September 25, 2000

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library at 26 North Main Road, at 7:05 PM by Council
President David J. Long. The following members were present:

Kenneth G. Littman, Vice President
Craig A. Amerigian
Bruce W. McIntyre
David Swain
Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator/Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
James T.  Murphy, Esq., Town Solicitor
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
Thomas P. Tighe, Police Chief
Dr. Frances Gallo, School Superintendent
Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief






It was requested that item #5 be removed from the consent agenda.
      It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Littman to
accept the consent agenda as amended.  So unanimously voted.
1) Adoption of Council minutes: 
a. 09/11/2000 regular meeting
  2) Bills & Payroll
3) Copies of Minutes of Boards & Committee Meetings:
a. Harbor Management Commission (08/09/2000)
b. Conservation Commission (07/11/2000, 08/08/2000)
c. Planning Commission (08/16/2000)
d. Library Board of Trustees (07/18/2000)
e. Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force (09/06/2000)
f. Board of Canvassers (08/22/2000 - amended 09/11/2000)
4) Agendas:
a. Planning Commission (09/20/2000)
b. Zoning Board of Review (09/19/2000)
6) Naval Station Newport Restoration Advisory Board
a. Minutes (08/16/2000)
b. Environmental Quarterly (09/2000, Volume 2)
7) Narragansett Bay Summit 2000 Report
8) Abatements/Addenda Report of Tax Assessor received 09/21/2000
5) URI Cooperative Extension meeting notification re:  On-site Wastewater
Training (pre-registration required; fee waived for Jamestown officials)
The Town Administrator noted that invitations have been sent to the
Wastewater Management Commission, Planning Commission and Conservation
      Councilor Swain noted that he was planning on attending this
training session.
       It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Long to
accept the meeting notification from URI Cooperative Extension.
      So unanimously voted. 





1) Scheduled request to address
a. Dr. Frances Gallo, Superintendent of Schools re:  use of school
facilities for meetings
Dr. Gallo informed the Council that the Lawn Avenue cafeteria is available
for use by the Town Council and other Town committees.
      Dr. Gallo reviewed the schedule of the custodial staff and the
future possibility of their assistance in the setup of the cafeteria for
Town meetings.
      Dr. Gallo noted that the schools are covered by custodial staff from
7:00 AM to 11:00 PM and would require overtime to be paid by the Town for
meetings ending after that time.
       Dr. Gallo invited the Council to tour the school and requested
notification of any suggestions they may have regarding the use of the
Lawn Avenue and Melrose Avenue schools for Town meetings.
      Dr. Gallo expressed her desire to accommodate the needs of the
students, teachers and staff of Jamestown as well as assist the Town in
the shortage of meeting locations.
      Dr. Gallo was thanked for her attendance at this Council meeting and
for her consideration and assistance in addressing this very serious

  2) Non-Agenda request to address


1) Town Administrator's report (attached hereto)
a. Comprehensive Plan Workshops
The Town Administrator reported that the location for the workshops for
the Comprehensive Plan has not as yet been set; the dates are as follows:
October 18 Natural and Cultural Resources, Open Space and Recreation and
  November 1  Economic Development
  November 15 Circulation, Housing, Public Service and Facilities
  December 20 Land Use

b. Newport Bridge

The Town Administrator notified the Council that construction work will
begin on the Newport Bridge on September 27, 2000 with an approximate
completion date of December 1, 2000.
       There may be traffic delays of up to one-half hour.
       The Police Chief will be attending a meeting regarding this and
will keep the Town Administrator informed. 

c. Eldred Avenue soccer field

The Town Administrator reported that permission to install a well at the
soccer field has not been forthcoming from the State.
      It was expected that in consideration of allowing the State to use
the field for Tall Ships they were to lift restrictions and permit the
installation of a well to be used in the care of the field.
      Councilor Littman commented that there were other agencies involved
in placing the well restriction on the Eldred Avenue property.
      The Town Administrator noted that additional correspondence is
expected and she will update the Council when it is received.  Councilor
Amerigian requested that the Town Clerk transcribe the comments made at
the meeting when this issue was discussed with Mr. Coulter.

2) Conservation Commission 

a. Pesticide spraying on Conanicut Island

It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to accept
the letter regarding pesticide spraying.  So unanimously voted.

b. Prohibition of access, Jamestown Verrazano Bridge and Cross Island Road
There was a lengthy discussion on the RIDOT signage recently erected along
the Cross Island Road restricting bicycle and pedestrian access.   
Christopher Powell, Conservation Chair, informed the Council that it was
his recollection RIDOT promised that this type of access was going to be
allowed.  Access to the bridge was part of the design.   The Town
Administrator noted that the State Traffic Division reviewed several areas
throughout the State for safety issues relating to access.
       Jamestown was notified that there were safety concerns because of
the limited access for anyone riding a bicycle on both the Jamestown
Verrazano Bridge and the Cross Island Highway.
       Once the old Jamestown Bridge is taken down, access will be
provided to the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge.   
Nancy Logan, 149 Seaside Drive, provided the Council with a copy of a
letter sent to Edmund T. Parker, Jr., P.E., Rhode Island Department of
Transportation, and the reply to that letter.
      The portion of that letter discussed, follows:   Mr. Parker wrote,
"We (RIDOT) had a public meeting in Jamestown on September 21, 1999 to
discuss this subject in detail.
      Briefly, the Jamestown/Varrazano Bridge design was modified to
accommodate bicyclists but the approaches were not.
      Route 138 is a limited access highway and will not safely
accommodate bicyclists.
      I have attached a copy of the alternatives for bike access to the
Jamestown Bridge.
      We cannot start construction of the bicycle access until the old
Jamestown Bridge is removed.  Due to the required environmental studies
and funding constraints, the Jamestown Bridge demolition is not scheduled
until 2004."    Ms. Logan informed the Council that next Sunday it is
expected that 700 bicyclists will cross the Jamestown Bridge on a bicycle
       The Town Administrator was requested to contact RIDOT and inquire
why access to the Jamestown Varrazano Bridge is tied into the demolition
of the old bridge. 
It was moved by Councilor McIntyre, seconded by Councilor Swain to accept
the letter from the Conservation Commission Chair.  So unanimously voted.


1) Annual Reports from Jamestown Commissions (continued from 09/11/2000)
The Town Administrator reported that she is in the process of compiling an
informal annual report covering all departments.
       It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Littman to
put this on the agenda for the November 13, 2000 Town Council meeting.

2) Plat 2, Lot 47 - Analysis of Potable Water Supply Well (continued from

a. Letter from VHB to Town Council dated 08/30/2000
b. Letter from GZA to Town Administrator dated 08/09/2000
c. Letter from GZA re:  well testing
The Town Administrator reviewed the process for the first round of testing
and noted that in an attempt to address concerns of VHB, additional
testing was ordered.  The results of both tests were provided to the
     It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
accept letters a, b, and c.  So unanimously voted. 

3) Disposal of Municipal Properties 
a. Letter from Town Solicitor 
b. Proposed policy
The Town Solicitor reviewed his letter, noting two considerations:  does
the policy make good sense from a governmental standpoint; and are there
any legal impediments, ramifications or concerns with regard to the
proposed policy.
      The Solicitor cautioned the Council that any time it chooses to
limit its existing discretionary powers by adopting policies or guidelines
to that effect, it risks being confronted in the future with unforeseen
      Additionally noting that the Council's discretion and flexibility of
action could be hindered by its own self-imposed policy limitations.
      The Conservation Chair requested that the Council review changes to
the policy relating to the disposal of municipal properties as submitted
by the Conservation Commission.
      The Solicitor advised that there are statutory guidelines that must
be considered; with that in mind, his opinion still stands.
      It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
table this issue until the next Council meeting and to request copies of
the Conservation Commission's proposal.  So unanimously voted.

4) Omnipoint (continued from 04/10/2000)
a. Request for approval of telecommunications antennas at Beavertail State
Ann-Marie Ignasher, Project Zoning Coordinator for Omnipoint, informed the
Council that as directed by RIDEM, Omnipoint is requesting the Council's
approval for the installation of an antenna at Beavertail State Park.
      Ms. Ignasher reviewed the specifications for this antenna and
informed the Council that Omnipoint would be conducting a structural
analysis on the tower.
      The Town Administrator noted that there is an error in the Zoning
Board of Review Decision Letter; that being, motion based on item #3
should state: 

 3.  The new antenna will not be higher than the existing tower.  
Raymond Iannetta, Zoning Board of Review member, noted that Jamestown is
bound by law to provide a site for these antennas.  
Conservation Commission Chair, Christopher Powell, noted that the
Conservation Commission is opposed to this location.
      Mr. Powell will forward a copy of these objections to the Council. 
Ms. Ignasher informed the Council that she will be giving a presentation
to the Beavertail Advisory Committee on October 23, 2000.  
It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Swain, to request an
opinion form the Beavertail Advisory Committee and to put it on the agenda
for the November 13, 2000 Council meeting.  So unanimously voted. 

