Emergency Meeting
Phase I

June 12, 2000
(as amended June 26, 2000)

At 7:45 AM at the Jamestown Police Station, Conanicus Avenue, motion by
Council President Long, seconded by Councilor McIntyre to call an
emergency session of the Town Council  and waive the 48-hour notice
requirement, in accordance with Section 206 of the Town Charter and RIGL
42-46-6(c). So unanimously  voted. The following members were present:

Kenneth G. Littman, Vice President
Craig A. Amerigian
Bruce W. McIntyre
David Swain

The others present were:

Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator/Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
Thomas Tighe, Chief of Police
Craig Watson, Emergency Management Director

Councilor David Swain arrived at 8:00 AM
Town Solicitor, James Murphy arrived at 8:15 AM

The Town Administrator was notified at approximately 9:00 PM, June 11,
2000 that a cruise ship, anchored in the Narragansett Bay, pulled up
anchor and severely damaged the cable which supplies electricity to the
Town of Jamestown.
       The Jamestown Emergency Team convened at 10:30 PM to begin
emergency plans for the Town of Jamestown.
      The Town Administrator read the following press release submitted to
the news media:

The Town of Jamestown has been without electrical power since
approximately 9:00 PM last night.
      The emergency is due to an electrical outage affecting all
residences and businesses on the Island.
      Narragansett Electric, the provider of electricity to Jamestown, has
told Jamestown officials that it is working to solve the problem as
quickly as possible.

As a result of the outage, all schools are closed in Jamestown today,
though buses to North Kingstown High School will run on schedule.
      Also, administrative town offices will be closed for the day.

Emergency power generators are operating the Town's water supply and
treatment facilities; residents on town-supplied water are asked to
conserve water during the emergency.
      Residents who rely on well-water may receive free non-potable water
from the town; this water is not fit for drinking, but may be used for
washing, flushing toilets or boiling.
      Persons needing water should bring their own containers to the
Jamestown Fire Station between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Power was lost in Jamestown at approximately 9:00 PM last night.
      Electrical power is provided to Jamestown through two underwater
cables from Newport.
      According to Narragansett Electric, the power failure appears to be
the result of a damaged cable, and repairs are underway.

Jamestown emergency services are working closely with Narragansett
Electric, as well as the R.I. Emergency Management Agency and other state

The Town Administrator noted that generators were in place for the sewer
treatment plant and the water supply facility.
      Additionally, the Town Administrator informed the Council that all
emergency services have been notified and emergency plans are being
followed.   The Town Administrator is working closely with Narragansett
Electric and the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency.   

The Town Administrator,  Emergency Management Director and Council
discussed emergency plans for the residents on the North end of the
      Of major concern was the lack of potable water available to
residents on wells.
      As an immediate solution to the problem, the Town Administrator
ordered that the bottled water stored at the Jamestown School be brought
to the Jamestown Fire Station for distribution.
       Discussion with Narragansett Electric was ongoing; however, they
were unable to offer any definite time frame for the return of power.
      At best, it would be out for approximately one (1) to four (4) days.

It was moved by Council President Long, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
proclaim state of emergency.  So unanimously voted.

The Proclamation is as follows:

WHEREAS, the Town of Jamestown on the 12th day of June, 2000 is in
imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or loss of life or
property, and

WHEREAS, the Town Council President of the Town of Jamestown has
determined that due to the sudden loss of electrical power service to the
Town of Jamestown, extraordinary measurers must be taken to alleviate the
suffering of people and to protect or rehabilitate property;
Now therefore, be it proclaimed by the Town Council President, as
principal executive officer of the Town of Jamestown:

Section 1. That, pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws Section 30-15-13
and other laws of the State of Rhode Island, a state-of-disaster is
declared for the Town of Jamestown;

Section 2. That the Town's Emergency Operations Plan has been implemented;

Section 3. That the state of disaster shall continue for a period of not
more than seven days from the date hereof, unless the same is continued by
consent of the Town Council of the Town of Jamestown;

Section 4. That this proclamation shall take effect immediately from and
after its issuance.

Ordered at 8:00 AM hours on this 12th day of June, 2000, by:
David Long, Town Council President, Jamestown , Rhode Island.

Chief Tighe informed the Council that he has scheduled extra personnel to
keep the community secure.
      Additionally, he noted that the State Police have offered their

The Council discussed the necessity of holding the scheduled Town Council
meeting this evening.
      It was the consensus of the Council that they would hold the meeting
and continue a major portion of the agenda to the next regularly scheduled

It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Littman to schedule
another emergency meeting for today at 12:00 PM and request that
Narragansett Electric attend.  So unanimously voted.

It was moved by Councilor Long, seconded by Councilor Swain to adjourn the
meeting at 8:45 AM.  So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk