Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Buildings & Facilities Committee

Wednesday September 5, 2001

Meeting held at 7:00PM in the Jamestown Library Study Room

Voting Members:

Bill Kimball - present

Lisa Bryer - present (part-time)

Daniel Capuano - absent

Maryanne Crawford - present

Arek Galle - present

Ray Iannetta - absent

Nick Robertson - present

Non-Voting Members:

Carl Bednarczyk - absent

Ken Littman - present

Minutes for the August 20th meeting were approved, with Lisa Bryer and Maryanne Crawford listed as Voting members.

* This meeting focused on prior discussions of the Public Works facility, especially building design and needs.

* The next Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 26th. The delay is to accommodate Lisa Bryer's schedule with the Town Planning Board. Subsequent meetings will be held every two weeks with a recommendation to the Town Council in December.

* It was pointed out that Lisa Bryer, Town Planner and Maryanne Crawford, Town Administrator, are voting members of the Committee which brings the total number of voting members to seven.

* Mary Webster presented one petition opposing the Taylor Point site and another petition opposing Lot 47 without suggesting an acceptable location.

* Arek Galle presented a detailed review of the history of Public Works facility discussions held during 1998, 1999 and into 2000. Arek also reviewed various Public Works building designs. The presentation focused on the history and needs. However Arek did present all of the sites that have been either considered or rejected.

* Nick Robertson presented a review of the Public Work equipment that require covered storage and equipment that is used on a seasonal basis. This presentation was followed by a general discussion of the Public Works equipment and features thought to be desirable for a new facility.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.

Bill Kimball