October 23, 1997

A work session of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order in the
conference room of the Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road, at
7:39 PM by Council President Craig A. Amerigian. The following members
were present:
David E. Dolce, Vice President
Fred F. Pease
Ellicott Wright
(Absent: Councilor William H. Murphy)

Also present were:
Frances H. Shocket, Town Administrator
Theresa C. Donovan, CMC, Town Clerk
(Absent: Quentin Anthony, Esq., Town Solicitor)

The work session was called by unanimous vote of the Council during its
regular meeting on September 22 for the purpose of discussing a skate
recreation facility as proposed by the Jamestown Friends of Skaters.
     Susanne Reynolds (co-chair) presented a history of the proposal;
noise and insurance were major issues to be considered; the Interlocal
Risk Management Trust will now insure the use, but supervision will be
required; asphalt decking with concrete ramps were found to be not noisy.
     Beth Weibust (co-chair): Many children from age 5 to young adult have
no place to skate; North Fairhaven's (MA) park is 1/3 ramps and 2/3
asphalt, which is flooded in the winter for ice skating; (two videos
     Council President Amerigian: We have received the final draft of
insurance guidelines from the Trust; it would have to have a fence around
it for controlled access; users must register and sign release forms.

The following individuals spoke in open forum in favor of the proposal:

Mary C. Lovegreen, 43 Keel Avenue     Rebecca A. Andreozzi, 2 Westwind
Thomas P. McAleer, 11 Buoy Street     Lisa A. Vieira, 105 North Road
Mary Ann Vieira, 45 Pennsylvania Avenue     Kathleen M.  Bartley, 2
Spindrift Street
Laura E. Clarke, 34 Green Lane        Barbara Sawyer, 113 Narragansett
Rob Roach, 64 Green Lane           Randall White, 14 Westwood Road

The following individuals spoke in opposition to the location (Lawn Avenue
recreation field; northwest corner of the soccer field directly behind the
Melrose School), but not the concept:

Barbara M. Ciano, 15 West Passage Drive     Raymond Heller, 80 Westwind
Morton Pollack, 41 Arnold Avenue         Arthur T. Ciano, 15 West Passage
Marilyn Heller, 80 Westwind Drive        Joanne E. Phillips, 20 Lawn
Francis W. Caswell, 3 West Passage Drive    Eric F. Archer, 188
Narragansett Avenue
Diane C. Caswell, 3 West Passage Drive
Several speakers suggested the lot next to the police station or an area
near the John Eldred recreation field as alternate sites.
     Concerns included noise, traffic, non-resident users and decreased
property values.

Ms. Reynolds: This will be on the School Committee's November 20 agenda.

Councilor Dolce: The location needs further exploration.
     Councilor Pease: I am concerned about the intensification of the
area's use and understand the neighbors' concerns.
     Councilor Wright: I am convinced that a facility is necessary; the
location is more flexible because of the Trust's supervision and telephone
     Ms. Shocket: I will contact RIDOT regarding the availability of the
Eldred Avenue cul-de-sac.
     Council President Amerigian: The committee should look at all
possible sites again with the insurance regulations in mind, and speak to
all abutters.

There being no further business before Council, the meeting was informally
adjourned at 9:30 PM.


Theresa C. Donovan, CMC
Town Clerk