June 30, 1997
  Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:43 pm.
The following members were present:
Craig Amerigian, Town Council President
David Dolce, Town Council Vice President
William Murphy, Town Council
Ellicott Wright, Town Council
Fred Pease, Town Council
Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission Chair
Arthur Milot, Planning Commission
Richard Waters, Planning Commission
Thomas foley, Planning Commission
Anthony Travisono, Planing Commission
Mary Brennan, Planning Commission
Lisa Bryer, Planning Commission

Also present: Jane Weidman, Town Planner
        Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary

Councilman Amerigian stated the work session was requested by the Planning
Commission and to make the new Town Council aware of important Planning

The Council and Commission discussed the following issues:

1.   Full-time Planner
Commission discussed the reason why they feel they need a full-time
      One reason was the Comprehensive Plan is due for a review in 1999
and a citizen survey will need to go out next year explained Commissioner
      Commissioner Travisono stated the salary of the Planner seems to be
a problem because it is low.
      Commissioner Hubbard added the second lowest in the State.

Councilman Murphy asked if there was a need for a 40 hour per week Planner
and if there is 40 hours worth of Planning work.
      Commissioner Hubbard stated there was and reviewed with the Council
the job description for the Planner.
      Commissioner Brennan stated she saw a need for a full-time Planner
especially since the last meeting with the Quattrocchi's when Jane was not
there to defend herself against the Quattrocchi's allegations.
      Commissioner Brennan stated she wished Jane could be the Town's
full-time Planner.
2.   Water Conservation 
Councilman Amerigian stated that there are current restrictions on water
and further restrictions will be addressed at the next Board of Water and
Sewer meeting.

3.   Hearings on OS I & OS II and other zoning revisions dating  from
November 1995.
Commissioner Hubbard stated the last she heard about OS I & OS II is when
Jim Donnelly rewrote the package.
      Councilman Pease stated he assumed Quentin Anthony had it now.  

Commission and Council discussed the issue.

4.   Move Ambulance Barn/match $75,000 Champlin Foundation Grant
Councilman Amerigian stated that he had received a letter form the
Ambulance Association stating they wanted to refurbish the existing
building and that it seems that the Association is not aware of the
Planning Commission's plans.

There was some question to whether the grant had to be matched by the Town
or not.
      Several members of the Ambulance Association who were present seemed
to be opposed to moving the location of the ambulance barn near the fire

5.   Parking Issue Downtown
The Commission discussed the Town purchasing Moll's Jamestown Garage.
      The Town Council discussed the idea of possibly leasing the

Council and Commission agreed there should be a parking committee that
consisted of a member of the Village Association, Planning Commission,
Zoning Board, Harbor Commission and Ambulance Association.

6.   Tree Ordinance
Town Council is waiting for a draft of the ordinance.

7.   East Ferry Amenities
Commissioner Hubbard asked if the next budget could reflect the additions
of benches and new lighting in the downtown area.

Planning Commission Agenda - Current Issues

1.   Ordinance designed to protect the East Ferry Pier Extension
Commissioner Hubbard stated that the Planning Commission is currently
working on additions to the Zoning Ordinance regarding the possible ferry
service and satellite parking.

2.   Follow up on street lighting
Commission and Council discussed lighting downtown.

General Topics

1.   Aquaculture
Commissioner Hubbard stated there should be an ordinance regarding

2.   Groundwater Study
Council is waiting for Dr. Veeger's report due in August.

3.   Town Garage move
Councilman Wright stated the Town is waiting to hear for CRMC and/or DEM
to move the garage to Taylor Point.

4.   Fort Wetherill Master Plan
Commissioner Hubbard briefly discussed.

5.   Golf Course Restaurant
Commissioner Hubbard stated the Town already had a workshop on the Golf

6.   Town Facilities & Feasibility Study
Town Council has taken a tour of the Town's facilities and are aware of
the buildings with problems.

Work session adjourned at 10:00 pm


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary