August 11, 1998
(as amended August 24, 1998)

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road, at 7:35 PM by Council
President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members were present:

William H. Murphy
Fred F. Pease
Ellicott Wright

absent:  David E. Dolce, Vice President

Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA,Town Administrator/Interim Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
Thomas Tighe, Police Chief
Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor

Councilor Wright made a motion to adjourn this regular meeting at 10:15
P.M.  Seconded by Councilor Amerigian. So unanimously voted.


1)        Application of the Jamestown Lions Club for Class F (19 hour;
beer & wine only) alcoholic beverage license (09/20/98; John C. Rembijas
Pavilion; not-for-profit organization)*
*Request waiver of license fee

Councilor Pease moved to approve the request from the Jamestown Lions Club
to use the John C. Rembijas Pavilion and also to waive the fee.  Councilor
Wright seconded this motion. Councilor Murphy recused.  So  voted.

2)        Application of the Friends of Conanicut Battery c/o Jamestown
Historical Society for Class F (19 hour; beer & wine only) alcoholic
beverage license (08/15/98; Portuguese American Citizens Club-outside
patio; not-for-profit organization)*
*Request waiver of license fee
Councilor Amerigian moved to approve this request.
      Town Solicitor: The geographical location for this one day license
must be addressed.  Mr. Connelly, representing the applicant, was called
before the council to address this issue.
      Mr. Connelly:   We will have a keg of beer that may be consumed in
the patio area.
      This patio area is enclosed and is the only out of doors area that
will be used.  Councilor Amerigian amended the motion to include the
approval of the enclosed patio in the rear of the building and to waive
the fee.
      Councilor Pease Seconded the amended motion.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Wright asked that item #1b be removed from the Consent Agenda.
      Motion by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Murphy to
approve the consent agenda as amended. So unanimously voted. The amended
consent agenda consisted of:

1)   Adoption of Council minutes:
  a) 07/13/98 (special meeting of the Board of Water and Sewer
  c) 08/03/98 (special meeting re: Fort Wetherill)
2)   Bills and Payroll
3)   Copies of minutes of Boards and Committees
  a) Zoning Board of Review (06/23/98)
  b) Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee (07/20/98)
  c) Fort Wetherill Committee (07/11/98)
  d) Library Board of Trustees (06/16/98)
  e) Highway Barn Committee (07/16/98 and 07/23/98)
4)   Attendance record from the Jamestown Housing Authority
5)   Letter of thanks from Troop 1, Jamestown re: trailer
6)   RICRMC notice
  a) Maintenance Certification: Ann and Donald Muir to maintain repairs to
existing structural shoreline protection facility (Plat 7, Lot 73; 44 East
Shore Road)
  b) Finding of no significant impact
     i) Carleen and John O'Brien to construct timber walkover structure
over existing access steps
     ii)   Claudette M. Cotter to construct a two story addition, deck and
replace stairway (Plat 14, Lot 16; 23 Seaside Drive)
7)   RIDEM notice of insignificant alteration-permit: Thomas Bray's
request for preliminary determination (Plat 16, Lot 61)

1)   b) 07/13/98 regular meeting
Amendment to the minutes of 07/13/98, Page 4 of 9 under Bill S-2925,
second line, omit the a should read the Chief of Police, also same
sentence delete the word it after...appeal they have.  Page 6 of 9, third
paragraph, motion by Councilor Murphy, add discussion on why that motion
was amended.  Page 7 of 9, under 3) Elderly Tax Exemption, wording for cap
of $150,000.00 should be corrected as originally stated by Councilor
      Page 8 of 9 add the reason that  5)  Clean Water Action request was
Councilor Amerigian moved to approve minutes as amended.  Councilor Wright
seconded. So unanimously voted.


Motion by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Murphy to enter into
executive session as scheduled to discuss the Amended consent agreement
re: Mackerel Cove Heights, pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5 (a)(2)(litigation) and
release of executive session minutes, pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(a) et al.
       So unanimously voted.  Councilor Wright moved to discuss the tax
matter under RIGL 42-46-5(a)(2) (litigation).
     Councilor Amerigian seconded.  So unanimously voted. 


1)        Proposed amendment of Section 15-11 of the code of ordinances
(Parking at Mackerel Cove Beach and Jamestown Shores Beach)      
Councilor Amerigian: (to the Town Solicitor)  Does requiring a parking
sticker make this a DEM beach?   Town Solicitor:  I was under the
impression that Matt (Parks and Recreation Director) was looking into
that; so there was not any contact with DEM to discuss this issue.
      I think we can look into this very simply.
      A resident sticker could be given for that beach, you would go to
the Recreation Department, show residency identification, and be issued a
      We are trying to track down the grant to see if, in fact, there are
any limitations on access.
      Motion by Councilor Wright, to continue this hearing when this
information is obtained.   Councilor Amerigian seconded.  So unanimously

Hazel Turley, Seaside Drive:  I do have a copy of the deed signed by Mr.
and Mrs. Head, and it deeded this beach to the Jamestown Shores.  It was
then purchased by Mr. Cerilli.  From 1955 to now, when people are shown
real estate in the Shores, they are told that they have access to this
      Most of the people that use this beach are from the Shores area.
      Basically, they put in a new fence so that parking is not now out in
the road.
      This is a calm area used by families, although dogs have presented a
     I don't see this as a major problem.
      One of the more serious problems now is jet skiing.
      Councilor Amerigian: We are not going to make a decision tonight.
      We just want to table this until we get all the information.
      Councilor Wright: My motion was made because we don't have all the
     We will continue this hearing when we have all the information that
is needed.

Gary Girard, East Shore Road.
      If you are looking at access of this area, it is not to control the
waterfront but to control parking.
      I don't think access to the water is to be considered.  The issue is
the parking.
      In viewing the information for this grant, take that into

Councilor Murphy: We should find out if a fee is allowed, and if so, does
that make it a DEM beach?  Also of concern to me, is parking in the area
of the boat ramp.
      I move that we hold a hearing for an ordinance to ban parking at the
boat ramp area of Jamestown Shores Beach.
     Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.
     So unanimously voted. Councilor Pease not to muddy the waters, but
the deeded access to the Shores Beach should be looked at through the
changes of ownership.
     When everything is completed we want to see the funds on the original
grant, answer the questions regarding the use of stickers that cost money,
and any impact this would cause the beach.
       I move to direct the Town Administer to cover the research on the
original grant and to have the Town Solicitor cover the deeded access and
fee issues.  Councilor Murphy seconded.  So  unanimously voted.

2)   Proposed amendment of Section 18 of the code of ordinances (Traffic)
re: East Ferry Wharf   Town Administrator:  I met with all parties and
came up with the measurements of 61' by 20'.
      Presently, that is a traffic lane and no one can park there.
      Councilor Wright this is a consensus of all parties?  Councilor
Wright I move that we change the dimensions on the ordinance.

Lynn Thomas Puckett, no address given: I've hada  boat here for a number
of years.
      What we are looking for is access to the pier.
      Perishable food has to be taken off boats from there.
      I have no problems with emergency vehicles and I am in favor of
those changes in dimensions.  Councilor Amerigian:  Any other comments?  

Councilor Wright: I move that we amend the ordinance that was presented to
us today so that the measurements are 61' by 20' and readvertise for a
hearing at our next council meeting.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.

3)   Proposed amendment of Section 18-4(b) of the code of ordinances (Stop
and yield intersections) re: intersection of Lawn Avenue and Arnold Avenue

Councilor Amerigian:   Chief Tighe, there were some questions regarding
how these parking sign ordinances came about.
      Chief Tighe:  It was done because of the high volume of traffic in
that area.
      I  reviewed this, and because of safety issues, I have no problem
recommending the proposed two stop signs.
      That would give us two new stop signs for traffic going East and
West on Arnold Avenue.
      Councilor Amerigian:   Any comments or  discussion?  Councilor
Pease: My only comment is that because of all the children running around
up there, safety must be considered.  

Councilor Amerigian: I move that we approve this ordinance as advertised. 
 Councilor Wright seconded. So unanimously voted.

  4) Proposed amendment of Section 18-27 (Prohibited or restricted parking
on specified streets) re: East Ferry Wharf

Town Administrator: This is referring to the loading zone area.
      Councilor Murphy: This is the area that has to be refigured.  As I
understand it,  we are back to having five spaces for that loading zone.
      Town Administrator:   Instead of coming up with specific spots, we
will designate that area as a loading zone and that way it will meet the
needs of both commercial fishermen and pleasure boaters.

Gerry Carvahlo, no address given:   This designated loading zone.
      There are two activities that take place there.
      One is loading and unloading and the other is servicing the vessels.
      You cannot maintain a vessel without servicing it.
      When the vessel is being serviced they must have immediate access to
their vehicle.
      The loading zone needs to be expressed as a loading zone and service
      Councilor Wright : You would like the addition of that phrase as a
service area also.
      Mr. Carvahlo: The need goes beyond just unloading and leaving there.
 The service people must have access close to the vessels.
      Councilor Amerigian: Does anyone else have a comment?

Jonathan King, Beacon Avenue: My only problem is the time limit, 30
      If we could stripe this area and use it as an active loading zone
with no time limit posted because a time limit there will hurt us.
      If there is an abuse problem, we can take care of that down the
     Councilor Amerigian: I don't think if someone is in that area and
actively using it for loading that there  is a problem with tickets.
      Chief Tighe: We can be flexible.
      Councilor Wright: Would an hour be sufficient.
       Mr. King:   As long as this is a loading zone, no one should be
bringing two bags of groceries and leaving their car there for an hour.
      Councilor Murphy: That's why we put a time limit on this.
      Town Solicitor: The police exercise discretion every day.
      If you don't put a time limit on this loading zone, it is not in the
best interest of the people that need that loading area.
      Councilor Wright: If we put an hour time limit on this loading zone
area and people are using that for an hour and are not actively using it
as a loading zone, we can take care of that problem.
      Councilor Murphy: We should establish the time limit for this area.
      One-half hour or one hour?    

David Pitchard, Windsor Street: It is difficult to talk about this if you
don't address parking.
      Some of the discussions on servicing vessels relates directly to the
availability of parking.
     If the parking issue is resolved, that would take care of some of
those problems.

Gregory Murphy, Davit Avenue: Just to go along with what David says, if we
find there is a place for us to park we would be more in agreement.
     We wouldn't fight you as much.
      Councilor Murphy:  (to Town Administrator) We should amend the
description to reflect what is on your drawing.
      Town Solicitor: If you change the time limit you will have to
      Councilor Pease: I'm not sure that one hour is better than one-half
      If you stretch it to an hour I think you'll get more problems.
      Councilor Wright:  I think that's a good idea.
      We should stay with the time limit that we have.
      Mr. Murphy:   The parking person needs to be made aware of this.
Please tell him to use discretion also.
      Councilor Wright: It is the Police Department that would use their
      We need to accept it the way it is at a one-half hour time limit.

Paul Sprague, Jamestown: The young meter man can tell the difference
between a commercial fisherman's truck and a regular vehicle.
      I don't think the Police Chief will have a problem with this.
      Chief Tighe: If there are any  special circumstances we can be
called.  If someone is going to be there for a longer period of time they
can call us.  

Councilor Wright:  I move to pass this ordinance which establishes a
loading zone with a time limit of thirty minutes.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  So  unanimously voted.

