January 21, 1997

A work session of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road, at 8:37 PM by Council
President Fred F. Pease, following their meeting as Water and Sewer
Commissioners. The following members were present:
  Paul A. Robertson, Vice-President
  Richard A. Hines
  Mark E. Liberati
  Steven M. McInnis

Also present were:
  Frances H. Shocket, Town Administrator
  Theresa C. Donovan, CMC, Town Clerk
  Thomas P. Tighe, Chief of Police
  Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission Chair
  Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief
  James A. Donnelly, Esq., Town Solicitor


Councilor Liberati identified the members of the Parking Committee which
he chaired: Chief Tighe, Ms. Shocket, Gary Girard, Deborah Swistak plus ad
hoc members who contributed greatly, Darcy Magratten and Elena McCarthy;
the recommendations are:

1)   West side of Conanicus Avenue: no parking from Union Street south
2)   East side of Conanicus Avenue: parking limited to eight (8) hours;
restriction on overnight parking enforced
3)   Brook Street: one-way westbound to Old Walcott Avenue

Councilor Liberati: Safety issues, including visual clearance and
emergency vehicle access, were the main concerns; the impact of displaced
vehicles was discussed, including the subject of resident stickers for
designated parking; these are recommendations only at this point; the Town
has no authority to change parking on a State road (Conanicus Avenue), but
we can make a recommendation to the State Traffic Commission (STC) to make
changes; Brook Street can be governed by local ordinance, as can overnight
parking on Town roads.

E. W. Sterling Graham, Jr.: I would like to see two parking spaces
eliminated on the east side of Conanicus Avenue next to East Ferry
Liquors, and the crosswalk moved so northbound traffic will have more time
to respond to pedestrians.

Chief Christman: From Union Street south has the potential for a serious
accident with the current parking congestion.

Mary Meagher: The Town cannot enforce overnight parking on State roads?
Chief Tighe: State law overrides ours, and allows overnight parking.

Paul Levesque: There is a State law governing parking beyond 24 hours and
gives the local police authority to remove vehicles; also, according to
the STC, no parking on the west side of Conanicus  Avenue from Union
Street to Brook Street was established in 1953, so you do not even have to
change that one; restricted parking from High Street to Brook Street as
approved by the Town 3 years ago was denied by the STC.
     Councilor Liberati to Solicitor: Check the status for Council's next
     Mr. Levesque: Additionally, State law requires 20' setbacks at each
intersection with State roads; if enforced, that improves visual

David Welsh: Making Brook Street one-way westbound would funnel all
traffic to Old Walcott Avenue; there are 15 children on Old Walcott Avenue
now, which is currently a quiet street; I recommend Brook Street be made
one-way for its entire length.

Richard Allphin: How wide are Narragansett and Conanicus Avenues? Ms.
Shocket: The measurements from curb to curb on 62'6" on Narragansett
Avenue, and from 50' to 87'6" for Conanicus Avenue.
     Mr. Allphin: Most are already using alternate routes because of
safety; I am not in favor of changing anything at this time.

David Swain: The accident reports for 1993 through 1996 on Conanicus
Avenue do not show a significant increase, while Narragansett Avenue does;
the nature of the traffic on Conanicus Avenue is different from that on
Narragansett Avenue(delivery trucks); displaced parking will cause more
problems in the residential neighborhoods.

Eric Pearson: I am a boat owner; most cars there are from out of state;
when boat owners get a mooring permit, they should get a parking permit
too for parking on the east side of Conanicus Avenue, and tourists can
park somewhere else.
     Council consensus: The State would never allow that on a state road.

Gerald Cook, Green Lane: What is the committee doing to accommodate
displaced parking? Mr. Girard: We did discuss a shuttle for the marina,
which exists for Conanicut Marine Services' customers; we also thought
about assessing the impact of these recommendations for one year before
implementing anything like a sticker program.

Job Toll: Making Brook Street one-way is not a good idea; it forces all
traffic onto Old Walcott Avenue; instituting no parking along Conanicus
Avenue is also a bad idea regarding events held at the community center,
such as elections, art and craft shows and community theater events; we
need more incentives for boat owners to use the shuttle.

Christopher Smeraldi: I support the recommendations; the problem needs to
be addressed; as a resident in that area, I am already parking elsewhere
in the summer; this is a good start, and I would be willing to put off
asking for a sticker to see how it works.

Melody Drnach: I own property on Union Street with no driveway or garage;
I echo Mr. Smeraldi's sentiments.

Chief Christman: Fire apparatus response to Union Street is already very

Ms. Shocket: A municipal lot on Knowles Court has been discussed
periodically for the last 10 years; we had conceived of creating an area
for long term parking for a fee, including boat trailers, but that would
involve relocation of the ambulance barn.

Councilor Liberati: Taking waterfront property and using it for long term
parking for nonresidents on summer weekends is inappropriate; eliminating
parking on the west side will improve the safety situation; allowing long
term parking on the east side is inappropriate.

Gary Parker: At issue is cars that sit there for a week; that allows for
no turnover of the spot; if that free long term parking [on Conanicus
Avenue] is no longer available, then the Taylor Point facility becomes
more attractive.

David Sylvia: I have a private mooring, and am a resident; I need to be
able to park and go off on my boat for the weekend; this is not just a
nonresident issue; every private mooring needs a parking space.

W. Randall Tyson: Was there anything discussed about seasonal
restrictions? Councilor Liberati: Not specifically, but we are aware that
it is generally not a problem off season.
     Mr. Tyson: Parking is usually regulated on shorter periods to get
long term parking out of that peak demand area; 2- or 4-hour parking would
give residents better use of this congested area and would benefit the
commercial district; we must provide long term parking elsewhere.
     Councilor Robertson: Reducing the total parking by 25 spaces will
have an impact, regardless of the length of terms elsewhere.

Matthew Clarke: I think extension of the intersection setbacks would
eliminate 6 or 7 spaces, which would take care of most of the safety
problems; I would oppose a proliferation of signs that might result from
these proposals.

William Brennan: A narrower street is safer because cars do not go as
     Mr. Swain: The statistics uphold that more accidents occur during
winter months, when that road is less congested; enforcing the speed laws
would help.

Paul Levesque: The intersection with Union Street is very dangerous for
pedestrians and automobiles.

Eric Stole (?): What are the fines for overnight parking? Chief Tighe:
First offense, $25; second, $50; and third, $75.

Marie-Luise Hedberg: Union Street to Brook Street has more parking
congestion in recent years; it is extremely dangerous, and I am amazed
there have not been more accidents.

Mr. Graham: Plat 9, Lots 354 and 421 could be used for angle parking over
riprap with a cantilevered walkway; it involves private property, but it
could be done; also, several angle spaces could be created on the Union
Street side of Lot 252 (community center).


There being no further requests to comment, the work session was
informally adjourned at 9:40 PM.


Theresa C. Donovan, CMC
Town Clerk

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