maintain the existing
residential boating facility (Plat 4, Lot 49; 388 East Shore)
  6) Letter of thanks from the Women's Resource Center re: Community
Development Block Grant 
  7) Abatements/Addenda of taxes report of Tax Assessor received 09/10/98 
  1) Adoption of Council minutes:
     c) 08/24/98 (regular meeting)
Councilor Wright addressed page 7 of 8, under Communications, item #2, the
last three lines.
      Councilor Wright stated that the purpose of this motion was that the
Town would determine how much it costs to have the police assist with the
Rotary race.
      Councilor Wright clarified the motion to read "at the end of the
event someone can tell us how much this event cost the Town so that next
year when this comes up we will know what the expenses are to the Town.
      Councilor Amerigian moved to approve the minutes as corrected. 
Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.   5)      Resolution
from the Town of Bristol re: dredging and dumping materials
Discussion ensued regarding the Council's concern with the site under
consideration for the dumping of material dredged from the Providence
     Christopher Powell, Conservation Committee, pointed out that there
were three offshore sites that were considered and they were dropped.  Mr.
Powell explained the dumping process to the Council, strengthening their
concern for the Bay and surrounding waters.
      It was moved by Councilor Murphy and seconded Councilor Wright to
refer this matter to the Conservation Commission with the request that
they report back to the Council as soon as possible with their comments
and suggestions.
      So unanimously voted.  Councilor Dolce moved and Councilor Murphy
seconded to accept item #5 on the Consent Agenda.  So unanimously voted.



  1)      Proposed amendment of Section 15-11 of the code of ordinances
(Parking at Mackerel Cove Beach and Jamestown Shores Beach) re: parking
stickers (continued from 08/11/98)  Councilor Amerigian announced that
this hearing would not be held tonight because the Council recently
received requested information from the State and would like to give the
Town Solicitor time to review the information before proceeding with this
hearing.  This hearing will be rescheduled for another time.
  2)      Proposed amendment to Chapter 18 entitled "Traffic" re: parking
on designated areas of so-called "Jamestown Shores Beach".
        Councilor Murphy further described the area to be where the Harbor
Master and Fire Department launch their boats.
      Councilor Amerigian called for comment from the audience.
Gary Girard, East Shore Road, representing the Parking Committee:   The
Parking Committee also reviewed this and felt that it would be prudent to
have a place where you could turn around, drop off a boat and trailer and
pull out; that way, not only would it enhance public safety by allowing
emergency vehicles to get down there, but would also allow people to
calmly discharge and pickup boats and not clog the area.
      We recommend that the Council consider this amendment.
      Councilor Dolce questioned where and when this ordinance came up and
expressed his concern that the Council may be overacting to a perceived
problem rather than an actual problem.
      Councilor Amerigian inquired if the Fire Chief has had problems
getting into that area when responding to an emergency.
      Chief Christman stated that the problem there is the deplorable
condition of the boat ramp area, siting the ruts and bumps as the actual
      Mr. Girard informed the Council that he was unable to find mention
in his Parking Committee notes regarding any problems in that area known
as the boat ramp.
      Councilor Amerigian suggested that because we don't have a concrete
source of concern for that area, we should table this for additional
      It was moved by Councilor Dolce, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
continue this to the next regular meeting.  So unanimously voted.
  3)      Proposed amendment (as amended and readvertised) to Chapter 18
entitled "Traffic" re: East Ferry wharf.
         Councilor Amerigian called for public comment on the proposed
      Councilor Amerigian went over the modification reflected in this
proposed amendment.
      There being no public comment, it was moved by Councilor Wright and
seconded by Councilor Murphy to adopt this ordinance.
      So unanimously voted.


1)   Scheduled Requests to Address
2)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address
Dennis Webster, 8 Mount Hope Avenue invited the Council to participate in
a workshop to be held on Monday, October 5, 1998.
      Mr. Webster gave additional information on the workshop that will be
held at the Jamestown Philomenian Library at 7:30 on October 5, 1998.
     Councilor Amerigian moved, Councilor Wright seconded to participate
in a joint work session with the Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee.
      Councilor Amerigian stated that although the Council would be
participating in the workshop, there will be no Council decisions or votes
at this meeting.
Tim Wasco, 21 Riptide Street:  Mr.Wasco presented his view on the paving
of Riptide Street and other less traveled roads.
      Mr. Wasco suggested that if these roads must be paved, perhaps the
Town could use a more narrow paving machine rather than the machine that
we use for major roads.
      Mr. Wasco explained that with the wider paving of these roads it
encourages more use and takes away from the rural character of the area.
      Public Works Director explained to Mr. Wasco and the Council that
the machine that we use to pave Jamestown streets is not adjustable.
      It takes two passes to cover each street, each pass being nine feet
for a total of eighteen feet of paving.
     The Public Works Director further explained that any road paved less
than the eighteen feet would not accommodate oil trucks or larger
Richard Paiva, 9 Riptide Street: Mr. Paiva encouraged the Council to stay
with the eighteen feet and get on with it, using the machinery that we
      Councilor Amerigian stated that this would be discussed along with
other issues when we get to it on the agenda.
Councilor Murphy stated that he received a telephone call from Mr. Cabral
regarding a bus stop.
      Town Administrator reported that she was working with Mr. Cabral
about this situation and at the present time was inquiring as to whether
this is State property.
      The Town Administrator will communicate with Mr. Cabral when she
hears back from the State.


1)   Town Administrator's report (attached hereto)
The Town Administrator presented her report to the Council, the following
items were discussed for action by the Council.
  Town Council minutes:   Councilor Amerigian:  It seems that we had a
discussion early last year regarding this.
       It was my impression that the Town Clerk felt that the degree of
detail that she has was what she thought was proper.
      Town Solicitor:  I think that it is more accurate that the Council
wanted to have this detail.
       I think this is an issue that must be addressed.  Councilor
Amerigian:   I move that the Town Solicitor present some guidelines and
recommendations at the next Council meeting regarding the taking of
Council minutes.
      Councilor Wright seconded the motion.
      So unanimously voted. so voted.

Councilor Murphy requested that the seawall on Southwest Avenue be
addressed at this time.
      The Town Administer reported that there is not a schedule for that
specific project, only the complete project; also, there have been other
considerations as they are progressing and they have had to reschedule or
plan accordingly.
      Councilor Murphy requested a schedule for the ongoing projects so
that he can respond to inquiries.
      Town Administrator stated she would be attending a meeting with
RIDOT and would report back to the Council regarding the scheduling of
      Conservation Commissioner, Christopher Powell stated his concern
regarding the maintenance of the erosion control.
      Mr. Powell informed the Council that the hay bales are rotting and
     Councilor Dolce strongly recommended that the State be put on notice
as to the condition of this area.
      Councilor Murphy suggested that we ask RIDOT to continue to maintain
the seawall or fix it.
      Councilor Amerigian moved and Councilor Murphy seconded to request
the Town Administrator to write a letter to RIDOT informing them that this
area is starting to deteriorate to the point of being a safety issue,
clarify with RIDOT when they will be proceeding with the repair work.
      So unanimously voted.

The Town Administrator informed the Council that Phase I of the Wastewater
Management Plan would provide the Town with the groundwork needed to be
done in order to formulate an ordinance.
      The Town Administrator stated that the cost of Phase I would be
approximately $3,500 - $4,000 and that this money would come from the
engineering budget.
      Mr. Powell stated that there is criteria that must be considered and
included in that Wastewater Management Plan to qualify for low interest
      It was moved by Councilor Amerigian and seconded by Councilor Wright
to proceed with Phase I of the Waste Water Management Plan, ask the Town
Administrator to put the bid papers together with the Town Solicitor, and
have the Town Council review before the bid process is advertised.  So
unanimously voted.   Upon a request from Councilor Murphy, the Town
Administrator reviewed the overall plan, which is to have a complete Waste
Water Management Plan, the information for the ordinance, education
associated with the plan, and also, administering and assisting some of
the residents with these low interest loans.
      The Town Administrator further explained that, at this time, only
Phase I is funded, the remainder of the complete plan will have to be
budgeted for.

