September 28, 2001

To: Committee Members

Town Council

All interested people

From; Bill Kimball

Public Works Barn Site

The September 26 meeting was structured to encourage ideas for new sites from Committee members and all others. Twenty people attended the meeting vs our normal four or five. No vote was taken but here is my summary of where we are:

It is listed for sale at an asking price of $600,000 which seems out of our price range.

Norma Willis spoke to the Committee and stressed the need for financial prudence. Her comments were timely and well received. One obvious advantage of the Sewer plant site is that it would free up Town owned land at (1) Ft Wetherill, (2) Lot 47 and (3) Southwest Ave collectively might raise close to $1 million to be used for construction of a new Town Administrative Building.

The interest of the Jamestown PRESS is greatly appreciated. They have been a major factor in generating community interest and ideas.

This memo is meant to focus your thinking. We will vote on at least all of the above well prior to our Holiday gathering on December 12.




Bill Kimball