February 28, 2002

A special meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road at 7:10 PM by Council President Guy J. Settipane for the purpose of holding a hearing on the Comprehensive Community Plan. The following members were present:

David A. Swain, Vice President

Kenneth G. Littman

David J. Long

Norma B. Willis

Also present were:

Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Finance Director/Town Administrator

Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner

Rob Lambert, Planning Commission Chair

Gary A Girard, Planning Commission Member

Dennis Webster, Planning Commission Member

Victor V. Calabretta, Planning Commission Member

Laura M. Aibel, Planning Commission Member

Michael Schnack, Planning Commission Member

Susan Barker, Planning Commission Member

Mary Brennan, Planning Commission Member


1) Jamestown Comprehensive Community Plan

Council President Settipane opened the hearing at 7:10 PM.

Lisa Bryer, Town Planner presented a slide presentation in reviewing the goals, policies and action plan of the Comprehensive Community Plan (Plan). Ms. Bryer showed statistical comparisons of past and present census statistics for the Town of Jamestown and their relationship to the growth of the community. Additionally, Ms. Bryer directly related information taken from the 1998 Community Survey. It was noted that survey respondents were in agreement with the goals of the current Comprehensive Community Plan.

Ms. Bryer provided a chart indicating current land use in the Town of Jamestown and land use as it was in the 1990 Community Plan. It was noted that discrepancies occurred between the 2000 and 1990 Land Use Charts as a result of the differences in land use calculation methodology. The 1990 land use categories were compiled manually whereas the present information was compiled digitally.

Recent changes to the Zoning Map - the creation of Open Space I and Open Space II, and a change from Downtown Mixed to Downtown Condominium were said to be the only zoning map changes since the previous Community Plan.

Census information presented by Ms. Bryer showed a 12.5 percent increase in the population which, in turn, is a significant increase in use of Town services. Ms. Bryer presented information relating to the buildout analysis indicating that if current building activity is maintained at the present rate of approximately 27 new homes per year, the Town could be fully developed in 42 years.

Following the presentation by Ms. Bryer, Council President Settipane called for public comment.

William Munger, 69 Cole Street, was concerned with the site plan review process as written under Future Land Use, 6 (f) that states additional regulations are proposed.

The Town Planner explained that this area talks about our goals and policies from 1991 and how we have achieved them in the last ten years.

Sheri Lussier, 2 Prospect Avenue, directed the Council's attention to the Land Use Map indicating lot 47 as a public facility location. Ms. Lussier stated that lot 47 should not be considered a public facility as the lot was bought in 1986 after the landfill had been closed.

The Town Planner noted that the 1991 Future Land Use Map shows lot 47 as part of the complex of public facilities at the Transfer Station. Ms. Bryer also stated that it was her understanding that the Planning Commission and the Town Council at that time purchased lot 47 as part of the public facility.

Council President Settipane noted that the Future Land Use Map is how we would like the Town to develop.

Ray Iannetta, 1219 North Main Road, inquired why the existing special use process was not being followed for changing the zoning of a specific lot. Mr. Iannetta further stated that including the Zoning Board of Review is part of the checks and balance for this process.

Daniel O'Neil, 38 Summit Avenue, stated that it is in appropriate to zone lot 47 as public facility.

Sav Rebecchi, 13 Sail Street, asked what part of the Comprehensive Plan is the legal document.

The Town Solicitor stated that State Law requires every city and town to update its Comprehensive Plan every five years and sets forth what must be in the Plan, and sets forth the technique to develop the plan. The Plan must contain the goals, policies and implementation. The State expects every city and town not only to adopt the plan, it also requires cities and towns to amend their Zoning Ordinance and other laws to comply with the Comprehensive Plan.

Mr. Rebecchi directed attention to the survey, as mentioned in the Comprehensive Plan, and inquired where on the survey was the indication relating to limiting the commercial zone.

Council President Settipane noted that the census figures in the Comprehensive Plan should be updated to the current statistics as presented in the 2000 Census.

Daniel O'Neil asked if there were certain population thresholds that would increase or decrease the need for public services. Mr. O'Neill also discussed the need for Jamestown to retain its island character.

The Town Planner noted that build-out information is available for all departments and school projections.

Timothy Baker, 110 Walcott Avenue, indicated that Jamestown is not considered to be a rural community.

Dennis Webster noted that the Comprehensive Plan does not state that Jamestown is rural; however the Plan does address its rural characteristics.

Council President Settipane requested that the Planning Commission review the term rural characteristics and consider replacing it with island characteristics.

Patrick Bolger, 6 Fore Royal Court raised concern regarding the Town's efforts to protect our water resources and informed the Council that there is gasoline being stored across from the reservoir. Additionally, Mr. Bolger noted that there is fill being dumped at that location which has not been inspected.

The Town Administrator stated that she was unaware of this and would discuss it with the Public Works Director and the Zoning Official.

Dorcey Beard, 1 Blueberry Lane, expressed her concern that the development of Jamestown does not exceed our services.

Randy Tyson, 229 Seaside Drive, suggested that the Plan should provide for the people that are here. Plan should address water and land use conservation, the recharging of ponds and a long-term policy should be established.

Council President Settipane suggested that the Plan include the pipeline from North Kingstown.

Unidentified Resident, suggested that the water supply should keep pace with community growth.

Sav Rebecchi informed the Council that Dr. Ann Veeger will be studying water usage and water resources in Jamestown. This will be an excellent resource for Jamestown.

Patrick Bolger suggested that additional information on the Rights-of-Way be included in the Plan.

Council President Settipane suggested that the list as compiled by CRMC could be included in the Plan.

Craig Richardson, 305 Beavertail Road, stated that a bike path to Beavertail State Park was rejected because of the sever impact it would have on Beavertail Road. Mr. Richardson questioned why the Plan promotes a bike path around the island.

Nancy Bennett, 434 Beavertail Road, agreed with Mr. Richardson's comments on the bike path and suggested that a committee be formed to formulate the wants of the community.

William Munger requested that boating be considered as a form of recreation. Additionally, he suggested that there be public participation in the placement of public facilities.

Arthur Milot, 60 Walnut Street, addressed the different kinds of community development. His concern was that Jamestown could follow in the same direction that Newport has gone in. He raised the question of how to control the proliforation of restaurants in the community.

Sheri Lussier, 2 Prospect Avenue, inquired as to the relevance of putting in information regarding the previous highway garage committee recommendations.

The Town Solicitor noted that this is historic information. Council President Settipane suggested inserting the date used for this information.

Council President Settipane requested that fiscal analysis figures be updated.

Following a general discussion on the Plan, other areas to be reviewed and updated include Public Water Supply and Treatment - (page 213, paragraph #3) facility cannot treat more than 350,000 gallons unless facility is upgraded; it should be added that the Water and Sewer Regulations are currently under review; Findings of Buildout Analysis - (page 240, paragraph #4) the reference to wells running dry in the Jamestown Shores and that they are not reported due to the threat of loss of real estate value should be reviewed and possibly omitted; consideration of wildlife management.

It was the consensus of the Town Council to continue the hearing on the Comprehensive Community Plan to March 11, 2002.

It was moved by Council President Settipane, seconded by Councilor Willis to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 PM.

Attest: Arlene D. Kalooski

Town Clerk