Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Buildings & Facilities Committee

Thursday November 29, 2001

Meeting held at 7:00PM in the Jamestown Library Museum Room


Bill Kimball - present

Lisa Bryer - present

Daniel Capuano - present

Arek Galle - present

Al Iacobbo - present

Ray Iannetta - present

Nick Robertson - present

Ken Littman - present

Minutes from the November 21 meeting were approved.

November 26th letter from Siegmund & Associates was reviewed. Motion by Ray Iannetta, seconded by Nick Robertson: Accept letter sent by Siegmund & Associates. Motion unanimously approved.

Matrix presented to Town Council for PW Highway Barn sites discussed.

RFP for PW Highway Barn sites discussed.

Motion made by Lisa Bryer, seconded by Ray Iannetta: Table discussion of new Town Administration building to next meeting. Motion unanimously approved.

Bill Kimball, Chairman