June 24, 1996

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Avenue, at 7:35 PM by Council President Fred
Pease. The following members were present:
  Paul A. Robertson, Vice-President
  Mark E. Liberati
  Steven M. McInnis

Also present were:
  Denise Jennings, Deputy Town Clerk
  Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
  Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief
Thomas G. Tighe, Police Chief
  J. Christopher Powell, Conservation Commission Chair
Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission Chair
  James A. Donnelly, Esq., Town Solicitor

Absent were:
  Richard A. Hines, Councilor
Frances H. Shocket, Town Administrator




1)   Application of Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association for a
Class F (19-hour;
beer and wine) Alcoholic Beverage License (08/07/96; Rembijas Pavilion;
not for profit organization)
Councilor McInnis: Insurance required?  Council President Pease: Covered
by our insurance.
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the request.  So voted. 

2)   Jamestown & Newport Ferry Company
a)   Request for permission to make sales at retail aboard the vessel The
Jamestown during
the period 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure
b)   Copy of approved Class G Liquor License (license expiration:
Councilor President Pease:  The Jamestown fka The Edgartug
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the request to make sales of alcoholic beverages at retail aboard the
vessel Jamestown while docked at East Ferry during the period 30 minutes
prior to scheduled departures.  So voted.


Councilor McInnis requested that item #2 be removed.
      Motion by Councilor Mcinnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to
approve the remainder of the consent agenda.
      So voted.  The amended consent agenda consisted of:

1)   Adoption of Council minutes: 06/10/96 (regular meeting)
3)   Copies of minutes of Boards and Committees
  a) Board of Canvasser's (05/06/96)  
  b) Jamestown Housing Authority (04/10/96 & 05/08/96)
4)   Copy of letter from Morneau & Murphy to RIDOT re: request for
"Slow/School" sign on North Main Road 
5)   Memorandum and 1995 Handbook entitled "Rhode Island State Enabling
Acts Relating to Land Use Planning"
6)   CRMC notices:
  a) Finding of no significant impact: Richard H. Hutchinson (Plat 10, Lot
125; 2 Grey Gull Road) re: to rebuild an existing deck and to reside the
east side of existing cottage
  b) Maintenance Certification: Theodore H. & Louise F. Petit (Plat 3, Lot
129; 415 Seaside Drive) re: to construct maintenance repairs to the
existing rip rap covered headland (bank) etc...
7)   Invitation from SK Properties to open house (06/27/96) re: Jamestown
Village Apartments, Pemberton Avenue
8)   Notice from RIDOT of Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting
  (06/24/96) re: siting of Newport Marine Facilities
9)   Copy of advertisement: Request for Public Comment from Governor's
Panel to Address Transportation Infrastructure Capital Funding (from
10)  Abatements/Addenda Report of Tax Assessor received 06/20/96

2)   Bills and payroll:  Following clarification of a few items, Motion by
Councilor McInnis,
seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve item #2.  So voted. 


Council agreed to enter executive session as scheduled, at the request of
the Administrator to discuss matters of real estate, pursuant to RIGL
42-46-5(a), subsection (5).




1)   Scheduled Requests to Address (none)

2)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address

William Brennan:  Would like to talk about underground utilities.
      I can probably get different quotes; ones that would be lower than
the ones that the Administrator had received.
      I may be able to bring in an expert from Nantucket Electric to
explain how things have been down with their company.
      I would like to discuss different alternatives.
      I also would be able to bring in written information.
      Council President Pease:  Would you be ready for the next meeting on
July 8?  Mr. Brennan:  Yes.    


1)   Town Administrator's Report (attached hereto)

Save the Bay:  Councilor Liberati:  As I recall, it was two years ago that
Save the Bay gave the Jamestown plant an ugly rating.
      The reason that Save the Bay gave Jamestown an ugly rating was that 
our chlorine permit had been exceeded.
      The reason for this is that we had a pumping system for chlorine
that was indiscriminate.
      There was a continuous drip of chlorine and during the early morning
hours, when discharge  from the plant was greatly reduced the percentage
chlorine exceeded the permit limit.
      I do not know how many pounds of chlorine a day that translated
into, but it was absolutely nominal.
      Providence did not have a permit discharge limit and was dumping
thousands of pounds into the bay.
      Save the Bay disclosed this information to the press without
notifying the Town.
      Council President Pease:  My recollection is that Providence was
about 2000 pounds of chlorine a day and had a good rating and Jamestown
was 7 pounds a day and had an ugly rating.
      Councilor Liberati:  Because there was an uproar about their
methodology, they decided not to do it last year.
      As I understand, based on the information received from Glen Hunter
who work's at the sewer plant, Save the Bay has done it again.
      If Save the Bay publishes an ugly rating for the Town of Jamestown,
this should be responded to.
      Councilor McInnis:  According to this, they rated us good for 1994,
excellent for the year 1995 and 1993 was the year that it was ugly.
      Councilor Liberati:  We should wait to see how it comes out.

Avenue B:  Council President Pease:  The Administrator has received a
letter signed by all residents of Avenue B requesting that the road not be
paved.  Mr. Goslee:  Avenue B will not be paved.

Police software bid:  Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor
Robertson to award the software bid to Information Management Corporation
in the amount of $13,375.  So voted.

Donald Armington, Harbor Management Commission Chair arrived at 8:00 PM

Memorandum from the Harbor Management Commission re: Aquaculture Act
(H-8276 Sub A/4):  Council President Pease to Mr. Armington:  Why is
aquaculture a scary thing?  Mr. Armington:  Well, there is a developing
situation and certain agencies are probably getting ahead of others, as
far as looking for authority to regulate aquaculture in the State.
      At the State level, the economic development people and other
agencies such as DEM and CRMC claim to be setting up the regulations for
it.  Historically, people remember what aquaculture was at the turn of the
century in Narragansett Bay.
      There was suspicion in the mismanagement of the leased areas of
Narragansett Bay and this can not and will not be repeated.
      We have had some information as to the way that legislation is being
developed and it seems to be directed primarily towards the agencies that
will control the permitting and leasing of land or water,  without great
regard for the towns and communities that may be impacted.
      It might be wise for the town to develop their own guidelines.
      Council President Pease:  Looks like they are ready to take a flying
leap into this without getting input from the towns.
      What kind of aquaculture would be in Jamestown?  Mr. Armington:  Wet
storage of shellfish from other locations for cleansing and then brought
to market.  Councilor McInnis:  I will check on the status of the bill.
2)   Conservation Commission
a)   Tree report
Mr. Powell distributed pictures to the Council.  Mr. Powell:  The report
by Bartlett Tree Experts outlines the present condition and recommended
treatment for fifteen trees proposed for removal by Newport Electric
located along the north side of Narragansett Avenue west of North Road.
      The report gives status of each tree and recommends removing 3
      The Conservation Commission would like to be a partner with Newport
      The Commission recommends that the Council adopt the findings and
recommendations as reported by Bartlett.
      Ms. Hubbard:  We also recommend that Newport Electric insulate the
wires and stack the wires vertically.
      The section of wires closest to the Post Office are the only wires
that are insulated.  (Discussion followed.)
Mr. Powell:  I suggest that the Council draft a letter to Newport Electric
with a copy of this report, stating that the Council recommends that
Newport Electric follow this report in addition to their pruning for the
      In the meantime, the Planning Commission and Conservation Commission
can forward to Council a proposed tree ordinance.
      Council President Pease to Mr. Powell:  Get quotes from other
companies with the same RFP's and form a subcommittee of the Conservation
Committee to act as the tree commission and draft a tree ordinance. 
i)   Letter from the Quononoquott Garden Club (noted)

b)   Open space zoning proposal
Mr Powell passed out a memorandum to the Council re: active/passive
      Councilor McInnis: I thought that you were going to redo the whole
thing, so that we could have something to think about acting upon.
      Mr. Powell:  These are the changes that we thought Council wanted. 
We also included maps of those 3 properties which would be subdivided.
      All of the properties under consideration are either owned by the
Town, State or by the Nature Conservancy.
      Councilor McInnis: We had also talked about changing a lot of the
      That has not been done.
      Mr. Powell: No, it has not.  Councilor Liberati:  I looked at this
and at the existing ordinance and had trouble following.
      The only categories under permitted use tables is OS and now we are
creating OSI and OSII.
      Ms. Hubbard:  Yes, we do have to add OSII.  Councilor Liberati: 
Before we vote to approve these and go to advertisement, it seems to me
that all of this needs to be done.
      The best way to do that is to redline the existing ordinance to show
people all of these little minute changes.
      Councilor McInnis:  Somebody needs to put all of this together and
mark all of the changes.
      Ms. Hubbard:  The Planning Commission needs more time to review
      Councilor Liberati:  So it is clear that we are not going to vote on
this tonight?  Ms. Hubbard: Yes.  (Discussion followed.)
3)   Tax Assessment Board of Review (2 vacancies; if favorable, order
a)   Letter of support from the Chair re: Ann Maxwell Livingston (t/e
b)   Letter of resignation from F. Gavin Fitzgerald
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to accept the
resignation of F. Gavin Fitzgerald from the Tax Assessment Board of Review
and to order 2 vacancies advertised.  So voted.

4)   Memorandum from the Planning Commission re: election of officers




1)   Letter from Peter Randall, MD (North Kingstown resident) re:
repainting the water tower 
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to accept
item #1.  So voted.


1)   One-day license applications:
Applicant        Type     Location    Date
Narragansett Water Pollution 
Control Assn.       Victualing  Rembijas Pavilion 08/07/96

Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the request.  So voted.

Applicant        Type     Location    Date
Capt. Paul Sprague
c/o Class of '91       Entertainment       Rembijas Pavilion             

Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the request.  So voted.

Applicant        Type     Location    Date
Bridges, Inc.       Entertainment       Rembijas Pavilion             

Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to approve
the request subject
to the receipt of all signatures.  So voted.

2)   New license application:
  Applicant         Type        Location
  Robert Puffer        Peddlar     East Ferry
  "           Sunday Sales         "

Robert Puffer:  Currently, there are 3 licenses that have been approved
for East Ferry, only 2 of which are active.
      I thought that maybe I could use the license that is inactive.
Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to deny the
requests, due to Town Council policy set on 05/28/96.  So voted.




Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to adjourn to
executive session at 9:06 PM.
     So voted.
     Council returned to regular session at 9:45 PM.
     Motion by Councilor McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to seal
the minutes of the executive session to the public. So voted.


There being no further business before the Council, motion by Councilor
McInnis, seconded by Councilor Robertson to adjourn at 9:46 PM. So voted.


Denise Jennings
Deputy Town Clerk

cc:  Town Council Members (5)
  Town Administrator
  Town Solicitor
  Administrative Circulation