February 23, 1998

A special meeting of the Jamestown Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners
was called to order at the Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue, at 7:08 PM
by Council President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members were
David E. Dolce, Vice President
William H. Murphy
Fred F. Pease
Ellicott Wright

Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Interim Town Administrator/Finance Director
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
Theresa C. Donovan, CMC, Town Clerk
Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor

The meeting was called by unanimous consent of the Commissioners during
their regular meeting on February 17 for the purpose of clarification of a
letter received from Paul A. Robertson. The Commissioners requested Mr.
Robertson's presence.

Mr. Robertson explained that he was concerned with consistent application
of conservation restrictions and was seeking a definition of what type of
use is considered "essential".
     Mr. Goslee stated that peak usage will exceed water pressure
capabilities during the water tower painting, so conservation has to be
during the entire period, not just during specific hours of the day.
     Mr. Robertson suggested certain business uses (car wash, laundromat,
marinas, etc.) be allowed to operate during off peak hours. Mr. Goslee
said the water would probably be drained from the tank around March 9,
depending upon the weather.

There being no further business before the Board, motion by Commissioner
Wright, seconded by Councilor Murphy to adjourn the special meeting at
7:29 PM. So unanimously voted.


Theresa C. Donovan, CMC
Town Clerk

cc:  Commissioners (5)
  Town Administrator
  Town Solicitor
  Water and Sewer Commissioners' Scribe