1)   Scheduled Requests to Address

2)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address


1)   Town Administrator's report (attached hereto)
Town Administrators report discussion.
Town Administrator: I would like your permission to award the Water
Treatment Study to Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc. in the amount of

Town Administrator:  The Town Planner must have a resolution from the Town
Council endorsing the Trail Grant to be submitted with the application to
DEM.  Councilor Wright: I move to endorse the trails grant proposal being
presented to us by the Town Planner to be sent and signed by the Town
Council President.
      Councilor Murphy seconded the motion.  So  unanimously voted.

Councilor Amerigian: The next item to discuss is the search for a Finance
      Is there difficulty because of residency?  Town Administrator:  I do
believe that the difficulty in finding a Finance Director is because of
the residency requirement.
      I cannot continue to do both jobs as Town Administrator and Finance
      At this point, I don't feel that I will have someone to present to
the council in the near future.
      If I am able to hire a Deputy Finance Director I can do this without
the residency requirement and hopefully, interest that person in moving to
Jamestown to fill the Finance Director's position.
       Councilor Pease: Is the residency required by charter?  Town
Administrator: Yes.
      Town Solicitor: We don't want a worn out Town Administrator.
      What she (Town Administrator)  is asking for is someone to do all
the accounting and number crunching.
      Councilor Murphy: The two candidates that you were left with, why
did they withdraw their applications?  Town Administrator: One candidate
pulled out because of the residency requirement and they felt they could
not afford to live here on the salary that we offered.  The second 
candidate spoke to my executive assistant and did not give a reason.
       In the meantime,  I'll again make contact with some others in this
line of business to see if they know of anyone that may be interested in
the Deputy Finance Director position.
      Councilor Wright moved to appoint Maryanne Crawford (Town
Administrator) as Finance Director and that she advertise for a Deputy
Finance Director as soon as possible.
      Councilor Murphy  seconded the motion.
      So unanimously voted.  Town Solicitor: You want the Council to
approve terms and conditions for the deputy?  Town Administrator:   I will
get back to the council as soon as I get a candidate for consideration.

Councilor Amerigian: The next issue to address is health benefits for
     We have approved this through the end of August.
      Councilor Pease:   (To Town Administrator) Did I hear you say that
you want to form a separate group for these retirees so that they can
purchase group coverage?  Councilor Wright:  Would it be possible to
present the plan to us at our next council meeting?  Town Administrator: 
Yes, I can do that.
      Councilor Wright: That would still give us time to extend coverage
if we need to.
      At the present, they are covered until the end of August.
      Councilor Amerigian:  We will deal with this issue at our next Town
Council Meeting on August 24.

Councilor Amerigian: Regarding downtown parking; is the Parking Committee
going to have a recommendation regarding the downtown parking?  Town
Administrator:   I think it's time to have the administration look into
this matter.
      That is why I'm asking that the municipal parking issue come to the
administration now so that I can work with the Town Planner to pursue this
issue and come back to the council with suggestions regarding a possible
      Councilor Murphy:  We need to have this sorted out before the
Financial Town Meeting.
      Town Administrator: Three to five months will bring us right before
the financial meeting.
       Councilor Amerigian: Can you come back to us with a report in three
months?  Town Administrator:  I think that we can work it out in that
amount of time.
       Councilor Murphy:   We ought to have a workshop on this.
      I'd like to see an interim report and then a workshop.
       If they take the downtown parking issue away from the parking
committee, can we then disband this committee? Chief Tighe: Perhaps we
could disband by Sept 1st.
      Councilor Amerigian:  I think we should keep the committee for
possible issues that may arise.
      Town Administrator: It was my understanding that the parking
committee was for all island parking issues.
      Gary Girard, Parking Committee Member:  Put us in hibernation.
      We will meet when the Chief tells us we are needed.  Chief Tighe: If
a major issue comes up we can then direct it to the parking committee.  

Councilor Amerigian:   Regarding the RI DEM meeting on Wednesday, August
12, 1998, we need another council member besides Councilor Murphy to
attend this meeting.
       Councilor Murphy:   I would encourage as many of the council
members that are able to go to attend this meeting.
      Councilor Amerigian: I would like to ask Councilor Wright to attend.
      Councilor Wright stated that he would be attending.
      Town Administrator:  I am going into that meeting stating our
position, as noted in the letter written by the council to Mr. John Kelly,
N. E. Regional Office of the National Park Service. 

Councilor Amerigian:  Steve (Public Works Director), you're recommending
that we award the contract to someone other than the lowest bidder.
      Public Works Director: The engineer for this firm  of Fay, Spofford
& Thorndike, Inc., has more expertise in the area of ground water and we
would like to go with this experience.
       Councilor Amerigian: The bid is in the amount of $15,000.
      Public Works Director:  They can begin this study in a couple of
weeks and should be completed by approximately six weeks.
      They will also do cost evaluations on ways to increase our water
      Councilor Pease: I  move to approve the expenditure of 15,000 to
Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc.  to conduct the water treatment study. 
Motion seconded by Councilor Murphy.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Amerigian: The reservoir is down 17 inches.
      I have extrapolated figures from the worst case scenarios, based on
that, and the fact that we're almost to the middle of August and we still
have 80% of the water in the reservoir, I don't think that we need to
impose any additional water restrictions at this time.
      Public Works Director:  I'd still like to keep with the odd and even
day schedule.
      The consensus of the council was that no action need be taken and
the current restriction of odd and even watering schedule remains in

Elderly exemption: Councilor Murphy:  Is the next step a public hearing on
elderly tax exemption?  Councilor Amerigian:  I'd like to have a workshop
on this matter.
      Councilor Amerigian moved and seconded by Councilor Murphy, to have
the workshop to discuss the elderly tax exemption in the first meeting in
September.  So unanimously voted..

Ira Redinger, Conanicus Avenue: What are we asking these consultants to do
that we're paying $15,000 for?  Councilor Amerigian: We are asking them
what we must do to treat the south pond water and we are asking them for
three other cost evaluations on how to improve the water situation here in
      Councilor Murphy: The whole intent of this study is to come up with
a plan to take care of the water situation.
       Mr. Redinger: Is there anything new regarding the wells?  Public
Works Director: We are finalizing the inspection and should have an
application ready next week.  
Ray Iannetta, North Main Road: The question that I have with this study
is, I can't ever remember us having a problem with North pond.
      Now, all of a sudden we are having trouble all summer.
      Will we get an answer as to what has changed?   Councilor Amerigian:
The study will not examine what happened with the reservoir this year.
       Councilor Murphy:  It seems to be the first time we've had this
type of a problem with the North reservoir.
      Basically, this year, one of the problems we've had at the reservoir
is the same problem that we will be dealing with at the South pond, so
this study will also help us with the reservoir.

1)      Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee vacancy (continued from
06/22/98) Town Administrator: There is someone in the Fire Department that
the Fire Chief recommends.
      The Chief said he will get a letter to me regarding this.
       Councilor Amerigian: I move to table filling this vacancy until the
next meeting.  Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.

2)   Local Emergency Planning Commission vacancy (continued from 06/22/98)
Councilor Murphy: I move to table this.
      Councilor Wright: Seconded.  So  unanimously voted.

3)   Planning Commission
  a) Memorandum re: Proposed zoning ordinance amendment regarding mopeds
and personal water craft
Councilor Amerigian: This is an issue that we have discussed before.
       Dennis Webster.
      We felt that there was concern on this subject, therefore, we
addressed it and propose this ordinance amendment.
      Councilor Murphy: I move that we table this and go over  the minutes
from the last meeting that this issue was discussed.  Council Wright
seconded.  So  unanimously voted.
  b) Memorandum re: Modifications to the zoning ordinance
Councilor Amerigian: This is relating to modifications granted by the
Building Official, Article 6 Section 609.
      Councilor Murphy: Where did this come from?   Councilor Amerigian:
This is an issue that was discussed a long time ago.
     Councilor Pease:   I'd like to have the Town Planner come in and talk
about this with us.
       Councilor Murphy:   I'd like input from the appropriate people like
the Building Official.
      I move that we table this and ask the Town Administrator to look
into the impact this will have.
     Councilor Wright  seconded.  So  unanimously voted.
  c) Memorandum re: Open space I & II zoning ordinance amendment

Norma Willis, North Main Road: I have a copy of the memo from the Town
Planner to the Town Council.
     We need to have open hearings on these institutional zones.
      Please give this some more thought.
      Town Solicitor:  The Town Planner is not asking you to approve any
of this tonight.      

Dennis Webster, Mt.
     Hope Avenue: The Planning Commission recommended this change.
      The residential zoning would not allow the highway barn to be put at
the transfer station.
      The reluctance was that we don't think open space is the proper
zoning for the transfer station.
      This will take six to twelve months.
      Councilor Wright: It is my understanding that the transfer station
lots would be valid Open Space II.
        Councilor Wright:   I think we need a hearing and input from
      Town Solicitor:   We must send notification to property abutters to
have a hearing and then the issue can be voted on.  

Ms. Willis: I just want to know about the comprehensive plan and if your
zoning something that could be open to legal challenge.
      This could be considered spot zoning.
       That property was known as Vieira's farm.
      It was a serious case because it was highly carcinogenic and  they
were supposed to be getting rid of the toxic waste.
      Councilor Wright: I move to put this to a hearing.  

David Martin, Stearn Farm: I just heard of this proposal the day before.
      Obviously I'm not prepared, but I can make an observation.
      If this change of zoning affects my land, I'll object to this.
This concept should be rejected.   Councilor Pease: I second the motion.  
   So unanimously voted.  Councilor Wright: The day will be set with the
Town Planner's help.                   

  d) Memorandum re: withdrawal of R8 amendment request
There was no action required on this item.

5)   Appointment to Harbor Management Commission (1 vacancy (outside
riparian owner); term ending 12/2000)
     a) Letters of interest
        i) Raymond Ianetta (1219 North Main Road)
        ii)   Gary C. Lemery (45 Bay View Drive North)
iii) Patrick K. Bolger (6 Fore Royal Court)
Councilor Wright: I move to appoint Gary C. Lemery as outside riparian
owner.   Councilor Murphy  seconded.  So  unanimously voted.

6)   Appointment to Tax Assessment Board of Review (1 vacancy; term ending

     a) Request for reappointment from Clifton R. Largess
        i) Letter of support from the Chair
     b) Letter of interest from Ronald J. Martin
Councilor Amerigian: I move to table this and ask the clerk to check with
Mr. Martin to see if he is  still interested and set up an interview with
him at the next meeting.
      Councilor Murphy: I second the motion.  So  unanimously voted.

1)   Elderly tax exemption (continued from 07/13/98) Previously discussed.
2)   Southwest Avenue update
3)   Fort Wetherill development
4)   Ambulance Barn addition status/update
5)   Shores Beach parking lot status
6)   East Ferry downtown parking

  (Item #'s 2 through 6; per Councilor Murphy)

1)   Letter from Nancy Cloud re: water problem 
Councilor Amerigian I move to accept this letter.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  So  unanimously voted.

2)   Letter from Jean M. Douglas re: proposed walk around Mackerel Cove 
Councilor Murphy: This is regarding the southwest sidewalk at Mackerel
Cove, the question is would the Council entertain suggestions on the
surface material for that sidewalk.
      Councilor Amerigian:  DOT suggested stone dust which is a harder
surface; however, some people don't like that either.
       We may want to put this on the agenda for our next meeting as
unfinished business.
       Councilor Murphy: If we use the proposed surface (stone dust), in a
few years the town will have to redo it in concrete or black top at the
town's expense.
      Councilor Pease:  This was a compromise and a lot of thought and
meetings went into this.
       Councilor Amerigian: I move to put this on the agenda for next
      Councilor Pease seconded.  Councilor Amerigian: I amend my motion to
table this to give the Town Administrator some time to look into this.
      Councilor Wright seconded.  So unanimously voted.

3)   Letter from William Chuck Alves, Chief, RIDOT Intermodal
Transportation re: Jamestown Ferry Boat Discretionary Fund 
Councilor Amerigian: I move that we refer this letter back to Harbor
      Councilor Wright: I second the motion.  So  unanimously voted.

1)   Request from the Jamestown Lions Club to erect a banner across
Narragansett Avenue and request for waiver of pavilion fee (09/20/98)

2)   One-day license applications:**
  Applicant         Type        Location    Date 
  Jamestown Lions Club Sunday Sales      Rembijas Pavilion 09/20/98
  "           Victualing     "              "
  "           Entertainment     "        "
  **Request waiver of all license fees

Councilor Murphy recused from all Jamestown Lions Club issues.
Councilor Wright: I move to accept the request from the Jamestown Lions
Club to erect a banner across Narragansett Avenue.
      Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.
      So  voted.  Councilor Amerigian: I move that we waive the pavilion
fee.  Councilor Pease seconded the motion.  So  voted.
Councilor Amerigian: I move to approve Sunday Sales, Victualing and
Entertainment Licenses and waive all fees.
      Seconded by Councilor Pease.  So  voted.


  1) East Ferry re: parking permits

Mr. Carvalho have you heard any negative concerns on this?  Councilor
Amerigian:   I have heard some complaints.
      Mr. Carvalho: Can you elaborate on these complaints?    Because they
are not here can we assume that it is not serious to them? 

Jonathan King: Using the guideline of the western side, there are
approximately 60 parking spaces,  nine fixed businesses, 11 commercial
entities that use the pier.
      You should consider limited rotating access to ll spaces.
      Councilor Wright: You'd like to park in those as long as you need?  

David King Beacon Avenue:  Prior to this year I haven't had any problems
with this parking.
      This year I have been ticketed. I have been warned for obstruction. 
Last year we were awarded permits.  

Mr. Pritchard:   There were no permits awarded last year.  We proposed at
that time, that       we should have permits.
       If someone has to walk a distance to have access to their boat, it
should not be the commercial fishermen.
      The fishermen have a compelling reason to park near their vehicle.
       No one has been harmed by a fisherman parking in any of those
spaces.  To continue with what has been allowed is only reasonable.  

Councilor Wright:  Mr. King's study that he presented to us did not
include any weekends.
      Councilor Murphy: Is it possible for the commercial fishermen to
park on the steel pier.
      I would like to see this looked into.
      Town Solicitor: I have one comment.
      It is my understanding that all the steel pier is a fire lane.
      I wrote an ordinance in the late 1980s that stated the steel pier
would be a fire lane.

Councilor Murphy: I suggest that we get representation from the business
association to see what their input is.
      Councilor Wright: I move that we continue this workshop to 6:45
before the  next council meeting on August 24.
      Motion was seconded by Councilor Pease.  So unanimously voted.

There being no further business before the council, Councilor Wright moved
to go into executive session at 10:30.
      Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.  So unanimously voted.


It was moved and voted to return to the regular meeting at 11:00 PM by
Councilor Amerigian and Councilor Pease.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Wright: I move to extend the extra help up to twelve hours a
week in the Finance Department until the Town Administrator has filled the
position of Finance Director.
      Councilor Amerigian seconded.  So unanimously voted.


There being no further business before Council, motion by Councilor
Murphy, seconded by Councilor Pease  to adjourn the meeting at 11:05 PM.
     So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk