Monday, August 15, 2005




Board of Water and Sewer Commission Meeting

6:30 p.m.


Regular Meeting

(postponed from Tuesday, August 9, 2005)

7:00 p.m.

Jamestown Philomenian Library

26 North Road












1)                  Andrew Hodgkin executive legal counsel for Governor Carcieri re: Liquefied Natural Gas “LNG”

2)         Representative from Fall River Mayor Edward M. Lambert’s office


I.                   CALL TO ORDER


II.                ROLL CALL



All approvals for licenses and permits are subject to the resolution of debts, taxes and appropriate signatures as well as, when applicable, proof of insurance.



An item on the Consent Agenda need not be removed for simple clarification or correction of typographical errors.  Approval of the Consent Agenda shall be equivalent to approval of each item as if it had been acted upon separately.

1)         Adoption of Council minutes:

a)                  July 25, 2005 Regular meeting

b)                  July 25, 2005 Executive session (phase I & II)

c)                  August 1, 2005 Executive session

d)                  August 1, 2005 Special meeting

2)                  Bills and Payroll

3)         Minutes from Boards, Commissions and Committees:

a)                  Zoning Board of Review (06/28/2005)

b)                  Personnel Board (06/15/2005)

c)                  Planning Commission (06/01/2005, 06/15/2005, 07/20/2005)

4)         CRMC August 2005 Calendar amended

5)         Resolutions and Proclamations from other RI cities and Towns:

a)         City of Cranston resolution re: eminent domain

6)         Letter from Louis P. Cirillo, Council Clerk of the Town of Bristol re: LNG terminals

7)         Letter from William F. Hadfield, RIPEC re: 62nd Annual Meeting of the Rhode Island Expenditure Council

8)         Letter from Leadership Rhode Island re: community programs

9)         Abatements/Addenda of Taxes





1)         Town Administrator report (verbal)







1)                  Letter from Richard J. Rembijas re: Deer hunting

2)                  Letter from Ulrich & Diana Luth re: Deer population

3)                  Email Correspondence from Tania G. Biddle re: Jamestown residents

4)                  Letter from the Humane Society of Jamestown re: deer solution

5)                  Letter from Jamestown Medical Fund re: raffle at Jamestown events



All approvals for licenses and permits are subject to the resolution of debts, taxes and appropriate signatures as well as, when applicable, proof of insurance.

1)                  Exhibition/Event Application:

a)                  Application of Nick Morenzi of the Jamestown Rotary Club to hold the annual Columbus Day Bicycle Race on October 10, 2005 from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Insurance form attached, race route is not attached; application received late and in the process of being routed for appropriate signatures

i)          Hold Harmless Agreement (to be signed)

2)                  Amended Peddler License Application:

a)                  Lucky Ridge, LLC dba: Spinnaker’s Café Mobile Unit to peddle island wide (ice cream and bottled beverages) from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; seasonal.  Application to the Department of Health and insurance policy attached. 

i)          Letter from the Chief of Police

ii)         Email from Steve Goslee, Director of Public Works

iii)         Memorandum from Matt Bolles, Parks & Recreation Director

3)                  Ratification of licenses approved by the Town Administrator for August 13, 2005:

a)         Exhibition/Event License Application of Candice Powell and the Jamestown Yacht Club to hold the annual Fools’ Rules Regatta on August 13, 2005 (rain date August 14th) at the East Ferry Beach.  Insurance certificate attached 

i)          Hold Harmless Agreement

ii)         Permission to erect a banner across Narragansett Avenue at

Conanicus Avenue from August 2nd to the 15th

iii)         Peddler: Jamestown Yacht Club to sell T-shirts at and along East Ferry Beach during time of event.

iv)                 Peddler: Rotary Club to sell doughboys at East Ferry Beach during time of event.  Insurance certificate attached and request to waive $5.00 application fee.

v)                  Peddler: Longade, LLC dba: Del’s Lemonade to sell lemonade at the Fools’ Rules Regatta at East Ferry Beach during time of event.  Health insurance certificate and insurance policy attached. Applicant requests to waive $5.00 application fee; proceeds will be donated to the Jamestown Lion’s Club

b)         Amended One Day Peddler License Application of the Jamestown Lions Club to sell light sticks at the Fireworks display at Mackerel Cove Beach on August 13, 2005 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

c)                  One Day Peddler License Application of Lucky Ridge, LLC dba: Spinnaker’s Café Mobile Unit to sell ice cream and beverages during the fireworks display at Mackerel Cove Beach on Saturday, August 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



1)                  Scheduled request to address

a)                  Representative Bruce Long re: Legislative Update

b)                  David King, North Main Road re: former landfill

c)                  Rosemary Woodside, 23 Skysail Court re: former landfill

d)                  Ellen Winsor, 736 East Shore Rd. re: former landfill

e)                  Raymond Iannetta, North Main Road re: former landfill

2)                  Non-scheduled request to address



1)         Letter of resignation from Wendy Waller as the Coastal Resource Management Council Representative

a)         One (1) vacancy exists on the Coastal Resource Management Council Representative; if favorable order advertisement


XIII.    UNFINISHED BUSINESS (cont. from July 25, 2005)

1)         Letter from Tina Dolan, Aquidneck Island Planning Commission re: LNG terminals

2)         Abatements/Addenda of taxes submitted by the Tax Assessor on July 25, 2005; if favorable approve:

a)                  Clarification of registration numbers and vehicle identification numbers used un determining tax abatement or addendum provided by the Tax Assessor

3)                  Tax Exemption for the Totally Disabled

a)                  Proposed question for 2006 Financial Town Meeting; if favorable approve for 2006 Financial Town Meeting (per Town Solicitor Parks)

4)                  Wildlife Committee

a)                  Committee Structure and charge (per Councilor Schnack)

5)                  Proposed Ordinance re: open burning as reviewed by the Town Solicitor; if favorable, order advertised and set date for hearing

6)                  Proposed ordinance pertaining to road and right-of-way alterations

a)         Letter from Town Solicitor notifying the Council that the proposed ordinance has been forwarded to the Planning Commission



1)         Amicus Brief – Attorney General, Patrick Lynch re:  LNG (per Councilor DiGiando)

2)         Auctioning of outdated equipment needing replacement (per Councilor Kelly)

3)         Request for a letter to Governor Carcieri re: inclusion of Town Officials at a meeting relating to the siting of Highway Barn Facility and Landfill Closer (per Councilor Kelly)

4)         United States Coast Guard Coastal Patrol Boat, Tiger Shark re: Open house on August 13, 2005 at East Ferry from Noon to 5:00 p.m. (per Councilor Kelly)

5)         Memorandum from Newport County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau re: Jamestown representative to be appointed as outlined in paragraph (c)

a)         Letter of recommendation from the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce

i)                    Elizabeth Brazil

ii)                   Donna Kohler

iii)                 Charles Masso

iv)                 Eileen Mundoon

b)         Letters of Request for appointment to the Newport County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

i)          Donna Kohler

ii)         Charles Masso

iii)                 Eileen Mundoon

6)         Letter from Town Solicitor Parks re: Town Administrator residency requirement

a)         Newly enacted legislation

7)                  Jamestown Housing Authority

a)                  Request to waive 2005 PILOT funds in the amount of $5,736.00

8)                  Letter from Town Solicitor Parks re: legislation amending the Open Meetings Law

9)                  Letter from GZA GeoEnvironmental to RIDEM re: Response to NECC/MACTEC Presentation Former Jamestown Landfill






Pursuant to RIGL § 42-46-6(c) Notice of this meeting shall be posted on the Secretary of State’s website and at the Town Hall and the Jamestown Philomenian Library.


In addition to the two above-mentioned locations, notice also may be posted, from time to time, at the following locations:  Jamestown Police Station; Town Office; and on the Internet at and


ALL NOTE: This meeting location is accessible to the physically challenged.  Hearing or speech impaired individuals requiring the services of an interpreter should call the Town Clerk at 401-423-7200 or facsimile 401-423-7230 not less than 3 business days prior to the meeting.