The cost for the Civil Engineer for the highway barn was discussed with
the Public Works Director.
      Mr. Goslee estimated the cost to be approximately $7,500.  Councilor
Wright urged that the cost estimates of three sites be given for the new
highway so that the most appropriate site can be selected.  Councilor
Wright reinforced that although we have put aside $300,000 that this is
not the final cost.
       It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Wright
to approve the funding for the site estimates from the civil engineer, not
to exceed $7500, with the funds taken from the capital budget set aside
for the highway barn.  So unanimously voted.  

2)   Personnel Board (2 vacancies; one term ending 12/1998; one term
ending 06/2000)
     a) Letters of interest
        i) Michael F. Schnack
        ii)   Betty R. Kinder
        iii)  Eric T. Lexow
        iv)   Nancy Kolman
        v) Jeffrey G. Hunter       
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian and seconded by Councilor Wright to
have the Town Clerk set up interviews before the Water and Sewer Meeting
on September 21, allowing ten minutes per person with the remaining
applicants being seen before the next Town Council meeting.
      So unanimously voted.
  3) Ambulance Association Compensation Committee (2 vacancies; one two
year term [unspecified] and one three year term [unspecified])
The Town Administer asked that people applying for board or committee
positions be asked to serve on the Ambulance Association Compensation
      It was the consensus of the Council that this would be done when
interviewing for other board or committee positions.
  4)  Beavertail State Park Advisory Committee (1 vacancy; term ending
     a) Letters of interest
        i) Herbert G. Rammrath
        ii)   Barry S. Holland
        iii)  Robert B. Griffin
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Wright to
schedule interviews prior to the October 5 workshop with
Quonset/Davisville Committee, beginning at 6:30 PM  working to 7:15 PM.
      So unanimously voted.
  5) Jamestown Fire Department re: lack of daytime EMT coverage
Chief Christman reinforced his concern regarding the lack of daytime EMT
       It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Murphy
to have the Town Administrator report back to the Council with the results
of her meeting with the Fire Chief and the Ambulance Association.
      So unanimously voted.
  6) Conservation Commission
     a) Memorandum re: Selection procedure for road paving
Conservation Commission Chair, Chris Powell presented to the Council the
concerns and recommendations of the Conservation Commission on the
procedure for road paving.
      Those recommendations being: A list of roads to be paved be
published annually in the Jamestown Press, inviting public comment.
      That this list be forwarded to the Planning Commission and the
Conservation Commission for their review and comment.
      And that the Council consider mailing notification of the proposed
paving to residents living along the subject roads.
      The Public Works Director stated that, at the present time, he was
responding to petitions from residents who are requesting paving for their
streets and attempting to put those on the schedule so that they would be
paved; or if a neighborhood requests that their street not be paved, then
he would not schedule paving unless it was an environmental or safety
      The Public Works Director expressed his concern about the
environmental issue of soil going into the watershed.  He stated that some
roads wash out and the runoff from continually adding soil is causing this
soil to go into the wetlands.
      After additional discussion it was moved by Councilor Wright,
seconded by Councilor Amerigian to ask the Town Administrator to publicize
the list from the Public Works Director of roads to be paved, with the
qualifier that it is depending on the price of oil and that the
Conservation Commissioner and the Planning Commissioner can respond if
they would like to, and that the memorandum from the Conservation
Commissioner be accepted with thanks.
       Some concern regarding the method of notifying other departments
within the Town was discussed.   The Town Administrator stated that this
is an administrative function that is handled with all the departments
within the Town.  
     b) Memorandum re: Wastewater Management Plan & Ordinance
Councilor Amerigian moved to accept this communication.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.


