Jamestown Philomenian Library

26 North Road

Monday, April 11, 2005

7:00 PM




Time:††† Name:Committee:

6:30 PM†††††††††† Anne Maxwell Livingston††††††††† Tax Assessment Board of Review

6:40 PM†††††††††† Mary Ann Joyce†††††††††† Personnel Board

6:50 PM†††††††††† Jane Sprague††† Town Buildings and Facilities Committee




I.††††††††† CALL TO ORDER


II.†††††††† ROLL CALL



All approvals for licenses and permits are subject to the resolution of debts, taxes and appropriate signatures as well as, when applicable, proof of insurance.



An item on the Consent Agenda need not be removed for simple clarification or correction of typographical errors.Approval of the Consent Agenda shall be equivalent to approval of each item as if it had been acted upon separately.

1)†††††††† Adoption of Council minutes:

a)†††††††† March 23, 2005 Budget meeting

b)†††††††† March 28, 2005 Regular meeting

c)†††††††† March 30, 2005 Budget meeting

2)†††††††† Bills and Payroll

3)†††††††† Minutes from Boards, Commissions and Committees:

a)†††††††† Ambulance Compensation Committee (03/08/2005)††††

b)†††††††† Library Board of Trustees (03/01/2005)

c)†††††††† Harbor Management Committee

a)†††††††† Budget Committee (01/05/2005, 03/15/2005)

b)†††††††† Facilities Committee (01/05/2005)

4)†††††††† CRMC Notices:

a)†††††††† April 2005 Calendar amended

b)†††††††† Meeting Notice Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 5:00 p.m. re:Modification Application for 1 Ferry Wharf, Plat 9, Lot 354, 791 from William and Marilyn Munger, Conanicut Marine; project description: wave screen

c)†††††††† Cease and Desist Order to Felix Porcaro, 5 Lori Ellen Drive, Lincoln, RI re: property located at plat 7 lot 67, 2 Coulter St for failing to establish a buffer zone

5)†††††††† DEM Notices:

a)†††††††† Insignificant Alteration to Freshwater Wetlands - Permit

i)††††††††† Andrea Colognese and Doriana Carella, 2 Watson Ave., Jamestown, RI re: property located approximately 50 feet west of Gondola Ave., approximately 1,100 feet north of the intersection of Gondola Ave. and Frigate Ave., Assessorís Plat 16, Lot 351

ii)†††††††† Doris Arthur, 205 Trinity Street, Warwick, RI re:property located approximately 25 feet west of Baldwin Court, near Utility Pole No. 1, and approximately 150 feet south of its intersection with High Street, Assessorís Plat 9, Lot 537

6)†††††††† Zoning Board of Review abutter notification:

a)†††††††† Application of Christopher Caccia, whose property is located at 8 Gondola Ave., and further identified as Tax Assessorís Plat 16, Lot 113 for a variance from Article 3, Table 3-2 (District Dimensional Regulations) to construct an addition to an existing dwelling,

b)†††††††† Application of Thomas M. Ross, Jr. and Barbara B. Ross, whose property is located at 99 Cole St., and further identified as Tax Assessorís Plat 9, Lot 455 for a variance from Article 3, Section 82-302 Table 3-2 (District Dimensional Regulations)

c)†††††††† Application of Eastward Vista, LLC, whose property is located at 368 East Shore Rd., and further identified as Tax Assessorís Plat 4, Lot 33 for a variance from Article 3, Section 302 (table 3-2) and 306 D

d)†††††††† Application of Kerry Sheehan, KLS Construction, (Mark Brasil, owner) whose property is located on Court Street, and further identified as Tax Assessorís Plat 2, Lot 6 for a variance from Article 3, Section 82-302 (District Dimensional Regulations)

7)†††††††† Proclamations & Resolutions from other Rhode Island cities and towns:

a)†††††††† Resolution of the Town of South Kingstown re: Employees Retirement System of RI

b)†††††††† Resolution of the City of Providence re: Payment for the relocation of utility infrastructure

c)†††††††† Resolution from the Town of Cumberland re: real estate conveyance tax increase

8)†††††††† Abatements/Addenda of Taxes





1)†††††††† Town Administrator report - the following action items are referenced in the Town Administratorís report:

1.(a)Request from Paws and Claws to use storage facility at Town Office for a temporary animal shelter

†††† (c)Donation of lot to Conanicut Land Trust Corporation with conservation easement to Town for approval

††††††††††† 2.†††††††† FY 2006 Operating Budget for approval

††††††††††† 3.†††††††† Policy for Procurement of Goods and Services for approval

4.†††††††† Determine exemption for the deaf and propose legislation to be forwarded to the General Assembly

7.†††††††† Letter to the Coast Guard re: concerns with the safety plan for the LNG terminal for approval

8.†††††††† Request to hold the public hearing for the proposed Noise Ordinance on Monday, May 23, 2005

††††††††††† 9.†††††††† Recommendation for Highway Barn site for approval






1)†††††††† Thank you note from Colleen Smyth re: Clarke and Windsor Streets

2)†††††††† Letter from Daniel J. Alexander re: Noise Ordinance

3)†††††††† Letter from Bill Sheehan re: Fort Getty

4)†††††††† Abutter notification from Caito Corporation, Jeffrey C. Hanson, P.E. re:ISDS Application #0415-1977, Notice of Proposed ISDS Requiring Variance from ISDS Regulations for property located on Garboard Street, Assessorís Plat 15, Lots 178 and 179; owned by James A. Donnelly and Patricia Donnelly

5)†††††††† Letter from Jamestown Republican Town Committee, Jane M. Anthony, Chairperson re: Recommendations for Consideration for Alternate Member and Full Member to Board of Canvassers

a)†††††††† Copy of Memorandum from Town Clerk to Town Solicitor re: Board of Canvassers Vacancies



All approvals for licenses and permits are subject to the resolution of debts, taxes and appropriate signatures as well as, when applicable, proof of insurance.

††††††††††† 1)†††††††† Event Applications:

a)†††††††† Application from the Arnold-Zwier Post #22 American Legion to hold the annual Memorial Day Parade on May 30th from 9:00 a.m. to Noon from Watson Avenue to North Road to Narragansett Avenue ending at East Ferry Memorial Square

i)††††††††† Letter from the Chief of Police

2)†††††††† Fort Getty One Day Entertainment License

a)†††††††† Application of Andrea Genest to have a DJ at the Ft. Getty pavilion on June 25th from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. alcohol will be served and insurance certificate with pavilion lease is attached

3)†††††††† Fort Getty one Day Entertainment and Peddler License:

a)†††††††† Application of Maureen Dunn Packer to hold the annual Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Road Race dba: Alis Run to sell T-shirts and have a DJ on Sunday, June 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Ft. Getty pavilion.Applicant requests to waive the $5.00 peddler and $5.00 entertainment fee

i)††††††††† Request to waive the $200.00 pavilion fee for the 4th annual Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Road Race

4)†††††††† One Day Peddler License:

a)†††††††† Application of Central Baptist Church to sell food, hold a flea market and auction items at their annual June Festival on June 18th from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 99 Narragansett Avenue.Applicant requests to waive the $5.00 peddler fee

††††††††††† 5)†††††††† Sunday Sales License

a)†††††††† Application from the Boutique at East Ferry located at 47 Conanicus Avenue to be open on Sunday from Noon to 6:00 p.m.



1)†††††††† Scheduled request to address

a)†††††††† Representative Bruce Long re: Legislative Update

2)†††††††† Non-scheduled request to address





Board of Water and Sewer Commission (cont. from 03/21/2005)

††††††††††† 1)†††††††† Contract Bidding

a)†††††††† Town Administrator draft policy re: procurement of goods and services for approval


Town Council Business (cont. from 03/28/2005)

††††††††††† 1)†††††††† Noise Ordinance

a)†††††††† Request to reschedule public hearing to May 23, 2005

2)†††††††† Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities

a)†††††††† Draft letter to Captain of the Port of Providence

3)†††††††† Property Tax Exemptions re: proposed amendment to include hearing impaired

4)†††††††† General Assembly re: Open Meetings Law

5)†††††††† Taxpayers Relief Act of 2005 House Bill H6095

a)†††††††† Memorandum to the School Committee from the Town Clerk



1)†††††††† Fort Getty Pavilion: waive $200.00 fee

a)†††††††† Application of Terri North for the North Kingstown High School Football picnic on August 27th from 7 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

b)†††††††† Application of St. Matthewís Church for the parish picnic on June 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

2)†††††††† Highway Barn recommendation of site for approval (see Town Administrator report)

3)†††††††† Letter from Andrew Jones re: reimbursement for damages incurred from potholes on Hull Street






Pursuant to RIGL ß 42-46-6(c) Notice of this meeting shall be posted on the Secretary of Stateís website and at the Town Hall and the Jamestown Philomenian Library.


In addition to the two above-mentioned locations, notice also may be posted, from time to time, at the following locations:Jamestown Police Station; Town Office; and on the Internet at and


ALL NOTE: This meeting location is accessible to the physically challenged.Hearing or speech impaired individuals requiring the services of an interpreter should call 1-800-745-5555 or 423-1212 not less than 3 business days prior to the meeting.