October 15, 2002


A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road at 7:06 PM by Council President Guy J. Settipane.  The following members were present:

David A. Swain, Vice President

Kenneth G. Littman

David J. Long

Norma B. Willis

Also present were:

Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator/Finance Director

Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk

Bruce Leach, Esq., Town Solicitor

Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director

Matthew Bolles, Parks and Recreation Director

Thomas P. Tighe, Chief of Police

Representative William H. Murphy

Representative Bruce J. Long



1)                  Formal Acceptance of a Proclamation for the landscaping and grounds of the Community Center to the Quononoquott Garden Club, Friends of the Jamestown Community Center and all those who helped in the beautification project (presented by the Town Council)


Council President Settipane noted that the Proclamation was presented at the Community Center in recognition of the efforts of the Quononoquott Garden Club, Friends of the Jamestown Community Center and others that made the beautification project a success.


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Littman to accept the Proclamation as presented.  So unanimously voted.


Representative William Murphy informed the Council that the landscape would be irrigated by rainwater collected in a cistern donated in memory of Jesse Long.


2)                  RI Economic Development Corporation to brief the Council and seek a resolution in support of ballot question #4 re: Quonset/Davisville Port


Council President Settipane reviewed the informational packet forwarded to the Council by the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  The EDC is requesting that the Council pass a Resolution in support of “Question #4 on the ballot, which will authorize the State to issue general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes in an amount not to exceed $11,000,000.00 for road and utility infrastructure, building demolition, site preparation, and pier rehabilitation at the Quonset Point/Davisville Industrial Park. 

Council President Settipane noted that “Question #4” does not involve, in any way, activity related to the planning, design or construction of a container port at Quonset.


It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Long to approve the request for a Resolution in support of “Question #4” on the November 5, 2002 ballot.  So unanimously voted.



The Town Clerk informed the Council that Slice of Heaven, Inc., d/b/a Slice of Heaven, 32 Narragansett Avenue was inadvertently omitted from the list licenses to be advertised.


Councilor Littman inquired into the advertising for Island Beverage without any address being noted. 


The Town Solicitor requested that Island Beverage be removed from the list for advertising until he has reviewed State law.  (Advised the Council later in the meeting - under Unfinished Business, 5.  Liquor License Ordinance.)


It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Littman to advertise the renewal of liquor licenses including Slice of Heaven and excluding Island Beverage for a public hearing on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 7:00 PM at the Jamestown Library, 26 North Road.  So unanimously voted. 


            1)         Renewal of Liquor Licenses, if favorable order advertising for the above

                        applications to be considered for a public hearing at a meeting of said

                        Licensing Board on TUSEDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2002 AT 7 PM at the

                        Jamestown Library, 26 North Road, in said Jamestown.





Jean Page, Inc.

dba: Page’s Liquor’s

30 Southwest Avenue




Long Wharf Marina Restaurant, Inc.

dba The Bay Voyage

150 Conanicus Avenue




Alexander Enterprises, Inc.

dba: the Narragansett Café

25 Narragansett Avenue


Islandish, Ltd.

dba: Chopmist Charlies

40 Narragansett Avenue


Jamestown Oyster Bar, Inc.

dba: Jamestown Oyster Bar

22 Narragansett Avenue


New England Golf Course Management, Inc.

dba: the Caddy Shack

aka: Jamestown Golf and Country Club

245 Conanicus Avenue (lower level rear)


SeaDish, Ltd.

dba: Tricia’s Tropi-Grille

14 Narragansett Avenue


Slice of Heaven, Inc.

Dba: Slice of Heaven

32 Narragansett Avenue


Trattoria Simpatico, Inc.

dba: Trattoria Simpatico

13 Narragansett Avenue


Portuguese American Citizen’s Club

dba: Portuguese American Citizen’s Club

11 Pemberton Avenue




Conanicut Yacht Club

40 Bay View Drive


2)                  Memorandum from the Town Clerk's Office

a)                  Liquor License Advertisements

b)                  Alcoholic Beverage License Limits for 2002-2003



It was requested that items #1 (c), 2 and 5 (c) (ii) be removed from the Consent Agenda.    It was moved by Councilor Settipane, seconded by Councilor Littman to approve the Consent Agenda as amended.  So unanimously voted.  The Consent Agenda consists of:


1)         Adoption of Council minutes:

a)                  08/13/2002 Regular Meeting

b)                  08/29/2002 Work Session


d)         10/07/2002 Public Hearing


3)                  Copies of Minutes of Boards & Committee Meetings:

a)                  Zoning Board of Review (09/10/2002)

b)                  Downtown Improvement Project Workshop (08/21/2002)

c)                  Planning Commission (09/04/2002)

d)                  Harbor Management Commission (08/01/2002, 08/14/2002, 08/28/2002)

e)                  Conservation Commission (09/10/2002)

f)                    Tax Assessment Board of Review (09/17/2002)

4)         Press Releases:

            a)         Affordable Housing Committee

            b)         Jamestown Fire Department Compensation Committee

            c)         Jamestown Ambulance Association Compensation Committee

5)         CRMC Notices:

a)         October 2002 Calendar

b)         Cease & Desist Order:

i)          Joan L. Dupee, 159 North Main Rd., for the installation of an unauthorized fence in a coastal feature at the property located at Plat 8 Lot 609; at said address

c)                  Notice:

i)          Sheree Kaplan Allen & David S. Allen, 42 Orient Avenue, to maintain and construct 2 personal water craft lifts on an existing residential boating facility; located at Plat 1 lot 130, at said address


6)         Navy Station Newport Restoration Advisory Board Meeting minutes from 09/18/2002

7)                  Data from the 2002 RI KIDS COUNT fact book

 8)         Zoning Board of Review Abutter Notification to the Town of Jamestown:

a)         Application of SeaDish, Ltd., d/b/a Tricia’s Tropi-Grille (Lessee) and Narragansett Avenue LLC (Lessor), whose property is located at 14 Narragansett Avenue, and further identified as Lot 168 on Tax Assessor’s Plat 8, for:

i)          Dimensional Variance from Article 12, Section 1203, to permit the operation of a restaurant without the requisite parking spaces;

ii)         Special Use Permit, as required by Article 3, Section 301, to permit the operation of a restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, with licensed premises consistent with the Class BV Liquor License issued August 22, 2002; and

iii)         Special Use Permit for the use of shared parking, required by Article 12, Section 1205.  Said property is located in the CD zone, and contains 5,000 sq. ft.

b)         Appeal of George Tournas, from Zoning Certificate dated August 30, 2002, in connection with property located at 14 Narragansett Avenue, and further described as Tax Assessor’s Plat 8, Lot 168. 

            c)         Appeal of SeaDish, Ltd., lessee, and 14 Narragansett Avenue, LLC, owner, of property located at 14 Narragansett Avenue, and further identified as Tax Assessor’s Plat 8, Lot 168 pursuant to Article 5, Section 503

9)         Abatements/Addenda from the Tax Assessor


1)                  Adoption of Council Minutes

c)         09/23/2002 Regular Meeting


Councilor Littman requested that the minutes be corrected to name the Council person who seconded the motion regarding Jamestown Affordable Housing on page 7. 


It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Willis to accept the minutes as amended.  It was voted four in favor with Councilor Long abstaining.  The motion passed.


2)                  Bills and Payroll


The Town Administrator gave the Council additional information regarding several bills.


It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Willis to accept the Bills and Payroll.  So unanimously voted.


5)         c)         Notice

                        ii)         Jamestown Right-of-Way:  High Street


Council President Settipane announced that there would be a Full Council CRMC meeting to vote on the public right-of-way status of High Street.  The meeting (date to be announced) will be held in the Administration Building, Conference A, 2nd floor, One Capitol Hill, Providence at 6:00 PM.  In a corrected notice from CRMC, it was noted that the recommendation of the Sub-Committee was that High Street qualifies as a public right-of-way.


It was moved by Council President Settipane, seconded by Councilor Swain to accept the notice from CRMC.  So unanimously voted.







Council President Settipane opened the hearing regarding the proposed amendment to Section 18-27 relating to prohibited parking on specified streets at 7:35 PM.

1)                  Jamestown Code of Ordinance Section 18-27: Proposed amendment to Prohibited Parking on Specified Streets


Police Chief Thomas Tighe reviewed the rationale for the Parking Committee’s recommendations regarding the proposed amendment to Section 18-27.   The recommendations are as follows:

1.            No parking on the east side of Melrose Avenue from the intersection of Watson Avenue north to the intersection of West Passage Drive.

2.            No parking on the east side of Grinnell Street from the intersection of Narragansett Avenue north to a point 10 feet north of Elm Street.

3.            No parking on the north side of Elm Street from the intersection of Grinnell Street west for its entire length.

4.            No parking on either side of Dumpling Road, from the intersection of Ft. Wetherill Road north to the intersection of Racquet Road.   


Chief Tighe noted that after further review of the parking on Melrose Avenue, he would now recommend no parking in the area of the school from twenty feet north of the first driveway at the school to the beginning of West Passage Drive. 


Council President Settipane opened the hearing for public comment.


Diane Caswell of West Passage Drive, stated that she saw no problem with the committee’s recommendation; however, the beginning of West Passage Drive is not clearly marked.


James Archibald, 76 Mast Street, spoke as a representative of the Jamestown Boat Yard and member of the Harbor Management Commission.  Mr. Archibald expressed his concern with the parking restriction on Dumpling Road (Drive) because the road goes directly through the Jamestown Boat Yard.  Additionally, Mr. Archibald stated that as a member of the Harbor Management Commission he is concerned about public access to the waterfront.  Mr. Archibald assured the Council that the Jamestown Boat Yard would make every effort to insure that there would be no parking that would impede two-way traffic. 


David Laurie, 15 Dumpling Drive  Mr. Laurie informed the Council that Jamestown Boat Yard has been a good neighbor and he believes that the area that should be addressed is North of the Jamestown Boat Yard heading up.  Additionally, Mr. Laurie stated that he is very concerned about safety issues with parking on both sides of Dumpling Drive. 


Roger Marshall, 44 Fort Wetherill Road, mentioned that it is difficult for emergency equipment to have access from Fort Wetherill to the Jamestown Boat Yard.


Sterling Graham, 172 Racquet Road, expressed his concern about the narrow curve at the end of the road just before the Jamestown Boat Yard; however, the boat yard should be excluded.


James Archibald suggested that there is ample room for off-street parking in the area of the Jamestown Boat Yard.  It is the intention of the Jamestown Boat Yard to insure that two-way traffic is not interfered with.


The Council discussed the type of signage to be used to address parking regulations in the Dumpling Drive area.


Chief Tighe suggested that there would be parking signs with arrows to designate the specific areas.


It was the consensus of the Council that a diagram be submitted indicating how parking will be marked and how parking will be controlled.


It was moved Councilor Willis, seconded by Council President Settipane to continue the hearing to the October 28, 2002 Council meeting.  So unanimously voted.



1)                  Scheduled request to address




2)         Non-scheduled request to address


Representative Bruce Long informed the Council that the Economic Development Corporation is attempting to find a new location for the Russian Fishing Vessels.  Presently they are looking at Quonset Point.  A meeting is tentatively set for November 4, 2002.  Representative Long will continue to keep the Council updated.


Councilor Swain stated that he would like to see the Council and Planning Commission hold a workshop to discuss concerns regarding the proposed High Groundwater Table Ordinance.


It was the consensus of the Council to have the Town Clerk make arrangements for a workshop with the Planning Commission.


Gerald Bay, Newport Street, requested to be heard when the Council addresses the Highway Garage. 



2)                  Town Administrator’s report (attached to these minutes)


                            Town Administrator's Report
                                  October 15, 2002
    The following report consists of items of general interest to 
the Council. I will be pleased to provide any additional 
clarification or information you require.
    I received a call from Robert Ballou, Chief of Staff for the 
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. The 
Governor's office has forward to RIDEM an application for one 
Russian Fishing vessel to return to RI waters for this upcoming 
fishing season. Currently RIDEM is reviewing this application and 
has scheduled a public workshop in Jamestown on October 23, 2002 
at 7:00pm at the Library. Representatives for RIDEM, INS, Custom 
Officials, the Coast Guard and a representative from EDC will be 
in attendance. I encourage you all to attend.
    On October 3, 2002, the School Committee held a workshop with 
the RI Interlocal Risk Management Trust (Town insurance company) 
to discuss the new health care program the Trust is offering to 
its members. As was explained by the Trust, the Town would be 
required to make a three-year commitment. If we decided to opt 
out of the program prior to the end of the three years, we will 
be charged a hefty exit fee. The Trust made it clear, this 
program will not result in a reduction or prevent future 
increases in the cost of health care. The program will assist 
with some of the administrative functions such as COBRA 
    For the past ten years, the Trust has provided the Town with 
general liability and workers comp. insurance. They also 
administer the Town's random drug testing for any employee who is 
required to have a CDL license. To date I have been extremely 
happy with the Trust's performance as well as the fiscal 
management of all of its programs. I am intrigued by this program 
for a number of reasons and will be doing further review of it in 
the coming weeks. For those Council members who did not attend 
the October 3rd workshop, I included in your package the 
information handed out by the Trust.
    I have started the budgeting process for fiscal 2003/04. 
Department Heads recommended budgets are required to be back to 
me by Novemeber 1st. I will forward my recommended budget to the 
Council in early December.
    For your information and review I have attached the NAGE 
Union contract. This contract expires at the end of this fiscal 
year. I anticipate negotiations will begin sometime in early 
December I will discuss these negotiations with the Council in 
executive session sometime in the month of November.
    Attached is a copy of a letter I received from the School 
Committee. I will be on vacation November 16 and will not be 
attending this meeting. I trust members of the Council will be in 
    Also attached is a report on Elderly Exemptions.


In addition to the items on the Town Administrator’s report, there was discussion on the following:


On-Sight Wastewater Management


The Town Administrator noted that the report from the Town Planner includes a comprehensive report relating to the On-Sight Wastewater Specialist.


The Council discussed the requirements for residents to be qualified to conduct their own inspections.  Councilor Swain informed the Council that he had attended classes offered by the University of Rhode Island.  It was Councilor Swain’s understanding that homeowners would need the initial inspection to be performed by a professional service.


Elderly Exemptions


The Tax Assessor will attend the Council meeting on October 28, 2002 to discuss Elderly Exemptions.


Council President Settipane requested that the Town Solicitor review the Elderly Exemption Ordinance, in particular, the elderly exemption residency requirement of a period of five years.


3)                  Planning Commission

a)                  Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments related to protection of critical lands containing freshwater wetlands


The Town Administrator stated that the workshop, as requested by the Council, should be helpful in answering questions posed by the Planning Commission.


b)                  Highway Garage


The Town Administrator informed the Council that the Chairperson of the Planning Commission had another commitment and was unable to attend tonight’s Council meeting.


4)                  Town Clerk

a)                  Fort Wetherill Committee


The Town Clerk reported that the Fort Wetherill Committee was discharged May 29, 2001. 


Christopher Powell, representing the Department of Environmental Management, Division of Fish and Wildlife, stated that the State has several issues that they would like to discuss regarding Fort Wetherill and the Memorandum of Understanding.


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Littman to continue this to the Council meeting on October 28, 2002 and to request that the Town Administrator provide a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding and any other additional information that may be required.  So unanimously voted.


Council President Settipane requested that the agenda be more specific when this item is listed for the next Council meeting.


5)                  Jamestown School Committee

a)                  Invitation to the first budget workshop


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Swain to accept the invitation from the Jamestown School Committee.  So unanimously voted.


6)                  Tax Assessment Board of Review

a)                  Letter re: election of officers and hearing for appeals


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Council President Settipane to accept the letter from the Tax Assessment Board of Review.  So unanimously voted.



1)         Community Center Project

a)                  Paving surface (report from Richard Pastore, Engineer)


The Town Administrator reported that Mr. Pastore met with the Public Works Director and it was his recommendation that the Town should pave the area, install bluestone over it followed by oiling.  This type of installation would have the appearance of bluestone; but would not allow water to seep through it to compromise the integrity of the wall that is on the property line.


2)         Wastewater Management

b)                  Report from On-Site Wastewater Specialist re: procedure for voluntary compliance


Previously discussed.


3)         Skateboard Park

            a)         Bid recommendations

                        i)          Concrete design


Clayton Carlisle, representing the Friends of Jamestown Skaters, Inc. informed the Council that since the last Council meeting, the Friends have raised additional funds in the amount of $14,141.00.  Mr. Carlisle presented the following assessment of expected funding for the skateboard project:


            Funds raised to date:                             $42,741.00

            RIDEM 2002 Grant                             $25,000.00

            Total committed to project                                        $67,741.00


Mr. Carlisle reported that Mr. Batterson, the project contractor, has agreed to reduce his price by $1,000.00.  Additionally, there have been donations of material totaling approximately $6,500.00 and an agreement to have the gravel purchased at cost.  With the above, the shortfall in funding is approximately $1,220.00. 


Council President Settipane congratulated the Friends of the Jamestown Skaters for their dedication and hard work. 

It was the consensus of the Council to allow $1,220.00 to be taken from the incidentals and emergencies fund to cover the shortfall in funding.


Mr. Carlisle recommended Sam Batterson as the contractor for the project.  The Council discussed the following with Mr. Batterson:


·        Completion date of project                   Thanksgiving

·        Company name                                    Breaking Ground, LLC

·        Payment schedule                                 to be reviewed by Town Administrator

·        Contract for construction                      to be prepared by the Town Solicitor


The Town Administrator noted that there is a December 31, 2002 deadline because of restrictions on the grant from the State. 


It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Willis to award the contract to construct a concrete skate park at Lawn Avenue School to Breaking Ground, LLC                                                subject to a satisfactory proof of performance bond, bid bond, labor bond and material from a bonding company licensed in the State of Rhode Island; general liability insurance; worker’s compensation insurance; and that the stages of the construction on this project meet the approval of the Town Administrator; and that there be proof that Mr. Batterson is a licensed contractor in the State of Rhode Island; and that the Friends of the Jamestown Skaters, Inc. turn over the funds that they have raised to the Town prior to the signing of the contract.  So unanimously voted.  (Amendment to the motion following discussion later in the meeting.)  It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Long to amend the motion to add the following statement:  the contract not to exceed $68,961.00.  So unanimously voted.


ii)                   Modular design (memorandum from Parks and Recreation Director)


No action taken.


3)                  Highway Barn

a)                  Size and site

b)                  Fort Wetherill cost assessment


Council President Settipane reviewed the sites under consideration for locating the Highway Barn; those sites being, the landfill, the transfer station, Taylors Point and a conceptual cost assessment of Fort Wetherill.


The Town Administrator informed the Council that she contacted Mr. Siegmund and requested that he provide the Council with some preliminary figures as it relates to site costs for Fort Wetherill. 


Mr. Laszlo Siegmund presented comment on sites at Fort Wetherill; more specifically, the top of the hill, the bottom of the hill on Fort Wetherill Road and the present site.  Mr. Siegmund addressed six cost items:  removal of unsuitable material, earth excavation, ledge excavation, and removal and disposal of pavement and asphalt pavement.  Mr. Siegmund presented three site cost numbers (all estimates are without cost analysis on the construction of the new drainage system that would be required):


Fort Wetherill Road, west of the ocean frontage  (bottom of the hill)

This area contains a small wetland that would require an opinion from CRMC. 

Cost would be approximately $80,000.00 to $91,000.00 (depending on the wetland requirements).


            Top of open site

            Depending on the paving needs the cost would be approximately $60,000.00


Mr. Siegmund would add contingency funds in the amount of 30% because there could be a number of additional line items that would be appropriated.  Additionally, Mr. Siegmund noted that the approximate cost of $60,000.00 for fire communication system was not considered because he was informed that it would be possible to connect through the DEM building.  Disposable wastewater was not addressed because there is the possibility that an ISDS may not be able to be installed because of the rocky terrain; it was hoped that an agreement could be reached with DEM to connect to their site.  Mr. Siegmund noted that if the building were to go in the front low section you would need a small pumping station in order to discharge into the DEM system.  Mr. Siegmund stated that he would gather the missing information and report back to the Council.


Council President Settipane mentioned the summary from Gannett Flemming which indicates line item comparisons from the other two sites and inquired if Mr. Siegmund had reviewed them.  The site comparisons were, Taylors Point $484,000.00 and Transfer Station (without inclusion of the road) $525,000.00.  Mr. Siegmund responded that he had not reviewed them; however, he would like to see if any of the information is applicable to the Fort Wetherill site. 


It was moved by Council President Settipane, seconded by Councilor Willis to authorize Laszlo Siegmund to do further cost site comparisons in line with those line items that were addressed by Gannett Flemming in their recent report to the Town Administrator and to report back to the Council within thirty (30) days or sooner.  The vote was, Councilor Littman, aye; Councilor Swain, aye; Councilor Willis, aye; Council President Settipane, aye; Councilor Long, nay.  The motion passed with four in favor and one opposed.


Councilor Long suggested the Town seek input from CRMC and Save the Bay on using the site at Fort Wetherill for locating the new Highway Barn Facility. 


Council President Settipane requested public comment.


Those speaking in opposition to the Highway Barn being located at Fort Wetherill were:


Speaking in opposition to the Highway Barn being located at Fort Wetherill were the following:

Duncan Laurie, former Ft. Wetherill Committee member, stated that when the State was proposing to renovate the buildings at Ft. Wetherill, the Town said that we wanted to preserve this land as a park. 


Gerry Bay, Newport Street, member of the Dumplings Association and former member of the Ft. Wetherill Committee stated that this site was previously considered and rejected because the Town worked with the State to keep construction down on this property. 


Bruce Livingston, Racquet Road, indicated that this site goes back to the Spanish American War and should be used for an art center.


Roger Marshall, Ft. Wetherill Road, stated that it was his understanding that this site could only be used for educational or recreational uses.  Additionally, Mr. Marshall stated that the highway barn was considered nonconforming and that there could be no ISDS installed.  He suggested that Gannett Flemming give any cost estimates for the Fort Wetherill site.


Christopher Powell, Mt. Hope Avenue, noted that the State worked with the Town in keeping the size of the renovated buildings down and by following the Town’s requests for no additional structures on the property.


Other comments from residents follow.


Ellicott Wright, Ft. Getty Road, expressed his concern regarding the water supply for that area.


Richard Anderson, West Reach Drive, stated that he believed the size of the building was chosen on incomplete data.  He suggested that the size could be altered then other sites could be considered.


Donna O’Neill, Summit Street, inquired why the site at Ft. Wetherill, along with other sites, was rejected and requested that the Council remain open-minded.


Betty Hubbard, Planning Commission member noted that the Ft. Wetherill site was on the matrix of sites to be considered.


Arek Galley, member of the Highway Barn Committee, noted that he was the only vote to continue the evaluation of this site.  Mr. Galley inquired why we are not working with Gannett Flemming and expressed his concern that sites are not being evaluated in the context of the needs of the Town, as was the charge of the Building and Facility Committee.  


Sidney Waller, Beavertail Road, stated that she believed the recommendation for Fort Wetherill was from a lack of any forward motion on other sites and when Planning was asked why Ft. Wetherill site was removed from consideration; no one seemed to know why.


Council President Settipane expressed frustration concern regarding the incorrect information provided by the Planning Commission.relating to any restrictions on the property, size of property  and also the size of the existing building.  In fact, the restrictions were removed in 1993, the property is 3.6 acres and the building is 5, 200 sq. ft. rather than the 9,744 sq. ft. reported by the Planning Commission. in misinformation specifically mentioning the restrictions that were removed from the Ft. Wetherill property and the fact that the Planning Commission was unaware of this.  He further indicated that this is an attempt to gather additional information relating to this site, it does not mean other sites are off the table.   This property needs a comprehensive rehabilitation and restoration with all efforts being made to minimize impact to the neighborhood.


Public comment continued relating to the possibility of the Ft. Wetherill site being used for a highway facility.  Many of those comments referred to the restrictions being lifted on the Ft. Wetherill property.  Others related to the unsuitability of the property for a highway facility.  And other comments addressed why Gannett Flemming was not doing the cost analysis on the Ft. Wetherill property.  Additional storage needs for the State were discussed as well.


Council President Settipane stated that the Gannett Flemming reports were inconsistent.  Mr. Siegmund has previously done a comparison on lot 47 and will now do one on Ft. Wetherill.


Additional comments were taken from:


William Kimball, Town Buildings and Facilities Committee member noted that the committee published advertisements looking for ideas.  Fort Wetherill was one site suggested.  It was thought that the upper site could be used for a small barn; however the committee was told this could not be done because of restrictions.  


Duncan Laurie, Beavertail Road, suggested reactivating the Fort Wetherill Committee.  Additionally, Mr. Laurie stated that it was his understanding that the Town did not want any new construction at the Fort Wetherill site.


Joyce Holley, Columbia Avenue, suggested using Gannett Flemming to do the cost estimates.


Sav Rebecchi, Sail Street, inquired if the State was still interested in renting a portion of the present building.


Representative William Murphy, noted that the State is looking for additional room for the inside storage of equipment.


William Munger, Cole Street, suggested advertising an RFP for all sites.

It was the consensus of the Council that all site, size and locations under consideration be continued to the Town Council meeting on November 12, 2002. 


4)                  Sidewalk repairs

a)                  Report from Director of Public Works


The Public Works Director reported that immediate repairs have been made.  Mr. Goslee suggested that the State set up a program for the resurfacing of sidewalks.  Mr. Goslee also indicated that the Tree Committee is addressing some of the problem areas and is suggesting the trimming of tree roots prior to the installation any new sidewalks.


5)                  Liquor License Ordinance


It was the consensus of the Council that the Liquor License Ordinance be continued to the October 28, 2002 meeting.


Island Beverage, Inc.

dba: Jamestown Liquors

Location To Be Determined


The Town Solicitor informed the Council that the purpose of advertising the renewal of liquor licenses is to provide people the opportunity to bring any problems or complaints before the Council.  Because Island Beverage, Inc. d/b/a Jamestown Liquors does not have a location we are unable to advertise it.



1)         Letters in response to the opposition of a Quonset/Davisville Container

Port Facility

a)         Robert J. Healey, Jr., Cool Moose Candidate for Lt. Governor

b)                  Charles J. Fogarty, Lt. Governor


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Long to accept the communications from Robert J. Healey, Jr. and Charles J. Fogarty.  So unanimously voted.

2)                  Letter from Mary Brennan re: installation of curbing along Narragansett Avenue


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Long to accept the letter from Mary Brennan.  So unanimously voted.


3)         Letters re: Noise Ordinance

            a)         Mary Webster

b)                  Tania G. Biddle


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Council President Settipane to accept the letters from Mary Webster and Tania G. Biddle regarding the Noise Ordinance.  So unanimously voted.


4)         Letter from Ross Bohensky re: a new vehicle barn


It was moved by Councilor Willis, seconded by Councilor Long to accept the letter from Ross Bohensky.  So unanimously voted.


5)         Letter re: Highway Barn – Fort Wetherill

            a)         Letter from Bill Kimball

            b)         Letter from Roger Marshall


It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Willis to accept the letters from Bill Kimball and Roger Marshall.  So unanimously voted.



1)                Traffic Control (per Council President Settipane)


Council President Settipane stated that he has heard from several residents who are concerned about the speeding in the area of North Main Road and Sloop Street. 


Chief Tighe informed the Council that the Parking Committee is addressing this concern and suggested that residents forward letters of concern to the Parking Committee.  Chief Tighe stated that the State will be conducting a traffic study in that area.  Chief Tighe noted that stop signs do not control speeding and suggested that additional staff hours may be needed to patrol that area.


2)                Petition from Verizon Communication to relocate one joint pole and anchor guy location 35’ to property line on Capstan Street


It was moved by Council President Settipane, seconded by Councilor Long to refer the petition from Verizon Communication to the Public Works Director.  So unanimously voted.


3)                Request by the Town of Jamestown Parks & Recreation Department to sell T-shirts at the Jack O’Lantern Jog held on October 27, 2002 at the Community Center

a)         One Day Peddler Application

b)         Event Application


It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Littman to grant the event license and the one day peddler license to the Jamestown Parks & Recreation Department to sell T-shirts at the Jack O’Lantern Jog to be held on October 27, 2002 and to waive the fee.







Jill Anderson, West Reach Drive, requested that there be discussion regarding available positions on Boards and Committees. 


Sav Rebecchi reminded the Council that there should be some upcoming discussion on the possibility of a fiscal year change to July 1st for the Town of Jamestown so that this can be voted on in March.  Additionally, Mr. Rebecchi requested information on the Shores Drainage Program that was begun in 1975.


Council President Settipane indicated that the development in the Shores area might require that the program be expedited.  The Town Administrator noted that this program could be expedited and if the Council wishes, she would include it in the budgeting process. 


It was requested by the Council that the Town Clerk provide an update on expiration dates for the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Review and Harbor Management Commission for the Council to review.


There being no further business before the Council, it was moved by Council President Settipane, seconded by Councilor Long to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 PM.  So unanimously voted.






Arlene D. Kalooski

Town Clerk


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