There are no auditions for band membership or section positions. New members come to a rehearsal, get together with the other musicians in a section and together decide on playing positions. These positions are not locked in stone as many members switch positions for various pieces of music. When in doubt, ask the advice of other musicians in that section or ask the Music Director.



We assume you joined the band because you want to play your instrument with other musicians. In general, we expect regular attendance at rehearsals and performances. We do realize there will be times when other commitments come first. When you know you will not be able to attend a performance, please tell one of the officers or the Music Director. If you are a key player in a section or have a solo, try to enlist another player to cover for you and, again, tell the Music Director.



Men: Black pants, white shirt with traditional collar long-sleeves, black socks, black shoes, sometimes bowties which will be provided by the band. Women: Black pants or skirt, white shirt with traditional collar long sleeves, black socks or stockings, black shoes, sometimes bowties which are provided by the band.



 Short sleeved, white band shirts, band hats and band jackets, depending on the weather. The band periodically orders shirts, hats and jackets with embroidered logos for members. Members usually pay half the cost. A plain, white polo shirt with short sleeves is also acceptable for these performances. Dress warmly in layers for outdoor concerts. Men: Desert khaki pants, white polo shirt w/logo and short-sleeves, white or tan socks and shoes. Women: Desert khaki pants or skirt, white polo shirt w/logo and short-sleeves.



 Many of the band’s performances are outdoors. It is wise to carry a few things to make the performance a success. Carry clips, clothes pins or plastic sheets to secure your music. Have a sturdy music stand and a stand light. Don’t forget sunscreen and sun glasses. Be aware that sand and salt air can affect some instruments.



 1. Dress in layers. It will be cold. Your hands will get cold and your instrument will get very cold.

 2. Musicians will need an instrument appropriate lyre to hold their music. Music to be played is from the small books which can either be used directly on the lyre or copied and placed into a flip folder. The music is listed on the "Rehearsals" page.

 3. Everyone will need a light because it will be dark. One of the best lights is the MasterVision 1001 which mounts on the brim of the band hats shown in the photo to the right. These, and others like it, can be purchased from various merchants or at the link above from Amazon.

 4. Musician gloves usually need to be light weight and flexible which usually means, not very warm. Job Lot (and other merchants) sells hand warmer packs. Open them up at least an hour ahead of time to allow them to warm-up and when ready to play place the pack inside the gloves on the back of the hand. The heat packs last for about 6 hours. At the very least, place a couple in jacket pockets for hand warming between sets.

 5.The band walks from the Fire Station down towards the East Ferry and back, playing in small rooms of various local establishments, often standing right next to patrons, so play at about 1/3 the volume as in a concert or rehearsal.



 The Jamestown Community Band has a reputation for being “fun”, however, as with any band, there is a certain level of decorum that needs to be maintained to allow for the smooth running of rehearsals and performances. Obviously, one thing is to treat our music director in such a way that will make him/her eager to come and work with us. Here are a few guidelines for “keeping the conductor happy,” things our previous directors have told us:

  1. Attend all rehearsals so that the same musicians who perform together, practice together.

  2. Recognizing that all of us have other commitments, practice at least the tougher parts of our music at home. Come to the rehearsals prepared.

  3. Arrive early enough to help set up, warm up, get your music in order and be ready to play at 7:15 (for rehearsals) or the start time of performances.

  4. Socialize before and after the rehearsal and/or during a break. Be silent while director is giving instructions. Don’t talk or practice your instrument..

  5. Listen and hear instructions and the answers to other folks’ questions so that repetitions are not needed (starting point, who’s to play, tempo, dynamics, articulations, mood, etc.) Ask only necessary questions..

  6. Watch and follow the director for tempo and dynamics changes..

  7. Listen to pitch of the other musicians in both your section and others. Always play in tune. 

  8. At the end of rehearsals and performances, help with returning stands, chairs, folders and music boxes to the storage area.

  9. Keep your music folder in excellent condition. See to it that the music is in order. Make sure it is available for all rehearsals and performances.



As a 501(C)3 tax deductable non-profit corporation in the State of RI, the band is managed by a Board of Directors and a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; who are governed by the By-Laws of the Corporation. New board members are elected each year by the existing directors at an annual meeting held the second Tuesday of September.  Anyone interested in becoming a director should speak with a board member as new directors are regularly needed. Meetings of the board and officers are normally held after rehearsal on the second Tuesday of the month. Band members are welcome to attend.

The Jamestown Community Band, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-deductable Rhode Island corporation.
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