July 8, 1996

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue, at 7:36 PM by Council President Fred F.
Pease. The following members were present:
  Paul A. Robertson, Vice-President
  Richard A. Hines
  Mark E. Liberati
  Steven M. McInnis

Also present were:
  Frances H. Shocket, Town Administrator
  Denise Jennings, Deputy Town Clerk
  Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief
  Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission Chair
Donald Armington, Harbor Management Commission Chair

Absent were:  
  James A. Donnelly, Esq., Town Solicitor



1)   Transfer application: 

  CLASS B-Victualer

  Double Eagle Restaurant and Pub, Inc.
  dba The Islander Restaurant
  40 Narragansett Avenue

  IslanDish Ltd.
  dba Chopmist Charlie's
  40 Narragansett Avenue
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to order the
above transfer application advertised for public hearing on Tuesday,
August 13, 1996 at 7:30 PM.  So voted.


Councilor Hines requested that item #2 be removed.
      Motion by Councilor Mcinnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to
approve the remainder of the consent agenda.
      So voted.  The amended consent agenda consisted of:

1)   Adoption of Council minutes: 06/24/96 (regular meeting)
3)   Copies of minutes of Boards and Committees
  a) Zoning Board of Review (05/28/96 & 06/11/96) 
4)   CRMC notices:
  a) Finding of no significant impact: James E. & Helen A. Haas (Plat 10,
Lot 57; 158 Highland Drive) to construct maintenance repairs to existing
30 foot access ramp
5)   Abatements/Addenda Report of Tax Assessor received 07/03/96

2)   Bills and payroll:  Following clarification of a few items, Motion by
Councilor McInnis,
seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve item #2, excluding #70801.392
in the amount of $25.00 (Tennis refund to Maryann Liberati).  So voted. 
Motion by Councilor Robertson, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
item #2, #70801.392 in the amount of #25.00.  Motion so voted, by four in
favor; none opposed and Councilor Liberati abstaining. 


Council agreed to enter executive session, at the request of the Councilor
Liberati to discuss matters of real estate, pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(a),
subsection (5).




1)   Scheduled Requests to Address (none)
a)   Darcy Magrattan and Elena McCarthy representing Walcott Avenue
residents re: parking on Walcott Avenue
Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Magrattan distributed a proposal to the Council.  Ms.
McCarthy:  This proposal addresses a safety hazard that exists on Walcott
      Presently, parking is allowed on both sides of the street and this
creates a hazard especially on the curves where the road narrows.
      Most people agree that this has been going on for a number of years
and that it is getting worse as the years go by.
      We are proposing that parking is allowed only on one side of the
street and that no over night parking is allowed.
      Councilor McInnis:  What is the theory of no over night parking? 
Its seems to me that the congestion problem is mainly during the day, when
there is a lot of traffic.
      Ms. Magrattan:  On the chart that we presented, the areas that in
are grey indicate the vehicles that were parked for the entire weekend.
      Councilor Liberati:  It not necessarily that it is a hazard at 3:00
AM, it just that you do not think Walcott Avenue should become a parking
lot.  From a safety point of view, I do not think it makes a difference if
the vehicle is parked one hour or a few days.
      Ms. Magratten: No it doesn't.  Councilor Hines:  In the past, I
think we have looked at Walcott Avenue as one of the places that one could
park long term.
      Councilor McInnis: A few years ago, didn't we amend the ordinance to
say that no parking would be allowed on the west side south of Brook
      Ms. McCarthy:  There are no signs.  Councilor McInnis:  I think we
already have what they are proposing.
      Councilor Liberati:  Ms. McCarthy raised an issue when I spoke to
her over the weekend and that this is a state highway.
      If it is a state highway can we regulate parking?  Ms. McCarthy:  We
called the State and they said we would have to raise this issue with our
Town officials first and that they would follow any recommendations that
would come from the Town.
      Councilor Liberati:  So the State would have to pass some kind of
regulation and they also will follow what we want to do?  Ms. McCarthy:
Yes.  Ms. Magratten:  As you will see from these photos, it shows four
consecutive vehicles that cut that corner by almost an entire travel lane.
      Council President Pease:  I would like to know was the current
ordinance says and where is the line between Walcott and Conanicus? 
Councilor McInnis:  So you are suggesting no parking on the west side of
Conanicus Avenue (not Walcott Avenue) from Union Street to Brook Street.
      Ms. McCarthy: Yes.  Administrator:  The ordinance does not cover the
west side of Conanicus Avenue from Union Street to Brook Street.
     (Discussion followed.)  

Council President Pease to Administrator:  Can you get a real definitive
line on where Conanicus Avenue ends and Walcott Avenue begins? 
Administrator: Yes.
      Council President Pease:  This being a State road would we have to
hold public hearings in order to change an ordinance?  Councilor Liberati:
Based on what was told to Ms. McCarthy, we do not have the authority to
regulate parking on a State highway, there may be something like a State
highway commission that does.
      Councilor President Pease to Administrator: Please check into this. 
Administrator:  I will work with the Chief of Police and the Public Works
Director and will report back at the next meeting on July 22.
      (Clerk to supply minutes of public hearing on parking from May,

b)   David Pritchard representing East Ferry fishermen re: parking
at East Ferry
Mr. Pritchard: I represent the commercial fisherman on the Harbor
Management Commission.
      With the increase in marina activity, there has been another request
by the fishermen for parking.
      When the men dock, they then need to unload their product very
quickly on to their own vehicles and having to go any long distance to
that vehicle is not acceptable.
      Most of the men are putting in 14 to 16 hour days and some of these
men are getting parking tickets, because they have parked longer than 8
      The best solution would be to create some extended parking for the
commercial fishermen; 7 spaces would be needed.
      Councilor Robertson:  Maybe we could create some sort of permit to
waive the number of hours that one could park?  Mr. Pritchard:  If the
wood pile pier were designated at a loading zone, this would help.

Donald Richardson:  I have seen a refrigeration truck down there.
      Jonathan King:  Our company uses that truck when it is available.
      We do not use it on a regular basis.
      Mr. Pritchard:  Several of the vessels do not use that service. 
Councilor Liberati:  How many slips 
are there for commercial fisherman?  Mr. Pritchard:  There are only 7
      Councilor Robertson:  A permit process might be the quickest way to
resolve this.
      Councilor Liberati:  I would prefer to use some sort of floating
unlimited hour permit.
      We can not designate 7 parking spaces.
      If you have several rainy days and the boats are not going out, you
are going to have some irate people that see open spaces and are not
allowed to park in them.
      I would like to find out what we can do legally.
     (Discussion followed.)  Councilor Robertson:  I prefer to use a
sticker system which give them flexibility.
      I would rather not wait until the Solicitor gets back; the summer
will be over before you know it.  

Mr. Pritchard:  Temporarily, they could go back to parking on the
      Mr. Armington:  The loading zone has not been activated.  Chief
Christman:  The fire department needs to have access to that area.
      Council President Pease:  Need to get the opinion of the Solicitor.
      Administrator:  He will be back on July 15.
      I will report to the Solicitor noting that his report will due back
to Council on July 22. (Discussion followed.)

Mr. Richardson:  Should not save 7 spaces.  Councilor McInnis:  We are not
saving, we would be permitting when available.
2)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address
Donald Richardson re: dog ordinance
Mr. Richardson:  Do we have an ordinance prohibiting people from allowing
their animals to defecate on the grass?  Councilor Robertson:  Not that I
know of.
      Mr. Richardson:  Could a sign be put up?  Councilor Hines:  I'm
surprised that there is not an ordinance covering that.
      Deputy Clerk:  According to section 4-28  of the Code of Ordinances
it is prohibited.          

Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to ask the
Administrator to cause the appropriate department to erect signs on the
village east ferry green and memorial square area siting section 4-28
prohibiting defecating.  So voted. 

Edwin Connelly re: Veterans Memorial Square: 
Mr. Connelly: As you know, we are working on the campaign to redo the
Veterans Memorial Square.
      A section of that green is a mess and all of the weeds are
continuing to grow.
      Why can't we get rid of that mess without going through a state
      Councilor Liberati:  Why do you have to go through a state agency? 
Mr. Connelly:  Because we are in the 200' zone.  

Councilor McInnis:  Call CRMC and get a maintenance permit.
      Mr. Armington:  This only requires a maintenance permit and would
only take a few weeks.
Motion by Councilor Robertson, seconded by Councilor McInnis to ask the
Harbor Management Commission to request from the proper authorities a
maintenance permit to remove the mound.  So voted.


1)   Town Administrator's Report (attached hereto)
Port-a-johns at the Jamestown Community Playground:
Council consensus:  No Port-a-johns will not be placed at the playground.

For Council consideration:
Approval of RI Interlocal Risk Trust Management Agreement
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the agreement as presented by the Administrator.
      So voted.
      Administrator to report back to Council with cost on additional


1)   Tree report (cont. from 06/24/96)
a)   William Brennan re: underground utilities and alternatives
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to continue
to Tuesday, August 13, 1996 as requested by Mr. Brennan.  So voted.

1)   Letter from Boy Scout Troop 1 re: donation
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to donate
$100. to Troop 1, Jamestown, Boy Scouts of America.  So voted.
2)   Copy of letter from Geraldine G. Callister to the Public Works
Director re: condition of Bow Street
Councilor McInnis:  The Public Works director will be responding to this? 
Administrator:  Yes.
      Motion by Councilor Robertson, seconded by Councilor McInnis to
accept #2.  So voted.


1)   Request for permission from the Jamestown Rotary Club  to relocate
meeting sign
(from the intersection of Eldred and East Shore Road to the new Route 138)
Motion by Councilor Hines, seconded by Councilor McInnis to grant the
request.  So voted.

2)   Letter from the Jamestown Yacht Club
a)   Request for permission to use the town beach at East Ferry for their
19th Annual
Fools' Rules Regatta

b)   Request for permission to erect a banner across Narragansett Avenue
at Conanicus
Motion by Councilor Robertson, seconded by Councilor Hines to grant
requests a and b, provided that the banner is not attached to utility
poles and is subject to the approval of private property owners.
      Motion so voted four in favor; none opposed and Councilor McInnis
3)   New license application:
  Applicant         Type        Location
  Michael J. Caswell
  dba King Fisher      Sunday Sales      23 Narragansett Avenue  

Motion by Councilor Robertson, seconded by Councilor McInnis to approve
the request subject to the receipt of all signatures.  So voted.




Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to adjourn to
executive session at 9:26 PM.
     So voted.
     Council returned to regular session at 9:37 PM.
     Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to seal
the minutes of the executive session to the public. So voted.


There being no further business before the Council, motion by Councilor
McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to adjourn at 9:40 PM. So voted.


Denise Jennings
Deputy Town Clerk

cc:  Town Council Members (5)
  Town Administrator
  Town Solicitor
  Administrative Circulation