Minutes from June 2, 1997

Meeting was called to order at 8:40 pm.
The following members were present:
Craig Amerigian, President
David Dolce, Vice President
William Murphy
Fred Pease
Ellicott Wright

Also Present:    Steve Goslee, Director of Public Works
        Quentin Anthony, Town Solicitor
        Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        Mark Liberati, Water Study Committee Chair
        Chris Powell, Conservation Commission
        John Murphy
        Anthony Tsocanos
        John Catio
        Steve Baker
        Steve McInnis
        Bucky Brennan
I.   Report of Town Officials
  a. Water and Sewer Budget:  
Commissioner Murphy noticed a difference between the first and second
      Mr. Goslee stated the second budget is unaudited and there may be
some journal entries after January.
II.  New Business

1.   Policy to redress Water and Sewer Bills - additional information
Commissioner Murphy asked if there was a procedure to appeal a billing if
the bill was incorrect.
      Mr. Goslee stated it is done case by case.  Customer appeals first
to department then the Board of Water & Sewer and then as a last resort,
the Town Council.
      The Water Department checked before Mr. Tsocanos came into the
      Mr. Tsocanos didn't agree in the Departments findings so he retained
John Murphy's services.

1.   Tsocanos Water/Sewer Bill:
Commissioner Amerigian reported the Commission visited Mr. Tsocanos home
for excessive water usage.
      Apparently after the last Water and Sewer meeting other facts arose
and the serviceman reported that the water meter was disconnected and then
reconnected backwards.
      During the Commissions visit, the water meter was connected
backwards and running backwards.
      Appears that 762,000 gallons passed through the meter and whatever
the time period remains a question.  

Mr. Goslee stated he would write a report stating all the information he
has regarding Mr. Tsocanos account.

John Murphy requested a copy of the report. 

2.   Review of Rural Water District Policy
(John Caito continued his discussion from the last scheduled Town Council

Commissioner Wright recused himself from the discussion.

Mr. Caito asked how one could prove there is no water available on a lot
in the Rural Water District.
      What would happen if one well was drilled and no water was found? 
Would a second well have to be drilled?  Would it depend on the lot size? 
Just because water is not available on one side of the lot doesn't mean
it's not available on another side.  

Commissioner Amerigian stated the property owner will have to make their
case with proof to the Commission.

Mr. Caito stated the piece of land the Commission is discussing will not
create a subdivision.
      The Commission can not expect the property owners to pay more for
well drilling than they did for the lot.
      The process is just too expensive.
      Commission should look into charging a fee for hook-ins.
      Monies can improve infrastructure.  

Commissioner Amerigian stated he understood the point Mr. Caito was making
but explained that the ordinance was amended due to the water shortage on
the island.
      The public will not like selling hook-ups.
      Currently there is no real solution to solve the water problem.

Mr. Caito stated that if the lot was subdivided into 30 lots then the
money would be there for 30 wells, but this land is only 3 lots and there
is no money to dig 30 wells.

Commissioner Murphy suggested a community well.
      Mr. Goslee stated only 24 people or less can use a community well.

Steve Baker stated there is a pipe off Ft. Getty Road going from wetlands
to Tot Wright's property.  Suggested it is suspect that the land is dry.

Mark Liberati stated the Town does not have enough water and the Town
recognizes the problem which was the reason behind the new amendments.
      The Town should not get into the situation of taking money for

Steve McInnis stated that he echoed what Mr. Liberati stated and that the
burden falls on the land owner.
      The property owner will have to present evidence to the Commission
and the amended policy does not allow for a subdivision.

Commissioner Murphy added just lots with frontage are allowed hook-ins.

Chris Powell suggested the Town look to a report that Block Island wrote
since they seem to be in the same situation.
      Bucky Brennan reiterated.  Both asked if the Town could invite Dave
Hull, Town Administrator of Block Island to come and discuss the water

John Caito stated the best and practical solution is for the Town to
continue drilling wells.

Commissioner Amerigian stated it was immature to throw private wells in
the Rural Water District out now.
      The Town already has rate structures from other communities in which
the Commission will look at at the next scheduled meeting.
      At this point the regulations will stand as they are.

3.   Quattocchi Hook-up
Commission asked the Town Solicitor, Quentin Anthony, to review court
records regarding Mackerel Cove Heights.

A motion was made by Commissioner Pease and seconded by Commissioner
Murphy to adjourn the meeting at 9:43 pm.


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary