June 22, 1998
(as amended on July 13, 1998)

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library conference room, 26 North Road, at 7:35 PM
by Council President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members were

David E. Dolce
William H. Murphy
Fred F. Pease
Ellicott Wright

Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Interim Town Administrator/Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief
Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor
Susan P. Brayman, Tax Assessor
Thomas Tighe, Police Chief


1)   Town Council President, Craig A. Amerigian, administered the oath of
office to the new Town Clerk, Arlene D. Kalooski


Councilor Amerigian asked that items # 1b, 4 and 6 be removed from the
consent agenda.
     Motion by Councilor Dolce, seconded by Councilor Wright to accept 1a,
2, 3, 5 and 7 of the consent agenda as amended. So unanimously voted. The
amended consent agenda consisted of:

1)   Adoption of Council minutes:
  a) 05/13/98
2)   Bills and payroll
3)   Copies of minutes of boards and committees:
  a) Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee (06/01/98)
  b) Highway Barn committee (05/07/98 and 05/26/98)
5)   RICRMC notices
  a) Finding of no significant impact
     i) David Piccoli to repair base of stone and concrete revetment (Plat
7,         Lot 74; 38 East Shore Road)
     ii)   Dr. John Yashar to construct and maintain family room addition
to north side of dwelling (Plat 9, Lot 792; 76 Highland Drive)

  b) Assent
     i) Allen H. and Lois M. Cicchitelli to construct a residential
boating facility (Plat 7, Lot 195; 46 Seaview Avenue)
     ii)   Donald M. and Ann G. Muir to construct a residential boating
facility (Plat  7, Lot 73; 44 East Shore road)

7)   Abatements/Addenda of taxes report of Tax Assessor filed 06/16/98

1)   Amendments to the minutes of 06/8/98 (regular meeting) are:

  on page 5, top paragraph of the last two sentences, beginning with Mr.
Murphy.... this should be Councilor Murphy so that it is not confused with
Attorney Murphy.
      It should read:  Councilor Murphy:  Each change of a license holder
needs...., and again in the last sentence of that paragraph.  It should
read:  Councilor Murphy:  Law states notice is required for....
  Also, changes on page 6, the very last sentence.
      This should  read: With the ladder included it would be about
  Page 9, under communications #3 should read:  .....Town Clerk to forward
the minutes of 4 sessions to Dr. Rotman....  Motion by Councilor Dolce,
seconded by Councilor Amerigian to approve item #1b.
      Motion so unanimously voted, 

4)   Resolution from the Town of Hopkinton re: education-health and safety
of students
Motion to accept this communication, so moved by Councilor Pease, seconded
by Councilor  Dolce.  So unanimously voted.

6)   Copy of meeting notice from the RI Rivers Council (06/22/98) re:
local watershed council 
designation guidelines.
     Motion by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Murphy to accept
this communication.  So unanimously voted.


Motion by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Dolce  to go into
executive session at the end of the regular Town Council Meeting tonight
to discuss three items:

1)   Amended consent agreement (Mackerel Cove Heights) pursuant to RIGL
2)   Review of executive session minutes, pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(a) et
3)   Town Administrator search, pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(a)(1)
(personnel), continuation
So unanimously voted.


1)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address

  a)  Arthur Christman, Fire Chief: I am requesting that the Town submit
two names from the Fire Department to be put on the Surveyors List for
Surplus Properties and Purchases.
      This letter of request must come from our highest elected town
       Councilor Amerigian: What Mr. Christman wants is to designate two
members of the Fire Department as people that can go and look at what is
available from surplus.
      Chief Christman:  Once you're on the list, they send you a monthly
packet of everything that is available in the New London, Newport area.
     Town Administrator: I will talk to the Public Works Director because
he has, in the past, been involved with this.
      I would like to review the information and get back to you, as this
list may already be coming to a town official.
      Councilor Wright (to Fire Chief): Can we wait three weeks and get
all this sorted out?  Chief Christman: I don't know how long this will be
on hold.
     It's just a matter of putting two names on the list.
     Councilor Amerigian:  If we already have people on the list, it is my
recommendation that Chief Christman work with the Town Administrator to
see which people are already on the list.
      Motion by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Pease to have
the Town Administrator report back to the council at the next  meeting.
      So unanimously voted.

  b)William Johnstone, 40 Summit Avenue, Jamestown: I need to receive an
answer from an investigation that was going to be implemented from the
last Town Council meeting.
      I'd like an answer tonight, if possible, about the removal of a mail
box post.
     Councilor Amerigian: I believe that is on the Town Administrator's
Report which is the next item on the agenda.
      Unless there is someone else who wants to speak in Open Forum, we'll
move on to the Town Administrator's Report.


1)   Town Administrator's Report (attached hereto)

Town Administrator:  Attached to the Town Administrator's report is a list
of streets to be paved this year.
     The Public Works Department has already started some preparation work
for this paving and oiling.
      Also, I have been monitoring the Southwest Avenue project.
     I received a communication late this afternoon from the Chief of
Construction for the Department of Transportation, which I have forwarded
to you.
      That project seems to be moving along and it appears we should have
no further problem with it.

Councilor Amerigian:  The items that you want us to act upon are the
Chief's request regarding the three-way intersection, the parking on Lawn
Avenue, and the rules and regulations (Police Department).
      Did you submit a copy of these rules and regulations to MaryJo? Town
Administrator: The Town Solicitor passed those along to MaryJo Carr who
handles our labor issues.
      Councilor Amerigian: I would like to table any decision on that item
(rules and regulations) until we've heard back from the solicitor.

Councilor Amerigian:  There other issues to address.
      Chief Tighe: There is already a stop sign on Lawn Avenue for cars
traveling North, so what we want to do is put one on Arnold Avenue as
you're traveling West, and also on the other side as you're traveling
      The parking situation for the ballfield is really starting to block
the street.
      People in the community that had talked to the Fire Chief, say that
there have been problems with fire apparatus.
      We reviewed it in detail and it's time to change, at least along the
East side so that there is no parking on that side.
      Councilor Amerigian: I have a question on the short segment between
Lawn and Westwind.
      People park on both sides of that street.
      Do fire or rescue vehicles ever have to make a turn from Lawn left
onto Arnold or do they ever make a right turn from Arnold onto Westwind,
and wouldn't cars parked on both sides of that short segment of the street
cause just as much of a problem?  Chief Tighe: Sure, if they were parked
on both sides.
      Councilor Amerigian: They are often parked on both sides.
      Chief Tighe: We're only asking that you address the issue of Lawn
Avenue, which has come before the council.
      Councilor Amerigian:  But if we have to advertise this ordinance
change, isn't that something that we ought to think about?  Chief Tighe:
You have to.
      So, you will have to hold a public hearing on it and change the
      Right now there is forty feet from all the intersections where
parking is prohibited.  We just have to install the signs.  Councilor
Amerigian:  So that will allow someone to turn the corner?  Chief Tighe:
Yes.  Councilor Amerigian:  If we were to advertise this, Quentin (to Town
Solicitor), only talking about Lawn Avenue and then in the course of
discussion we decided that we wanted to throw in the little segment of
Arnold, will we have to readvertise?  Town Solicitor: You might have to
run another advertisement.
      Councilor Murphy:  The prudent thing to do is, if you are at all
considering this, to put this in the initial ad.
      Councilor Amerigian:  Move that we advertise the three-way stop sign
at the corner of Lawn and Arnold for public hearing - we need three weeks.
      And as well, we advertise changes in the parking regulations to
prohibit parking on the East side of Lawn Avenue and also on the North
side of Arnold Avenue between Lawn and Westwind.
      I'll add to the motion the consideration of the lifting of the
parking ban on the West side of Lawn Avenue, in the area outside of the
front of the school.  Seconded by Councilor Pease.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Amerigian: Retirement and Health Benefits (Pending Bill for
Retirees Medical Coverage), so you're saying that these retirees would all
be in their own pool.
      Consequently, because they're all retirees, the cost would be very
      So we're really faced with whether the town wants to offer those
kinds of benefits.
      Town Administrator: I would wait to see what happens with the bill.
      We will probably know within the next few weeks what is going on
with that bill.
      Councilor Wright: I believe we are continuing with these retirees
until this is resolved.  Councilor Murphy: We gave until the end of June. 
Councilor Wright: I would move to continue that until the end of
      Councilor Murphy: For discussion.
      Have you come up with a cost impact to the town?  The issue when
this first came up was that there would be a high risk group in the town
      Town Administrator: There is no  way, at this time, that I can come
up with an actual dollar amount or cost impact to the town in a situation
like this.
      What I could do is spend some time with our claims person at Blue
Cross and raise the issue to her and see if she can come up with any
information for us.
      Councilor Murphy: Something that we need to take into consideration
is will this affect all our rates.
      Councilor Dolce: Don't our rates get set annually?  Town
Administrator: They are, based on claims experience.
      Councilor Amerigian: When was that legislature recessed?  Town
Administrator: I think that they would probably be closing within the next
couple of weeks.
      They usually wrap up by the first of July.
      Councilor Pease: There is no problem doing it month to month?  You
don't have to go by the quarter?  Councilor Wright: I think that we should
be able to wait until the end of July or first of September.
      I'll be happy to amend the motion for that.
      Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.
      So unanimously voted.  Town Administrator: I will try to get some
information from our representatives in Blue Cross to see if they can
assist us with possible numbers.

Councilor Amerigian: The other item is the help you need with the
      Councilor Murphy: You put in an hourly rate for two weeks, but you
didn't put for what duration.
      The number of weeks is the question.
      Town Administrator: I am not sure.
      Councilor Amerigian:  Do you have an outside estimate not to exceed?
 Town Administrator: Well, right now I have one staff member on vacation
for two weeks, I have another one going out right after that for a week.
      The problem is we're getting into the summer and people are taking
      I'm probably looking at four to six weeks.
      Councilor Wright: I move that we authorize the expenditure of $30.00
per hour for a period of eight to twelve hours per week, for a period of
no more than six weeks, to help the Financial Director.
      Seconded by Councilor Dolce.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Amerigian: And finally, the lift for the Public Works
      Councilor Murphy:  Where would that money come from?  Town
Administrator: I'm proposing to take that money out of the capital
improvement budget.
      We have budgeted $300,000 for the highway facility.
      Also, I would think this would have to go out to the bid.
      The reason that they are coming before us is that they think they
can get it for a discount.
      I don't know, with the discount price, if we can avoid the bid
      Unless there is just one vendor out there that can do this.
      Councilor Wright: Mr. Barrette (Chairman of the Highway Committee)
is here and I don't know if he wishes to speak.
      Mr. Barrette: Just to follow up a little more. Subsequent to our
meeting, Maryanne, I received, by fax, two other proposals, along with the
Challenger that we already had - which are much higher.
      The reason that we're looking to get permission for this is because
the money that was allocated for the building, we're looking to spend some
of that money for the lift.  If we didn't  buy this portable type lift we
would have to incorporate a couple of hydraulic type lifts, one large one
for trucks and one smaller one for automobiles.
      This particular lift is mobile.
      It's on wheels and one man can handle it.
      It can pick up to 70,000 pounds which means it could service the
Fire Department and could be utilized right now.
      It is state of the art equipment.
      The particular one that we can  buy for $27,000 lists, without the
accessories, for $31,000 and has about $2,000 or $3,000 worth of
accessories, which means $7,000 to $9,000 that we could spend somewhere in
that structure.
      There are other accessories that they would like to have; such as a
monorail for picking up portable things.
      I would strongly recommend that we get your approval after we
analyze all of the proposals.
      Let the committee decide whether we should purchase it or not.
      This purchase would eliminate putting a plunger, the foundation for
the plunger, the  hydraulic lines, and the mechanical room that we would
have to pay for with the hydraulic system, which is an underground type
lift.  I looked at this very carefully and I strongly recommend that we go
along with it.
      I think that it would be an asset.
      Councilor Pease: Is this equipment something we could put down at
Fort Wetherill right now?  Mr. Barrette: Right now.  If we don't want to
use it there we can bring it to the Treatment Plant, it's very portable.
      Councilor Wright: I served on this committee and I'm convinced that
this is the direction we should go in.
      Whether we are permitted to spend that amount of money without going
out to bid is another matter.
      Mr. Barrette: We have gone out to bid.  We have two other proposals,
that means now we have three proposals.
      Councilor Murphy: But I think the law is a little different.
      You normally put your specifications together and then go out to
      Town Administrator: It is my understanding that whenever you do
something like this, it's a sealed bid that has to be advertised in the
newspaper of general circulation.
      And that's a concern I have.
      Councilor Murphy: You're also welcome to send it to the three places
that gave the unsolicited proposals.
      Councilor Pease: Well, in view of the fact that when we build a new
highway barn we are going to have to lift the equipment up to work on it
this clearly will be a part of that facility, for which the money has been
appropriated by the people at a financial town meeting.
      I would move that we expend from the $300,000 highway barn fund a
sum not to exceed $27,000 for a lift system, as per the specifications of
the Highway Director and the Highway Barn Committee.
      Seconded by Councilor Dolce.
      Councilor Amerigian: Are you saying to appropriate that money but it
still has to go out to bid?  After additional discussion, Councilor Pease
moved to strike the dollar amount from the motion.
      The motion is to authorize the use of funds from the highway barn,
that has been appropriated by the citizens.  Seconded by C

Councilor Murphy: Before we leave the Town Administrator's report I would
like to make a motion that we send a letter of support to the Turnpike and
Bridge Authority for the heavy lift rescue for the Fire Department.
      And I think we should highlight the recent events which more than
documents their need for such a vehicle.
      I think the letter of support is all our Chief needs at this point.
      Councilor Dolce: A letter of support for what?  Councilor Murphy: A
letter of support for their efforts to acquire, at no cost, the heavy lift
      Councilor Dolce: At no cost to the Town?  Councilor Murphy: That's
correct.  Seconded by Councilor Dolce.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Murphy: We have at least one more item.
      Councilor Amerigian: We have Mr. Johnstone.  Mr. Johnstone: I don't
know when to speak here.
     I'm not to familiar with the Town Council's itinerary.
      If I'm early, I apologize for that, but I'm a little angry.
      Not a little angry, I'm very angry, extremely angry.
      I was in nobody's way - nobody's.
      I drove down  the dirt road,  chaos.
      My neighbor who complained, doesn't know if she has a cellar or not.
      I have town records  stating that.
      They don't know if they have a second floor, first floor.
      If they have two bathrooms or not.
      She complained to the Police Department that I'm in the way.
      We gave her a whole street  so they could fit that house.
      Now they want more so they can take their leach field and get rid of
that problem.
      And now they want more to take their shed to put it on their
property and take my well and a telephone pole in the middle of the
street, and he comes up and orders grass cut on the property opposite me,
an area that's never been cut.
      But on the left and right on that side has been cut.
      This has been going on and on.
      This is over twenty years.
      He realizes there is a letter out there, stating about the width of
the road.
      Everybody on the West side is doing all kinds of production up
     My land is only 15,000 square feet.
      This person we're talking about has 179,000  square feet, and he's
got to jeopardize me and get me nervous.
      I have no other place to put my water.
      My leach field is entirely on my land, my water is on my land.
      That's the way it was surveyed.  That's the way that other piece of
land, my neighbor's land, was surveyed.  By the same surveyor, and I
consider him a very good surveyor.
      He's the one that surveyed the Newport Bridge.
      But I am very angry.
      I don't know what to do.
      I'm not a very rich man.
      But when someone says that my mailbox post was in the road, and it's
here in the maps of all kinds, that there is a telephone pole smack dab in
the middle, if you want to believe that particular map.
      There's several maps.
      Now that person, I attended the Zoning Board and what he was saying
was wrong.
      And I didn't have any input because I'm nervous and not used to
standing up in front of a lot of people.
      Because that person attacked me when I was cutting the brush that he
was supposed to do.
      Brush, not trees or anything.
      So I can pull out of my own yard, decently.
      He attacked me.
      Councilor Dolce:  Excuse me.
      Mr. Johnstone:  The second time, the second time I was in the middle
of the road taking debris away from the back of my car so I can pull out.
      So the debris won't go under my car or something and then he got
nasty about it.
      Now, where I'm on my own property, you're taking stuff from me.
      I want it returned, immediately if necessary.
      I am angry, very angry and I don't know what to do now.
      And you've got my water in jeopardy too.
      And I'm not moving that.
      I have got no place to go.
     He has 179,000 square feet to go.
      Councilor Amerigian: I'm not sure what some of these things have to
do with the mailbox post.
      Quentin Anthony, Town Solicitor:  May I make a suggestion.
      Mr. Johnstone has a matter that obviously concerns him.  The council
should really be able to address it in a serious fashion.
      It's going to require some time.
      We've got so many people here.
      If we could take them out of turn so that they can go home and go on
with their lives.
      Could we just put this off for ten or fifteen minutes, Mr.
Johnstone?  Mr. Johnstone: Good, fine.  Quentin Anthony: So that way we
can get to the boy scouts now and they can go home and watch their
favorite TV show.  Mr. Johnstone: Fine.  I apologize.  


6)          Letter from Jack Civic representing Troop 1 of Jamestown.
      Councilor Amerigian: (to Dr. Jack Civic)  Do you have anymore to say
than what's in the letter?  Jack Civic, Boy Scout Committee Member: I
think the letter sums up the scouts position.
      It pretty much goes over the meaning of scouts in Jamestown, what
the scouts do for the community.
      How we're a year round organization.
      The letter speaks for itself.
      I think that scouting in Jamestown has grown from the time when
there were five or six kids.
      We're developing to 37 active scouts now and next year we anticipate
to 45 or so.
      I think a trailer, at this point, is essential for the troop to
provide outings for these kids.
      I think that scouting really does turn these kids lives around.
      It provides them with other opportunities and they go off Island.
      Just this weekend they went on a canoe trip down the Wood River, a
ten mile trip.
      We load up as many parent's cars as we can.
     They are stuffed to the gills, on top of the roofs, just busting at
the seams.
      It's formidable task to get that done.
      To have a trailer that would be available for the scouts use for
outings would greatly enable our ability to provide these opportunities to
the children of Jamestown, the young men of Jamestown.
      Councilor Amerigian: Are you asking for total support?  Dr. Civic:
We're asking for whatever support the council approves.
      Councilor Amerigian: $2,700 is far in excess of anything that we've
given any other organization.
      The portion of the town budget that we take this money out of is
only $3,000 for the year, and we've spent some of that.
      Dr. Civic: I think Art and I must go to the same school.  We shoot
for the moon.
      But any support that the council can give will be greatly
appreciated.  Arthur Christman, Fire Chief: If I may, I would like to
speak in favor of that.
      The scouts use the fire station and there's an awful lot of
equipment in our training room.
      Councilor Wright: Is this for storage of equipment or moving
equipment?  Dr. Civic: Storage and moving of equipment.  Councilor Wright:
If the town was to buy a trailer for the town's use, and make it available
to you, when you needed it - that wouldn't help?  You need it 100% of the
time?  Dr. Civic: We pretty much need it most of the time.  If there is an
opportunity for availability for other groups, but that would pose some
difficulty with the troop's storage of equipment.
     Councilor Wright: I move that we authorize the expenditure of $1,000
from our incidental account for the purchase of a trailer by Troop 1 Boy
Scouts, Jamestown.
     Seconded by  Councilor Murphy.
      Councilor Pease asked for discussion on this motion.
      Councilor Pease: Do we want to use that account?  Town
Administrator: I need some clarification.
      It's the council account?  Are you waiting until we see some
expenditures that are already out there?  The account has already been
spent to date about $450.00.  Councilor Wright: I think that we can do
      Councilor Pease: So we're going to do $1,000 and not wait.
      You want to buy this soon?  Where would a person make a donation to
this worthy cause?  Dr. Civic: Troop 1, 9 North Main Road, Jamestown, RI. 
We will be going back to the task force with this donation.
      This will show support and hopefully we can build off that and
snowball it right up to what we need.  Councilor Dolce called for a vote. 
So voted unanimously.

4)        Letter from Gail M. Martin and David Welsh
Town Solicitor: The authority of the Town Council over the Harbor
Commission is as a Board of Appeals and generally, an appeal is taken from
the decision that the Harbor Commission makes.
      I'm concerned about the way this comes to the Town Council.
      Is there a decision which you have appealed?  Is you letter in the
nature of an appeal?  Gail Martin: We had a question about that.
      We saw in the minutes of November, 1996 meeting of the Harbor
Commission that a letter was being drafted to us.
      We have never received the letter or any communication from the
commission and we do know that our name has been removed from the mooring
waiting list, as of the summer of 1996.
      Town Solicitor: Were you informed that you were removed?  Gail
Martin: We were never informed of our position.
      So, while we realize that they have never communicated with us, we
don't know what their decision was or why our name was removed from the
      We are willing to wait for a formal answer from them.
      Councilor Murphy: We don't have the other half, which would be from
the Harbor Management Commission, so we should refer this to the
Administrator to report back at our next council meeting to find out if
there has been an oversight that they should be afforded the opportunity
to rectify.
      I make a motion that this matter be referred to the Town
Administrator to report back to the next council meeting.
      Councilor Wright: Second.
      Councilor Amerigian called for discussion.
      Were you told that you were up for a mooring in 1996.
      Gail Martin: In the summer of 1996, as we stated in the letter, the
Harbor Master took us around the harbor to look at moorings.
      Councilor Amerigian: So you came up to the top of the waiting list
at that point.
      Gail Martin: We were number one on the waiting list.
      Councilor Amerigian: But you didn't proceed with putting the mooring
in?  We were told that we would have to make a decision that summer, but
we were not shown any acceptable  moorings or any additional mooring
      The harbor master never contacted us again that summer.
      But we were told by someone else that they were number one on the
list, not us.
      At this point, it was unanimously voted to refer this matter to the
Town Administrator.

Town Administrator's Report continued

Mr. Johnstone was asked to step forward to present his concerns.  Mr.
Johnstone expressed great concern with the removal of a mail box post that
he installed on his property.
      Mr. Johnstone went into great detail regarding a problem with the
determination of boundaries done by recent surveys on the north end of the
      He stated that the survey done on his property by Engineer William
Butler in about 1978 shows what he considers to be the boundaries of his
      New surveys done on the north of the island are in conflict with
surveys done in the past.
      He feels his neighbor is encroaching closer and closer to his
      The neighbors complained to the town about his mail box being in the
way.  The town came and removed the mail box.  After showing maps and
expressing his concern that his neighbors are jeopardizing his well and
moving the boundaries of his property closer and closer.
      He expressed his concern that the town was responding to his
neighbors complaints and wishes and not responding to his.
      Again he sighted the removal of his mail box post by the town.
      He stated that he has no place to go with this problem.
      When asked what action is jeopardizing his well, Mr. Johnstone
responded that they are continually moving over and over towards him.
      Cutting brush only on his side.
      Chief Tighe: This problem is not in the realm of the police
      Councilor Murphy: A property dispute cannot be determined by the
      It is between you and your neighbor.
      A survey determines that civil dispute.
      Town Solicitor: With regard to the removal of your mail box post, I
have a suggestion.
      Reinstall mail box post off the travel portion of the road, take
some pictures and bring them to police station.
      Councilor Amerigian:  Chief Tighe will discuss placement of mail box
post with you, Mr. Johnstone.   Councilor Wright: I would ask that you
take this suggestion and allow Chief Tighe to help determine that the mail
box post is put in an area that is not in the travel area of the road.
      Will you take that suggestion, Mr. Johnstone?  Mr. Johnstone: Yes, I
will try this.

Councilor Murphy requested an update on the Jamestown Shores Beach permit.
     Town Administrator stated that Lisa Bryer was working on the two
different applications.
     Town Administrator will check with Lisa Bryer and see where this
      Councilor Murphy requested that this be put on the agenda for the
next Town Council meeting.

2)        Offer of land from Mary Barone.
      Town Solicitor stated that the Building Inspector has looked at the
property and has no objection to the acquisition by the town.
      Councilor Wright moved to record the deed by the Town Solicitor.
      Seconded by Councilor Dolce.
      Unanimously voted.  Town Solicitor informed the council that we have
accepted, subject to back taxes being paid by the town.

3)        Resignation of Arthur Christman from the Personnel Board.
      Councilor Wright moved to accept resignation, with thanks and to
advertise two vacancies.
      Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.
      Motion accepted.  Opposed by Councilor Murphy.

          a)        Councilor Amerigian made a motion to accept the
communication from the Deputy Town Clerk.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  Unanimously voted.

4)        Councilor Amerigian moved to accept the resignation of Arthur
Christman from the Local Emergency Planning Commission on the
Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee, with thanks.
      So moved by Councilor Pease.
      Unanimously voted.  Councilor Murphy asked to determine
qualifications, then advertise for replacement.
      Town Administrator:  Would like to look into this matter and then,
if necessary, advertise or perhaps someone within the town can be

5)        Councilor Amerigian moved to accept the letter of resignation
from Arthur Christman as a member of the Local Emergency Planning
Commission, with thanks.
      Seconded by Councilor Pease.
      So unanimously voted.  Councilor Amerigian also moved that the Town
Administrator communicate with that commission to find out what type of
qualifications are required and report back to us at the next council
meeting as to how we should proceed in filling that position.
      Councilor Wright seconded.  Unanimously voted.  Chief Christman
stated that he may have someone in the Fire Department that may be
interested.  Councilor Amerigian moved to table any selection of persons
to fill the seats on the Quonset/Davisville Committee until we hear back
from the Town Administrator.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  Unanimously voted.

6)        Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee re: Stakeholders' Committee
Councilor Dolce moved authorize the Quonset/Davisville Liaison Committee
to represent the town of Jamestown in the Stakeholders' Committee.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  Unanimously voted.

7)        Harbor Management Commission
  a)        Water Transportation Guidelines  Councilor Amerigian moved to
refer this matter to the Planning Commission.
      Councilor Pease seconded.  Unanimously voted.
  b)        Aquaculture Guidelines Councilor Amerigian moved to refer this
item to the Planning Commission.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  Unanimously voted.

8)        Jamestown Fire Department re: new ladder truck (2
communications) Fire Chief Arthur Christman answered questions presented
by the council in regards to the need of an updated or new ladder truck.
      Fire Chief Christman asked the council for their support in putting
this request on the agenda for the next Financial Town Meeting.
      Discussion ensued as to whether other funds or matching funds would
be available for this project.
      Town Administrator and council offered assistance to the Fire
Department in applying for a Champlin Grant.
      Councilor Wright/Councilor Pease moved and seconded formal support
to the Fire Department in their pursuit in obtaining a new ladder truck.
      So unanimously accepted.

9)        Town Administrator search status.
      Councilor Amerigian stated that there was nothing to report at this

10)        Meeting room facilities.
      Councilor Amerigian/Councilor Murphy moved and seconded the
acceptance of information gathered by the former Jamestown Town Clerk
regarding the ways in which other communities address the issue of safe
occupancy at council meetings.


1)        Elderly tax exemption.
      Several different scenarios were discussed on ways to provide the
elderly with some type of tax relief.
        Item was tabled with a motion by Councilor Wright that the Town
Solicitor, Tax Assessor and Town Administrator to report back to the
council at the first council meeting in August with a plan for tax
assessment.   Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.

Councilor Amerigian asked that we go to New Business at this point to
accommodate the people waiting.


2)        New License application:

  Applicant            Type        Location
      John F. Maloney
dba Nan's Second Hand's           Sunday Sales 123 Narragansett Avenue

Councilor Pease moved to  approve the Sunday Sales License for Nan's
Second Hand's subject to the resolution of signatures, debts ands taxes to
the town.  Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.

Chief Tighe requested that the council proceed to #3 under Communications.


3)        Letter from Raymond Harrison regarding speeding ticket.
      Chief of Police, Thomas Tighe, addressed the issue presented in Mr.
Harrison's letter in which Mr. Harrison cited the low speed limit on Route
138 in town.
      Chief Tighe stated that the only way the speed limit would be raised
is if the council requests the Safe Traffic Commission to do a study to
see if this speed does need to be increased.  Councilor Wright noted that
a previous council did approve the present speed limit on that road.
      Town Administrator recently spoke with Mr. Parker regarding this
portion of road.
      It was Mr. Parker's feeling that this road was designed for a speed
higher than 40 MPH.
      Chief Tighe noted that if the Safety Traffic Commission does a
study, we are bound by that decision, whether it is the speed the town
feels is acceptable or not.
      Councilor Amerigian moved to accept Mr. Harrison's letter with the
Town Administrator to write a response to that letter.
      Seconded by Councilor Wright.  So unanimously voted.  


2)      Legal letter for Fire Department.
      Town Solicitor: There is some confusion as to which letter this
refers to.
      I will pull out this letter and send it to the council for review.
      Councilor Murphy: I make a motion to table this discussion and to
have the Town Solicitor resend the letter so that we are all are operating
off the same letter and that it be put on the agenda for the next council
meeting.  Councilor Amerigian seconded.  So unanimously voted.

3)      Southwest Avenue project.
  a) Copy of letter from Representative George R. Levesque to William D.
Ackner, Director, RIDOT.
      Councilor Amerigian moved to accept this letter.
      Seconded by Councilor Murphy.  So unanimously voted.

  b) Letter and photographs from Arthur and Janice Washburn.
      Councilor Dolce moved to accept the letters of Arthur and Janice
Washburn.  Seconded by Councilor Amerigian.  So unanimously voted.  


1)      Letter of support from the Town of New Shoreham regarding gambling
      Councilor Murphy moved to accept this communication.
      Seconded by Councilor Dolce.  So unanimously voted. 

2)       Letter from the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.
      Councilor Amerigian asked for a motion to authorize the Council
President to sign a confidentiality agreement.
      Councilor Dolce so moved.  Seconded by Councilor Pease.  So
unanimously voted.  

5)       Letter from the President of the Bay View Condominium Association
regarding 53 Conanicus Avenue, Unit 1-R (restaurant).
      Town Administrator reported that the Building Inspector, Fred Brown
is aware of the situation and is investigating it.
      Council Amerigian moved that we accept this communication and which
has been referred it to the Building Inspector, Fred Brown.
      Councilor Pease seconded this motion.
      So unanimously voted.  Councilor Murphy moved that the Town
Administrator contact, by however she sees fit, to inform the Bay View
Condominium Association that the matter has been referred to the Building
Inspector for appropriate action.
      Councilor Wright seconded.  So unanimously voted.
6)      Motion by Councilor Amerigian to accept letter from Jane Anthony.
      Councilor Murphy seconded.  So unanimously voted.  

Motion by Councilor Amerigian to accept the letter from Theresa
Littlefield.  Seconded by Councilor Murphy.  So unanimously voted.


1)      One-day license applications.  

           Applicant                   Type/Location      Date
F. Gavin Fitzgerald
for RI Licensed Beverage Assn.
      Entertainment/Rembijas Pavilion      07/14/98

Councilor Pease moved to approve the application of the RI Licensed
Beverage Association for an entertainment license for the Rembijas
Pavilion, subject to signatures.
      Seconded by Councilor Murphy.   So unanimously voted.

           Applicant                   Type/Location      Date
Alfred and Denise Olerio     Entertainment/Rembijas Pavilion  07/04/98

Councilor Pease moved to approve entertainment license for the Rembijas
Pavilion from Alfred and Denise Olerio from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, subject
to signatures.  Councilor Amerigian seconded.   So unanimously voted.


Councilor Wright moved to adjourn to executive session.
      Councilor Dolce seconded.  So unanimously voted.  Meeting was
adjourned at 10:12 PM. 


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk