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2007 Dawgz - (l-r) FredDawg, EdDawg, AODawg, JimDawg, BeejDawg

(in front) Hercules Blasting Machine

And Now ..... Introducing the

Rocket (Quo) Hogs!

A Bunch of (Younger) Guyz Who Want to Blow Up



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Rocket 'Hogs or The Jamestown Fireworks Committee

PO Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835

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2007 Doughnerz

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These are the doodz who blew up your money for many years!

EdDawg Has Never Looked This Happy!

AoDawg Loved Blowing Up Your Money!!

FredDawg and His Hammer

The Boss of the Beach: JimDawg

Photo Of BeejDawg Unavailable, so This Is The Best We Can Do:


Jamestown Fireworks Committee, a.k.a.,
The Rocket Dawgz;

4 guys (plus another) who blew up your money from 1996 until 2007!

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Our Simple creed (it had to be simple, we're not all that smart:)
"You gave us money, we blew it up"

Look At Them Legs!!!
JimDawg    AODawg    EdDawg    FredDawg    BeejDawg

(note the finale rack behind them - that was YOUR money we blew up)
Si nobis pecuniam vestram donatis, eam disploderemus

Who Let THESE Dawgz out?

We're The Rocket Dawgz!

FredDawg    AODawg    JimDawg    BeejDawg     (not pictured) EdDawg

To contact us, call (401) 423-1574 or (401) 423-2432

Jim         Fred         B.J.      A.O.      Ed

Don't Try This At Home

Did we mention that we love celebrating our nation's independence?


Why We Did It

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2007 Doughnerz

The Barge Rule

Pics From Previous Shoots