  1) Raising of rates at the RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) (per
Councilor Wright)
Councilor Wright stated that this is still up for discussion and at the
present time no action need be taken.
  2) Fort Wetherill mission statement (continued from 08/24/98 and per
Councilor Murphy)
It was the general impression of the Fort Wetherill Committee that the
overall scope of the project was of considerable importance to the
National Park Service and also to the Governor's office.
     The Fort Wetherill Committee Chair, Duncan Laurie and the Council
devoted considerable discussion to the recommendations from the Committee
regarding the Mission Statement from DEM.
      Several area residents urged the Council to consider additional
alternatives, including leaving the area as a park in perpetuity.
      It was further explained by Mr Laurie that the Fort Wetherill
Committee is attempting to answer the questions of the Town Council and
assist them in the formulation of a plan best suited to the overall use of
this site.
      Mr. Laurie expressed concern with the fact that DEM states that over
the last twelve months they have proceeded with their plan, yet they have
no agreement with the Town of Jamestown.
      The consensus of the Committee and the Town Council that due to the
complexity and serious nature of the plan for  Fort Wetherill, more time
is needed for the Town to address this situation.
      Mr. Duncan also expressed concern regarding the riparian rights at
Fort Wetherill.
      In further discussion, Councilor Wright sited a letter written by
the Town to DEM saying that we did not support any plan which contemplates
the construction of any new buildings at Fort Wetherill.
      But we, the Council, would consider restoring the existing
structures and utilizing them for their fisheries division in a manner
that conforms to the original application in August, 1993.
      Additionally Councilor Wright reiterated the proceedings and steps
to the present date.
      In consideration of the concerns of the Town Council, Fort Wetherill
Committee and area residents, Councilor Amerigian asked that the Town
Administrator contact DEM and request additional time.
      Councilor Amerigian moved and Councilor Wright seconded that the
Town Solicitor and Fort Wetherill Committee chair work on the language of
this letter to reflect a broader approach in considering the Town's
options in this matter.
      So unanimously voted.  Councilor Amerigian moved and Councilor
Wright seconded to add this to the agenda on the September 21, 1998 Sewer
and Water meeting, under Town Business.
  3) Local Emergency Planning Commission vacancy (continued from 08/11/98)
Councilor Amerigian asked to put this on the agenda for next meeting.
  4) Letter from Philip Calcina re: collection of water on North Main Road
(continued from 08/24/98)
The Town Administrator informed the Council that there is some additional
information to add to a memo prepared with the Public Works Director
regarding this issue.
      This memo will be ready for the next Town Council meeting.
      Councilor Amerigian moved, Councilor Wright seconded to accept this
communication from Mr. Calcina and table further discussion until the next
Council meeting.  So unanimously voted.
  5) Elderly tax exemption workshop
Previously discussed.
  6) Wastewater Management Phase 1 engineering cost/proposal
Previously discussed.
  7) Southwest Avenue update
Previously dealt with.
  8) Seawall on Conanicus Avenue
Previously discussed.
  9) Personnel Board makeup
Previously discussed.
  10)   Shores beach parking lot sticker status
Previously discussed.
  11)   Shores beach boat ramp ordinance hearing
Previously discussed. 
  12)   Southwest Avenue sidewalk 
After discussing several types of material for this project and the
necessity for the sidewalk to be accessible to the handicapped as well as
strollers, the Town Administrator was asked to report back to the Council
with recommendations from RIDOT for the material to be used.
  13)   Bank for Town checks 
Town Administrator will address this issue as soon as  we get a
Deputy/Finance Director on board.  No action taken.


  1) Grievance from the I.B.P.O. Local 305
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian and seconded by Councilor Murphy to
accept this communication from the I.B.P.O.  So unanimously voted.
  2) Letter from Tim Wasco re: change in the Town's procedure for
notification of major alterations to neighborhood features
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian and seconded by Councilor Wright to
accept this letter from Mr. Wasco.  So unanimously voted.  
  3) Letter from Glenn E. Knierim re: Jamestown Shores Beach parking
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian and seconded by Councilor Wright to
accept this letter from Mr. Glenn E. Knierim.  So unanimously voted.
  4) Letter from Elsa Conte re: Quonset/Davisville proposal
Councilor Amerigian moved, Councilor Dolce seconded that the clerk refer
this communication  to Quonset/Davisville Committee and to have the Town
Administrator contact  Ms. Conte regarding the workshop being held on
October 5, 1998.  So unanimously voted.
  5) Letter from Mr. and Mrs. William J. Farrell, Jr. and other Sampan
Avenue residents re: paving of street
The Public Works Director reported that Sampan Street is not on the paving
list at the present time.
      Councilor Wright moved, seconded by Councilor Murphy to refer this
letter to the Public Works Director.  So unanimously voted. 
  6) Letter from the RI Rivers Council re: Local Watershed Council or
Association for each Watershed in the state
The Public Works Director informed the Council that in Jamestown the Water
and Sewer Commission covers any issues relative to our watershed and that
he (Public Works Director) and the Conservation Commissioner do not feel
it is necessary to establish a local watershed council or association.
     Councilor Dolce moved, Councilor Murphy seconded to accept this
corre-spondence.  So unanimously voted.
  7) Letter from the Conanicut Island Land Trust re: request for police
assistance for Heyday 1998 (09/26/98)
Discussion ensued regarding the cost of a police detail to cover functions
of this nature.
      The Town Administrator informed the Council that it would cost
approximately $25.00 per hour for a police detail.  In continuing this
discussion, it was noted that there have been an increased number of
requests for the Town to supply police for fund-raising events.
      With no policy in effect at the present time, Councilor Murphy
moved, seconded by Councilor Dolce to approve this request from the
Conanicut Island Land Trust for police assistance on September 26, 1998.
      So unanimously voted.
  8) Letter from Raymond Iannetta and other concerned resident re:
relocation of highway barn
Councilor Dolce moved and Councilor Murphy seconded to accept the letter
from Raymond Iannetta.  So unanimously voted.
  9) Letter from Gerald B. Bay re: Fort Wetherill recommendations
Councilor Murphy moved and Councilor Amerigian seconded to accept the
letter from Gerald B. Bay.  So unanimously voted.

   1)   One-day license application:
     Applicant            Type        Date
     Jamestown Recreation Dept.*   Peddler     11/01/98
     *Request waiver of license fee
Councilor Murphy moved and Councilor Amerigian seconded to approve the
One-day Peddler license for the Jamestown Recreation Department with the
fee being waived.  So unanimously voted.

  2) Transfer application:
     Applicant                  Type
     Slice of Heaven, LLC          Victualing
     The Coffee Bean of Jamestown, Inc.
dba The Coffee Bean
Councilor Dolce moved and Councilor Murphy seconded  to approve the
Victualing license transfer from Slice of Heaven, LLC to The Coffee Bean
of Jamestown, Inc. dba The Coffee Bean, subject to taxes being up to date
and signatures.
      Councilor Murphy requested that the seating capacity be checked by
the Building Official.  So unanimously voted.

  3) New application:
     Applicant                  Type
     The Coffee Bean of Jamestown, Inc.
     dba The Coffee Bean              Sunday Sales
Councilor Wright moved and Councilor Murphy seconded to approve the Sunday
Sales license for The Coffee Bean of Jamestown, Inc., dba The Coffee Bean.
 So unanimously voted.


There being no further business before the Council, motion by Councilor
Wright, seconded by Councilor Murphy to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 PM.
     So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk