Minutes from May 19, 1997

Meeting was called to order at 8:31 pm.
The following members were present:
Craig Amerigian, President
David Dolce, Vice President
William Murphy
Fred Pease
Ellicott Wright

Also Present:    France Shocket, Town Administrator  
        Steve Goslee, Director of Public Works
        Kimberly Turcone, Recording Secretary
        John Murphy
        Anthony Tsocanos
I.   Reading and Approval of minutes from the meeting of April 21, 1997.
A motion was made by Commissioner Wright and seconded by Commissioner
Murphy to accept the minutes for filing.  So voted: 

II.  Report of Town Officials
  a. Pumping Report:  
The Town Administrator reported pumping is down 25.5% compared to the same
time in 1996.  

  b. Infrastructure Replacement Plan:
The Director of Public Works explained the report to the Commission.
      Essentially, the plan is mandated by the State.
      The plan includes the age and history of the water system including
reservoir and a geological report.
      An important part of the plan is the section on what the Town should
do to maintain and improve in the future.
      The water tower repairs are the highest priority.
      The Water Treatment Plant also is in need of repairs because several
valves need to be replaced.  Mr. Goslee stated the valves corrode over the

Commissioner Murphy asked if there had ever been any money set aside for
      Mr. Goslee answered it was not funded annually and it is regarded as
a capital improvement. 
III. Letters and Communications
1.   Tsocanos Water/Sewer Bill:
John Murphy representing Anthony Tsocanos stated Mr. Tsocanos is a good
customer of the Water Department but has been charged for using 20
thousand gallons of water.
      Mr. Tsocanos stated he did have several leaks but they were repaired
and denies using that much water.
      Mr. Tsocanos is a seasonal resident but does not have the water
meter taken out of his home.  

Commissioner Pease asked if there were any pools in the area.
      John Murphy stated there are but the meter has been tested and in
correct operation.
      The meter was last read in 1993 and was not read in 1994 or 1995.

Mr. Goslee stated the meter was not removed at Mr. Tsocanos request and
that it is located in the basement which makes it hard to check if no one
is home.
      Mr. Goslee also stated that he tried to contact Mr. Tsocanos in
October/November of each year and that even a card was sent alerting Mr.
Tsocanos but no contact was made back to the Town.

John Murphy stated that Mr. Tsocanos is seeking relief from the $5900.00
water bill and would like the Commissioners to take a tour of Mr. Tsocanos
basement, where the meter is kept.

Commission discussed the rules and regulations concerning Water and Sewer.
      The Town Administrator suggested a reprint and review with possible
amendments and changes to the current regulations.

A motion was made by Commissioner Wright and seconded by Commissioner
Amerigian to defer discussion to the next scheduled meeting to read all of
the rules and regulations and for the Commission to visit Mr. Tsocanos
property with Mr. Goslee.

The motion was amended to visit Mr. Tsocanos property in July due to a
hardship for Mr. Tsocanos.

So voted: 5-0

2.   Lori Lombardi Burns:
This letter was for the Commissioners information only.

IV.  New Business
1.   Budget:
Commission discussed the budget.
      Commissioner Murphy suggested the Commissioners need more background
information (a 5 year record).

Discussion was deferred until Commissioners receive and review
V.   Old Business
With nothing to discuss at this time move on to Bills and Payroll.

VI.  Bills and Payroll
After a brief discussion a motion was made by Commissioner Pease and
seconded by Commissioner Wright to approve the Bills and Payroll.
      So voted:  5-0.

A motion was made by Commissioner Wright and seconded by Commissioner
Pease to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 pm.  So vote:  5-0


Kimberly Turcone
Recording Secretary