Meeting Minutes
Jamestown Buildings & Facilities Committee
Wednesday December 12, 2001

Meeting held at 7:00PM in the Jamestown Library Museum Room

	Bill Kimball - present
	Lisa Bryer - present
	Daniel Capuano - present
	Arek Galle - present
	Al Iacobbo - present
	Ray Iannetta - present
	Nick Robertson - present
	Ken Littman - absent

Minutes from the November 29th meeting were approved.

The PW Highway barn RFP was discussed. 

The new Town Administration building was discussed.  For the next meeting, it was 
agreed that: 1) Maryanne Crawford would provide input from Town department heads 
regarding their requirements/space needs in the new building, 2) Lisa Bryer would 
provide input regarding parking.

Motion by Maryanne Crawford, seconded by Nick Robertson: Next meeting to be held 
on Wednesday, January 9th at 7:00PM pending availability of meeting room.  Motion 
unanimously approved.

Motion by Dan Capuano, seconded by Nick Robertson: Adjourn meeting.  Motion 
unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15PM.