5) Highway Barn  (per Council President)
Council President Long invited comment from Council members.
      Councilor McIntyre noted that RIDEM is scheduled to begin
construction at Ft. Wetherill.  Councilor McIntyre remarked that the
report submitted by the Highway Barn Committee is now two years old and
suggested that the Council should take up the task of doing something
about the Town barn and formally thank the committee for their hard work
in addressing this issue.
      A lengthy discussion on the possibility of disbanding the committee,
with the ultimate decisions on the highway barn to be the responsibility
of the Council.
      Councilor Amerigian strongly urged the Council to keep the Highway
Barn Committee active and allow them to review any new proposals or
changes in proposals.
      Councilor Swain noted that lot 47 received the highest
recommendation from the committee; further testing is scheduled on that
lot and is expected to take approximately one year.
       Council President Long recommended forwarding any new suggestions
to the Highway Barn Committee for their review.
      The Town Administrator reported that there is an urgency to the need
for a new highway barn.
      Additionally stating that there is a great need for a facility that
will meet the needs of the Town and Town employees.
       The Town Administrator informed the Council that the Director of
Public Works received a telephone call from Robert Sutton stating that
they will proceed with installing a fence around the State property at Ft.
Wetherill; therefore, the Town will not be able to use that area any
      All of the Town material and supplies have been relocated to several
areas around town.
      Councilor Littman suggested looking at the need for the highway barn
and the expansion and improvement of the Town Hall as one project.
      In this way, we could address the immediate needs of the Town.
       Councilor Littman discussed the possibility of tearing down the
Southwest Avenue facility, adding on to the Town Hall and use the
Southwest Avenue space as a mini-highway barn in combination with either
the Ft. Wetherill barn or a structure that could be built at the sewage
treatment plant.
      This could solve the highway barn problem and the Town Hall space
problem as well as accommodate Town meetings.  
It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to hold a
work session to discuss other ideas with the Highway Barn Committee, with
a tentative date of October 12, 2000 at 7:30 PM.

6) Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment related to businesses that use
marina slips dock space and/or moorings including ferries and related
parking requirements

Councilor Swain recused himself from the discussion.
      There was a general discussion on how to move forward with this
      Although the Council discussed each aspect of the ordinance, they
could not arrive at a consensus as to how to proceed.  It was moved by
Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to table this issue until
the Council meeting on November 27, 2000.
      It was voted Council President Long, aye; Councilor Littman, aye;
Councilor Amerigian, aye; Councilor McIntyre, nay; Councilor Swain
recused.  The motion passed.  

7) Harbor Management Commission (per Council President)
In review of the work session held on September 21, 2000 and in an attempt
to assist the commission in some of the administrative functions, the Town
Administrator offered the following assistance:

  Administrative Thomas P. Tighe, Chief of Police
  Finance     Christina D. Collins, Finance Director
  Infrastructure    Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
  Recreation     Matthew Bolles, Recreation Director

The Town Administrator noted that this would be a temporary solution.  
8) Water and Sewer Board of Commissioners (continued from Board of Water
and Sewer Commissioners Meeting 09/18/2000)

a. Water Conservation Amendment to Rules & Regulations
The Town Solicitor informed the Council that these changes must be
advertised in order to take effect.
      It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
publish the water conservation changes to the Water and Sewer Rules and
Regulations.  So unanimously voted.


1) United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
a. Request for verification of return or destruction of documents
It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Long to accept the
communication regarding verification of return or destruction of
documents.  So unanimously voted.

2) Letter from Concerned Boaters
It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Swain to accept the
communication from Concerned Boaters.  So unanimously voted.

3) Letter from Senator M. Teresa Paiva-Weed re: air traffic over
Narragansett Bay
It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Swain to accept the
communication from Teresa Paiva-Weed.  So unanimously voted.

There being no further business, it was moved by Councilor Long, seconded
by Councilor Swain to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 PM.
      So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk