January 10, 2000
(as amended on January 24, 2000)

A regular meeting of the Jamestown Town Council was called to order at the
Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road, at 7:05 PM by Council Vice
President Kenneth G. Littman. The following members were present:  Craig
A. Amerigian
David Swain
Absent were:  Council President David J. Long
     Bruce W. McIntyre
Also present were:
Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Administrator/Finance Director
Arlene D. Kalooski, Town Clerk
James Murphy, Esq., Town Solicitor
Steven J. Goslee, Public Works Director
Richard Allphin, Zoning Vice Chair
Lisa Bryer, Town Planner
Arthur J. Christman, Fire Chief
Bruce Livingston, Fort Wetherill Committee


1)   Robert W. Sutton, Jr., RIDEM, Planning and Development re: Fort
Wetherill Aquatic Resource Facility 
Robert W. Sutton, Jr., Planning and Development Administrator at RIDEM,
presented the final design for the Fort Wetherill Aquatic Resource Center.
      The budget for this project is $3,000,000.00 and it is expected that
the State will begin construction in the early Spring of this year, with
an anticipated construction completion date of approximately 18 months.
      Mr. Sutton stated that this plan includes the complete
rehabilitation of two buildings which will be used for offices,
laboratory, small boat docking and boat maintenance; construction of a new
building using the existing footprint, which will be used for public
restrooms and park maintenance; and the restoration of five acres of land
to be used as public parking, public restrooms, and a public fishing pier.
      It was noted that the operating division to be housed in the Fort
Wetherill Aquatic Resource Center will be Fish and Wildlife, Parks and
      The operational uses will be Marine Fisheries headquarters and
laboratory, a public fishing pier and State park.
      Mr. Sutton mentioned that the department will cooperate with the
Town and the Friends of Fort Wetherill in the restoration of the Mine
Casemate, which will be consistent with the letter dated November 26, 1999
from the Friends of Fort Wetherill.
      Additionally, Mr. Sutton reviewed the building plans with the
Councilor Littman invited discussion on the project.
      There was a lengthy discussion on predicted water usage for that
      Mr. Sutton assured the Council that the State does not expect the
water usage to be much more than is currently being used.  Additional
concerns were addressed, such as parking, public access to the buildings
and the surrounding area, lighting, and outside storage.
      Mr. Sutton informed the Council that the aesthetics of this project
are of great importance; there will not be any fencing, and no outside
storage around or near the buildings.
      It is expected that this will be a working pier, public park and
resource center.
      Concern was raised  with the construction schedule interfering with
planned activities such as Tall Ships and the July 4th weekend and the
possibility of road construction hampering the travel in that area from
Memorial Day through Labor Day.
      Mr. Sutton informed the Council that he would make every effort to
work that out with the contractor.
      The Town Administrator expressed her concern for the neighbors in
that area if the State finds it necessary to use any explosives during
      Mr. Sutton stated that explosives would only be used as a last
      Additionally, the Town Administrator requested that the trench
disturbance be permanently patched with a full width overlay.
       Mr. Sutton stated that it would be looked at; however, he could not
commit to that this evening.
      Lighting was discussed and Mr. Sutton noted that the State would be
using low profile dock lighting and the doorways would be lighted.  There
will be no sodium lighting.
      Councilor Swain requested additional information on the sewage line
and inquired if it was necessary, could it be expanded.  Mr. Sutton noted
that the State has carefully calculated the needs for this area and it is
not expected that any expansion of size would ever be necessary.  
Bruce Livingston, representing the Fort Wetherill Committee, informed the
Council that the Committee has reviewed this plan and  requested
clarification of several issues.
      Those issues needing clarification being; lighting, commemorative
plaques, antennas, moorings and parking.
       Mr. Sutton further reviewed some of these items.   After additional
discussion Councilor Littman ended the presentation at 7:45 PM.  

2)   GZA GeoEnvironmental presentation re: draft of the site investigation
work plan for the landfill site
GZA GeoEnvironmental representatives, John Hartley and Joseph Unsworth
were introduced by the Town Administrator for their presentation to the
      Mr. Hartley spoke about the description of the proposed scope of
work for the investigation of the landfill.
      Mr. Hartley informed the Council that most municipal landfills in
the state are subject to two sets of regulations; those being, solid waste
regulations and the State's remediation regulations.
      GZA has had one meeting with RIDEM and one meeting with the
residents from the area near the landfill and has modified the plan to
reflect those comments and concerns initiated at those meetings.
      Mr. Hartley reviewed the tasks and objectives of this plan, noting
that the scope of work will include a review of existing information and a
site investigation field program, which will take into consideration
groundwater monitoring wells, soil gas survey, surface water
investigation, a site survey and groundwater sampling.
      Additionally, there will be field screening and laboratory testing
of the groundwater and surface water.
      At the completion of this work, GZA will prepare a Site
Investigation Report that addresses applicable sections of the Remediation
      The consensus of the Council was that they would like to further
review the draft of the site investigation work plan.
      It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Littman
to continue this issue until the next Town Council meeting on January 24,
2000.  So unanimously voted.
At this time it was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor
Littman to table any discussion on the letter submitted by the Highway
Barn Committee Chair Arek Gallee until the next Council meeting on January
24, 2000.  So unanimously voted.




It was requested that items # 2a & b, 5 and 7 be removed from the Consent
       Motion by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
approve the consent agenda as amended. So unanimously voted. The amended
consent agenda consisted of:
1)   Bills and Payroll
3)   Resolutions from other municipalities
  a) Town of Narragansett re: Petition for Stricter Laws on Drinking and
4)   RIDEM notice re: Town of Jamestown to alter freshwater wetlands in
the Town of Jamestown for the proposed activation and use of a public
supply well, known as "JR-3" (approximately 800 feet southeast of North
Road, utility pole no. 95, Plat 4, Lot 6)
6)   RICRMC re: Right-Of-Way-Designation Process
  a) letter from Kevin R. Cute, Marine Resources Specialist
  b) booklet: A Citizen's Guide to Assisting in the Right-Of-Way
Designation Process
  c) progress report for July 1998 through June 1999
2)   Adoption of Council minutes: 
  a) December 13, 1999 (regular minutes)
  b) December 29, 1999 (regular minutes)
It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Littman to table
the approval of Council minutes until the next Council meeting on January
24, 2000.  So unanimously voted.
5)   RIDEM invitation to Pay-As-You-Throw Roundtable (January 27, 2000)
It was noted that the Finance Director will be attending the
Pay-As-You-Throw Roundtable on January 27, 2000.
      It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Swain to
accept the invitation from RIDEM.  So unanimously voted.
7)   Grievance from International Brotherhood of Police Officers re:
Thomas E. Balcom
It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Littman to accept
the communication from the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.
      So unanimously voted.





1)   Scheduled Requests to Address

2)   Non-Agenda Requests to Address
Daniel Capuano, 648 East Shore Road addressed the conservation of water.
      Mr. Capuano suggested that the Council consider water issues and a
possible reward system, whereby those that conserve water would receive a
      Additionally, Mr. Capuano reminded the Council of a suggestion that
he had previously made to the Council regarding the Town of Jamestown
receiving additional funds from Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority
for being the host community to the Authority.
       The Town Administrator reported at the Council's request, that she
provided the Council with the present agreement; however, if the Council
directs she would contact the Bridge Authority to discuss this matter.
W. G. Boll, 33 Clinton Avenue, inquired into what were the fees charged by
Fay, Spofford and Thorndike for the consultation work they did on the
water treatment feasibility study.
      Mr. Boll mentioned that several years ago there was a plumbing
wholesaler that was willing to supply low flush toilets to local
      He asked if that wholesaler was ever contacted and is that something
that the Council should consider.
      Councilor Swain informed Mr. Boll that presently the Town offers a
rebate for residents on the municipal water supply purchasing the required
low flush toilets.
      Councilor Amerigian went over the water conservation measures for
residents on the municipal water system.
      The Town Administrator invited Mr. Boll to stop in at her office to
go over the costs for the Water Feasibility Study.
Councilor Swain stated that he would like to meet with the Rhode Island
Bridge Authority Executive Director, Kenneth Bianchi.
      The Town Administrator informed the Council that she would contact
the Executive Director of the Bridge Authority to set up a meeting.


1)   Town Administrators report 
  a) Golf Course lease
The Town Administrator reported that the tenant at the golf course has
completed the capital improvements as stipulated in their lease agreement.
      It was moved by Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Amerigian to
grant an additional two years on their lease from April 2000 to April
2002.  So unanimously voted.
  b) Licensing extension for the Lighthouse
The Town Administrator reported that she has contacted the Coast Guard and
was informed that they would like to extend their lease for an additional
five years.
      The Town Administrator noted that this lease has been reviewed by
the Town Solicitor.
      It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Swain to
renew the lease for the Coast Guard Station at Beavertail.
      So unanimously voted.
2)   Letter from Jamestown Golf Course Advisory Committee
Previously addressed.
3)   Jamestown Conservation Commission
  a) memorandum re: Water Resource Protection Committee charge
The Jamestown Conservation Commission Chair requested that the name and
the charge of the newly formed committee be revisited.  Mr. Powell noted
that it was the understanding of the Conservation Committee that this
group was to be the same committee conceived during the drafting of the
land bank legislation.
      A primary focus would be the acquisition of property to protect and
preserve water resources on the island, but this would not be the only
      Additionally, Mr. Powell mentioned that this committee should be
more of a municipal land bank with authority to acquire other types of
open space and agricultural land.
      There was additional discussion; however, no action was taken on
this item.
  b) recommendation re: disposal of Town property (guidelines)      
Councilor Amerigian suggested that one of the duties of the Water Resource
Protection Committee should be to review Town owned properties and make
recommendations concerning the possibility of property being available for
transfer to the public.
      The Conservation Commission Chair offered suggestions for the
revision of the present Town policy for disposal of municipal properties.
      Particular attention was directed to 501 C3, which have not been
addressed in the present policy.
      The Town Solicitor noted that the Council may want to consider the
disposal of town owned property as an ordinance.
  c) recommendation re: sale of Town owned property
     i) Lot 299, Plat 16
     ii)   Lots 175 & 177, Plat 5
It was suggested by the Conservation Commission that the Town should not
transfer either of these parcels to the private sector.
      Numerous reasons were given, as indicated in the memorandum from the
Conservation Commission dated January 6, 2000.
      Of most importance, it was mentioned that the sale of these
properties could jeopardize the quality and quantity of groundwater in the
Jamestown Shores area.
  The Town Solicitor informed the Council that some of the property
obtained by the Town through tax sales should be subject to a petition to
clear title by way of a petition to foreclose the equity of redemption in
Superior Court; however the Town need not make these properties available
for sale.
It was moved by Councilor Littman to refer the procedure for disposal of
municipal properties, as presented by the Conservation Commission Chair,
to the Town Solicitor for review for the purpose of creating an ordinance.
      After some discussion Councilor Littman withdrew his motion.
      It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Swain to
refer the procedure regarding the disposal of municipal properties to the
Town Solicitor for review.  So unanimously voted.
4)   Letter from Town Solicitor re: draft of legislation in reference to
Tree Warden
The Planning Commission Chair discussed the draft legislation "An Act
Relating to the Town of Jamestown," Section I.  Tree Wardens.  Ms. Hubbard
suggested that this proposed legislation would meet the requirements of
the State law and would also allow the Town Council of Jamestown to
appoint a nonresident as tree warden.
       It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Littman
to forward the proposed legislation as presented by the Town Solicitor to
our legislatures for submission to the General Assembly.
      So unanimously voted.
5)   Jamestown Planning Commission
  a) memorandum re: transportation improvement program
The Town Planner reviewed the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and
schedule for submission of project considerations.
      The Jamestown Planning has endorsed two projects to be considered by
the Council for submission to the TIP program.
      Ms. Bryer noted that she has been informed that one of the Planning
Commissions recommendations, the underground utilities for Narragansett
Avenue, is not eligible.
      Ms. Bryer requested input from the Council regarding the bicycle
path along Beavertail Road from Mackerel Cove Beach to Beavertail State
Park (both on and off road) and any project recommendations the Council
may have.
      Councilor Swain suggested adding the access to the Jamestown
Verrazano Bridge and the North end of Jamestown as part of the bicycle
      Councilor Amerigian expressed his concern that these recommendations
should be consistent with the Jamestown Comprehensive Plan.
      Councilor Swain reviewed the Comprehensive Survey and noted that a
majority of Jamestown residents voted in favor of a bicycle path.
     After a lengthy discussion, it was moved by Councilor Littman,
seconded by Councilor Amerigian to continue this until the January 24,
2000 Council meeting, at which time they would discuss specific proposals.
      So unanimously voted.  
The Conservation Commission Chair informed the Council that the
Conservation Commission is working on a Greenway Concept for Jamestown and
is expecting to work with the Town Planner on this project.
6)   Town Clerk memorandum (Council copy) re: meeting in reference to
desalination inquiry
Councilor Swain informed the Council that in order to accommodate other
state agencies wishing to participate in this discussion,  the time and
place has been changed to 10:30 AM at the Stedman Government Center in


1)   Jamestown Planning Commission (continued pending recommendation)
  a) off-site marina parking
  b) proposed zoning ordinance amendment relating to ferries and ferry
The Planning Commission Chair notified the Council that the proposed
zoning ordinance amendments are in the process of being discussed by the
Commission and as soon as recommendations are approved they will be
presented to the Council for consideration.
2)   Highway Barn Committee
  a) letter from Chair re: GZA GeoEnvironmental presentation (continued
from 12/29/1999)
Previously discussed.
3)   Jamestown Fire Department re: request for appointment of Samuel
Paterson as Fire Department representative to the Jamestown Fire
Department Compensation Committee (continued from 12/29/1999 for Town
Solicitor review)
It was reported by the Town Solicitor that the Jamestown Charter would not
prohibit Mr. Paterson from serving on this committee as he is not
receiving any payment for his service.
      Joseph Tiexiera a member of the Jamestown Fire Department assured
the Council that this committee is very strict when reviewing the
qualifications for tax exemption.
      The Town Solicitor noted that as with any committee, members should
consider removing themselves from voting on an issue that would cause and
ethics violation.
      It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Littman
to appoint Samuel Paterson as a fire department representative to serve on
the Jamestown Fire Department Compensation Committee with a term ending
May 31, 2002.  So unanimously voted.

1)   Letters regarding change to the Code of Ordinance relating to Section
5-34 (h) Fees
  a) Victor V. Calabretta, PE
  b) George C. Turner, CLU,ChFC
  c) Jane S. Sprague
  d) John Stanford
It was moved by Councilor Amerigian, seconded by Councilor Littman to
accept the communications regarding the proposed Code of Ordinance
amendment.  So unanimously voted.
2)   Letter from RIDEM re: 2000 Youth Litter/Conservation Corps
The Town Administrator reported that the Recreation Director is working on
completing grant applications for this program.
      It was moved by Councilor Littman, seconded by Councilor Swain to
accept this communication.  So unanimously voted.








Prior to adjourning Mr Capuano asked if several children would be allowed
to attend the next Council meeting to discuss the issue regarding
skateboarding in Jamestown.
      This prompted a discussion on what is presently available for
youngsters interested in skating and skateboarding.
      The Town Administrator suggested that Laura Bucklin of the Substance
Abuse Prevention Task Force be contacted to determine if this is an area
that they may wish to support by providing bus transportation to the
Middletown skating facility.
      It was the consensus of the Council that several children be
encouraged to attend a Council meeting to discuss the skating issue.

There being no further business before the Council, it was moved by
Councilor Swain, seconded by Councilor Littman to adjourn the meeting at
9:53 PM.  So unanimously voted.


Arlene D. Kalooski
Town Clerk